Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

As Barbaro Turns (in his grave) continued.....


So here we are not even with a full 72 hours in yet of Alex's "I'm pretending to listen to you" thread and it's already heading towards my prediction :) He is going to do whatever the hell he wants to do even if people type until their fingers bleed. He came on to pretty much confirm this last night....

A poster came on early in the thread that nailed him and his actions to a T...probably one of the best posts I have read on ABR in 3 years :) I could not have said this any better myself:

Alex, everyone knows you're not going to shut down this board. There's no way that you'll let this board leave the spot light.

What has changed since the thread has been up? Not a damn thing!

Alex has promoted himself on the forum for his blog radio and youtube....but hey, guess what? A long time member of ABR that everyone really liked just passed away...she was one of the most active anti slaughter supporter on the forum. She's spent countless hours on the phone, emailing and faxing our legislators and helped guide others in the fight....but did Alex wander over and share his condolences with the rest of the board? Nope...not one peep out of him.....that my friend, if nothing else, shows you what kind of "compassionate" human being is behind the screen.....

And in my search for something totally unrelated last night I came across this little tidbit from one of the moderators before they were a mod. Looks like the same questions and concerns from 2 years ago that are being voiced now, only I guess since she is Alex's right hand lady it's just not important to get those answers anymore. Just be sure and do not question a rescue she likes otherwise your post will disappear before you hit enter...pick on one she doesn't care for so she can sit silently by and watch the fun, LOL

Well, I think I'll give the subject of this thread a rest now until Alex's "30 days" are up and wait for the big announcement that it's all business as usual :)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ego Strokin' 101


I guess with the recent? "ABR under ATTACK" (per the Board Nazi) that ol' Alex is feeling a little blue and inadequate so he's started a thread asking about the future of ABR. He's even pretending to listen to input from his members....

Here's my prediction of how things will go down....all of Alex's regular little panty throwers will chime in and pump the old chap up, a couple of people will have the balls to actually challenge the Nazi and most of the regulars won't even bother to respond because the like the idea of ABR but lost respect for Alex years ago....and the outcome will be Alex doing whatever the hell he wants to anyway ;)

I really considered getting an ID over in FOBville today and posting my thoughts on the matter, but I knew if a miracle happened and the post was allowed to stay that I'd never forgive myself for having my say under an here we are :)

Alex, ask yourself "what have I accomplished in the last 3 years on ABR" and look into the mirror and see the cold hard facts. You have created a community of mob mentality, liars, thieves, scammers, domestic terrorists, horse killers and felons and made it possible for them to all congregate in one place. All of the "sane" people left your ass in the dirt a long time ago.

You have also created a community of people going into dire straights financially because they don't have enough sense (until it's to late) to realize they are chasing some kind of twisted pipe dream.

Don't you have an ounce of guilt, any remorse or shame when people say they will miss meals, send money when they get their social security or disability checks, not pay a bill, and take away from their families all in the name of thinking they are saving a horse? Does it not pain you to look around your house and see all the people that are now hurting because of your little science project?

You have 2 moderators that do absolutely nothing and one who spends most of her time covering her own tracks. You'r FOBots (thanks ICERob :) and you claim to have saved 3100 horses but I'd bet you a steak dinner (or hell how about something you can relate to...drinks on the house!) if you could find 1,000 of those horses now. Wait, I'd settle for 500 ;) From the looks around ABR these days it looks like you keep saving the same ones over and over!

ABR has done nothing except cast a dark shadow on legitimate rescues. I bet the number of people that you and your FOB's have totally soured on rescues all together far super exceeds the number of horses you claim to have saved.

Hell you have a married nutbag trying on thongs and sending them to the "token male" rescue filled with money. Legitimate rescues everywhere crawl in their skin when the name Alex Brown is brought up.

ABR has lowered the standard in horse care 101. Your members spend most of their lives begging for the next bale of hay while they are making shipping arrangements to have more horses sent to them. Rescues post pictures of horses standing in lots that look like junk yards, packed in like sardines.....but then if anyone should dare say something the FOBots come along and try to convince everyone that not even basic care and knowledge is as bad as slaughter.

Countless threads have been devoted to tearing people apart, people who do not even participate on the forum, people who the FOB’s know nothing about. But they don’t like their opinion on something or maybe the way they list a horse on craigslist….so lets just rip everyone a new asshole even though they are clueless....but then Alex pouts when you question him ;)

I have to wonder if the FOB’s realize how really fucking stupid they are. They flag craigslist ad’s they do not like therefore decreasing the chance for exposure to get the horse out of the situation they do not like. Man, do I have a sign for you guys…..

If you want to look at things realistically, ABR has not saved one single horse....that's the biggest scam ABR and Alex has ran so far. Each and every horse that has been purchased at auction has only been replaced with another. Slaughter numbers have GROWN, not decreased over the last year. You guys have saved NOTHING! But you guys sure have killed a lot of horses "rescuing" them :(

Alex, your forum “managing” skills SUCK. I mean BIG TIME. You ban people who question you or your livelihood (we'll get to that in a bit ;) but allow people who are totally off their rocker to stay.

I also think Alex is from the school of "any publicity is good publicity" long as he gets him name out there is all that matters to him. He wants to make a name for himself so bad that he'll even except a bad name. Why do you think Alex requires rescues to have the all important WIKI? It certainly doesn't prevent fraud....with a WIKI all things come back to Alex Brown....he can watch his name crawl through the ranks of Google and finally feel a little important.

Now lets get to that livelihood that keeps Alex with his ban paddle handy should anyone question it :)

The FACTS are that of the approximate 9 million horses in the USA, 7 million of those are in the racing industry. The racing industry, just because of sheer numbers participating alone, is responsible for the majority of death related injuries, illegal drug, over drugging, unethical sportsmanship and overall abuse.

Alex's boss, Steve Asmussen, is one of those real dandy's of the racing world. It's hypocritical (not to mention comical!) that Alex tries to preach what he does with the close company he keeps. Most see through many don't.

I often wonder if the husbands of the panty throwers would buy Alex a drink if they could. The craziness runs so rapid around ABR that I'm sure the husbands are thrilled to have their wives off their backs so they can pursue a normal life and maybe an affair or two :)

Do I think ABR has ran it's course? HELL YES I DO! I think you would be doing everyone a huge service and save a lot of people a lot of pain if you gracefully bowed out now before it gets even worse. Heck, you can't even deny the big changes that have been going on around ABR for some time now.

As for the rest of ABR....well if Alex wants to keep his name in some lights and do his little racing updates and keep a few panty throwers around, then so be it. There are a lot of nuts on the internet, it's not like he won't still fit in....But for the love of God, ditch the forum before ABR ruins even more lives and kills more horses!

Aren’t you, Alex, getting a little tired of riding on the coat tails of Barbaro yet? I think ABR's biggest accomplished is disgracing this horses name….every time real horse people think or hear of Barbaro now all they think of is you and your mighty band of wackadoodles…..

Yes, I do feel much better now....thankyouverymuch :)