Sunday, December 13, 2009

And The Letter H (for hate) Brought To You By.....


....Alex Brown Racing!

Yes Alex, stand up and take a bow! Does it make you feel all warm and gushy inside to see the community of haters you have created and the damage you have done to the rescue world?

I hope you realize that ABR and the FOB's have became a pretty common household name now, and not in a good sense. People view your forum and make a judgement call about all rescues across the world in a negative light because of what they see in your little nutter community.

Yep, the rescues on ABR whine about being attacked, stalked and threatened....both good and bad rescues have suffered the wrath.

But do take your bow Alex, because NONE of this would have been possible without you :)

I also have to lay some blame here on the Jacksons....if they had any sense they would have shut you down by now instead of encouraging you to continue on by giving you permission to write your little Barbaro book and allowing all this madness to continue in Barbaro's name...amen....LOL!

Here is a great read...gets pretty exciting towards the end and shows the mob mentality Alex has created....

It must be nice to live like a vagabond, take refuge in other countries and not even have a home address where someone can hunt you down with legal documents to put an end to your insane got this one all figured out :)