Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Loooooow Can You Goooooo

I've seen this stuff from ABR before and it always pisses me off so I thought I'd share just how low some can go.....

There's a few FOB's that are obsessed with craigslist. If a cheaper of free horse is put on there they email and "warn" them about the evils of slaughter and how sneaky kill buyers are waiting on these horses.....because God knows that with the prices of horses and prices of fuel, all the kill buyers are cruising craigslist and scouring the country side putting on a big act to take poor little "Buttercup" from his loving owners straight to the killers.....he's worth so much damn money ya know....And there certainly aren't enough unwanted horses floating around by the hundreds in the auction houses . Geesh....LOL.

Anyway....every now and then the FOB's receive an email back that just makes me smile. I'm going to share this one from a gal who put a free horse on craigslist......

"Excuse me, but who are you to tell me what to do with my horse I paid money for? You need to keep your nose in your own business. I have three other mares that I rescued from the blm who are just fine. She will be going only to an approved home where she will be loved. Please, for future reference, keep out of peoples business from now on. I am not your charity case to try and save, and niether is my mare".

Gotta love it........but here is where the lowness comes in......instead of leaving this person alone, they have decided that this person should not own a horse. Here is what their trying to pull off.....

"I wonder if this lady is interested in providing her last name or the horse's brand number so that I can call Jason at 3-Strikes and he can get a hold of Sally in D.C. with the BLM and have the lady blacklisted from adopting any MORE BLM Mustangs from the BLM. She said this is not the only Mustang that she has, and I dont feel that she really needs to have any more. Clearly stating she's not working with the horse, so off the ships it to someone else who will either slaughter it or send it on down the line from home to home."

"You could try emailing her and ask her for the BLM ID. She is likely to tell you the same thing but worth a try. I am hoping my email scared her a lttle. I just found another 2 BLM mustangs for sale near me for $100 each and I emailed that person also."

"you could try approaching her as a potential adopter and ask for the info"

"I think I'll email her. Since you can find out a lot about the horse's history by their brand, it would make sense that I'd want to know as much of the history as possible if I were a potential adopter. I wish that horse was closer because I'd go get it and go pay a visit to Jason. I hate it when people go adopt a horse from the BLM and then just become irresponsible about it and pawn it off on someone else."

Nice ain't it

First, what the FOB's are doing is called SPAM and it's ILLEGAL. But the FOB's are on a high pedestal (in their own minds) so it makes it ok......

Yes, this lady has been warned that she is being discussed on an internet forum and these good people have decided to play judge and jury......this kind of stuff makes me want to poke my eyes out.

On a happier note, I did join ICERS forum. They are anti slaughter but have a pretty good grip on reality. I wasn't met with "open" arms......but aside from a few FOB's melting down and coming over to try to run me off they have been very accepting of allowing me my opinions even though they know where I stand on the slaughter issue.

There are so many more woes in the horse world right now that have nothing to do with slaughter. They deal primarily in calling out the bad rescues that are scamming people out of money and warning others.

Oh, and check this out.....a while back the Board Nazi, Alex banned everyone that actively posted in ICERS. Imagine that...LOL. The little man just can't seem to handle reality :) He even banned people that are very active in helping in the rescue community (legitimate rescues that is.....). Ah, what an ego this man has......

Until next time!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amusing Letter About a Huge Problem

Someone sent me the following in an email....LOL.

Dear Anita Getaclue,

Thank you for your fervent support of the recent laws that were passed in Illinois and the taco state that effectively ended the closely regulated slaughter of horses in the United States. Thank you for pushing the practice past our borders and out of control of the USDA's standards for humane treatment of food animals. We also appreciate your lobbying to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act currently in Congress, which will end the transport of unwanted horses to foreign slaughterhouses and keep each and every one of them within the borders of our beautiful nation-alive and well!

You'll be pleased to learn that the "alive and well" part is where you come in! A new organization has been created through the cooperative effort of the numerous horse industry organizations and the USDA, called "Save Horses In Trouble-Help End Abandonment & Death," or SH!THEAD for short. In accordance with the guidelines of this new program, and to alleviate the pressure on existing rescue facilities to take in the thousands of unwanted horses, we have decided to place one unwanted horse under the personal care of each and every person that supported banning horse slaughter in the United States.

As you may know, since the slaughter facilities have closed, not only have rescue facilities and shelters been inundated to the point that they have to close their doors to new arrivals, but many horses have also been neglected, starved to death, or abandoned because of the record high hay prices. Therefore, your participation in this program is mandatory.

We understand that it is your feeling that horses are pets, not livestock, and since most people in the United States do not choose to eat them, therefore no one should, and all horses should live out their lives in an idyllic pastoral setting. We also understand that while your relatively large 40' X 40' suburban backyard isn't exactly Yellowstone, it will just have to do. We are certain you will make the necessary adjustments.

Your unwanted horse is of unknown origin, but is roughly 6 years old (although we can't get close enough to him to tell for sure), weighs approximately 1500 pounds and has a mean streak a mile wide, and has been known to randomly bite, strike, or kick, especially at small children, elderly people, and house pets. We have decided to call him "Satan."

While Satan is capable of physical aggression, unfortunately he is not able to be ridden because of his crooked front legs. He is capable, however, of reproducing, as he is a stallion. This is of special import to you, as your neighbors and fellow members of the "Horses Are Humans With Hooves" group will also be provided with horses through our program, some of which might be mares.

For your information, the $20 you donate annually to the Humane Society of the United States can instead buy you approximately two bales of high-quality hay at the current market rate. Assuming that the bales weigh 100 pounds, and you feed 20 pounds to said beast per day, this will be enough to feed him for ten days. You will be happy to know that the lifespan of a horse averages about 25 years, and therefore Satan can bring you approximately 9,125 days of enjoyment. That is, of course, only if you provide him with the best care possible, which we are absolutely certain that you will. To ensure that Satan is receiving proper care, an inspector will visit your home on a weekly basis.

At your request, we can provide you with contact information for veterinarians, farriers, trainers, equine dental practitioners, whisperers, and tranquilizer gun dealers in your area, as well as the necessary contacts you will need for euthanasia and disposal of Satan's earthly vessel when he crosses over. We foresee that Satan's death will be especially traumatic for you, being the enlightened individual that you are, and counselors are already available at 1-900-NO-SENSE. ($3.99 for the first minute, $1.99 for each additional minute).

Unfortunately, there is no government financial assistance for care and maintenance costs of SH!THEAD horses, as all of the funds allocated for such things are dedicated to the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse program.


Gene E. Us

Program Director

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Big flames......CBER meltdown. It's all over the net. I'll let you read all the links, they pretty much say it all, can't think of to much to add besides this doesn't surprise me or a LOT of people.

FHOTD went to the shredder with them (April 7th and 8th)......I certainly don't agree with a lot of her opinions but I'll have to admit I do get a sick twisted kick out of it when she's right because of the level she takes it to.

ICERS is a board I've been watching for quite some time. These people (with the exception of a couple) really DO "Get it". I've toyed with the idea of joining there, even though our views on the actual slaughter issue is different I can't find to much else to bitch about with their practices. I know I wouldn't have to fear the censorship I received from ABR. More power to them for standing up for their opinions.

ABR....No surprise here.....Alex still has his head in the sand. This is what Alex had to say, the board Nazi will probably end up doing his usual banning/deleting/censorship process so you better read quick.....LOL.

21893.16 in reply to 21893.14
stephanie, i may be in a minority here, but i do not believe the horses went to slaughter. if it is true it would be sad on many levels, but personally i do not believe it to be so. cheers, alex

Alex Alex Alex, do you NOT realize if there is even a hint of truth to this how much money, thousands upon thousands of dollars, have been funneled through your board in the name of Barbaro? Oh please don't forget that chapter in your book! LMAO. I mean really......if it had been like the Fair Dinkum deal, well I'll admit, that snuck up on a lot of people......but people have been screaming for years giving warnings about CBER, yet he is always there sticking up for them.

If I was him I would be so ashamed I'd have to threaten to shut the board down yet once again so the groupies will come out and pump my ego back up :)

Ooooooops, I was right!
21893.20 in reply to 21893.18
i don't disagree, but i am not sure calling me out on my choice of words is necessary. it would likely be the end of this board and devastating to me personally, but not as bad as it would be for the horses slaughtered. i just don't think that because of what has been posted it makes it true. cheers, alex

Devastating to you personally because you would be "sad" for the horses? Devastating to you personally because you helped rob people of thousands of dollars? Or devastating to you personally because book sales just went down?

Clueless Alex really SHOULD have some notiriety for his fantastic awesome skills! I mean who else could think of a diversionary tactic like that! Take the heat off himself for being in bed with CBER for so long by his yet again "I'm gonna shut the board down!" threat. Is it true that little men need big egos to compensate for their well.....never mind :)

Really, I wonder where HIS accountability lies. This whole idea of funneling money on a public Internet forum thing really creeps me out anyway......But then again that whole board creeps me out.....LOL!

OMG my head is spinning from all the excitement today. I think I'll top the night off with a nice cup of coffee with a Kahlua kicker and head to bed :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Long Time No Chat

Sorry for the disappearing act.....I really didn't mean to take this long of a break. The days turned into weeks......

Looks like it's pretty much the same old shit, different day out there. All of the articles and news peaces on starving and abandoned horses are pretty depressing. Hay and grain prices suck. Fuel prices blow.

I wasn't shocked today when I logged onto ABR and found another rescue has went down and taken the FOB's money with them. When will they ever learn. And how about their fearless leader Alex? FOB's are screaming for accountability and their he sits, quiet as a church mouse. The silence is louder than anything he could say at this point.

I also noticed another one of his favorite rescues he stands ferociously behind, CBER, has had another round of difficulties and no accountability. When questions were brought up, the Board Nazi quickly closed the thread.

I noticed that someone mentioned Mustang Hearts in the comments section. I actually did a blog on them a while back. Not much has changed, their still begging for every flake of hay on ABR. Now she's loosing her place, won't answer any questions but expects people to donate. Oh, and I also learned she can tame wild horses in a week .....what will be next, she's already a psychic too....

I'll never understand why the Board Nazi allows this kind of stuff.....I guess it goes to prove some people don't care what kind of light is shed on long as there IS light on them.

Oh and LOL.....this thread about Barbaro is just entertaining....are these people 13 years old?