Friday, May 30, 2008

eBay, Lying, Cheating.....Typical FOB Stuff

I've known this was going on for quite some time.....I've had plenty of "tips" dropped off in my email, have even recently been a victim.....but I never had anything in cold hard writing to show proof.....

An eBay seller not long ago posted a picture for sale of Eight Belles down on the track. Of course the FOB's about shit themselves and immediately went to condemning the seller and reporting the auction to any eBay email address they could find. Here is the post I have been waiting for though! Now there it is in black and white :)

24036.36 in reply to 24036.35
The real way to make this seller pay is to buy it using BIN, pay for it, then after recieving it leave seller negative feedback.

Under new eBay feedback rules in effect 5/19/08, sellers cannot leave buyers negative or neutral FB.

You can give him bad star ratings, too. Ebay has a new formula where if you have bad FB or star ratings you get a lesser position in the search. This seller deals in sports memorabilia, a field already crowded. A $6.25 investment would hurt this seller.

The auction has around 10 hours left, and seller can't modify or remove it himself.

Remember, if you do this, to be patient, and leave FB after reciept of the product, or seller can claim hostile bidding.

The photo could also be forwarded to the owner (photog, AP) intact in the unopened envelope, for possible court action.

Make sure it is paid with PayPal in case it isn't sent, you can file through PP for refund. The buyer RULES at eBay
quick link to listing (If eBay removes listing, auction will become invisible) I made a PDF of his listing

go get him!


It's not like we all didn't know already how much the FOB's enjoy cheating and screwing people over.....LOL.....I'm just glad their dumb enough to keep posting this crap on the Internet :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eight Bells & The Board Nazi

Emotions are running high on ABR since the Kentucky Derby 2nd place winner Eight Belles had to be euthanized. So where is the fearless leader in this time of need? Well.....he's posting about his new blog on the NYT and promoting it! Sorry FOB's, your shit out of luck.....oh, he did post a little blurb about the filly....but it was also on the NYT comfort on his mother ship forum.

He did make it back to his own forum in time to do another round of banning members though! Like I said, emotions are running high and you have a lot of FOB's bashing horse racing right instead of trying to understand, giving some healing time, he goes right to the ban paddle. What a sad little man.......

Here are a couple of his comments....of course I added my thoughts in green :)

those that were banned either advocated for the end of horse racing or simply suggested they were done with the sport. this IS a horse racing site. Hum...but you turned it into an anti slaughter, saving the world site. Like it or not, horse racing does contribute to the slaughter pipe line dumb ass.

there is also a distinct lack of respect for me and the sport among a few prominant "FOBs". I will likely simply just ban those ppl if their behavior continues and they know exactly who they are. enough is enough. respect is necessary. cheers, alex I repeat, respect is nessecary!!!!! My fragile little ego can't handle it when you speak the truth!Even though I am a moron I DEMAND respect!!!!!

This is what he posted to a gal he obviously doesn't care for to much and I get the feeling she's not a big fan of his either :)

lynn, you have been banned once. you came back under another username, which breaks the rules. i have perservered with you assuming it is the right thing to do. you have shown significant lack of respect for me for a long time. i am stating this for the last time, respect me or leave. cheers, alex But Alex, doesn't this person work hard for what the FOB's are suppose to be? Why should anyone have to kiss your ass? Oh, ego....that's right. Well at the rate your going you will be down to the 16 year old little girls and the lonely old house wife Alex worshipers soon enough....

Another thing.....Alex is suppose to have a good education and is writing a book about Barbaro and the FOB's......can his spelling and grammar suck any worse for someone who is so much into self promotion? OMG......LMAO!

I just have to post this.....there is a lot of stupid shit posted over on ABR but this takes the cake. It's in reference to the death of Eight Belles. WARNING...........Please do not read this with any food or liquid in your mouth....LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Thank you for the picture. I want to throw up still. Thank God I have all of you in my living room via the net. That innocent smokey gray creature with her adorable striped tube socks on her legs lying on the track still wanting to run is stuck in my head and I can't go to sleep. This is what nightmares are made of. Afterwards, these lady horses are forced to have sex with different men horses they don't know that well so they can become pregnant only for their baby to be taken away is sad. I will never see the Kentucky Derby as a festive wonderful event. We need to respect these creatures. Judgement day will come for us.