Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Rampant Poll Cheating & Other Goodies


You just have to love this group of people.....I mean seriously.....

Here is a poll done by on bill H.R. 6598 Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act 2008.....(hey, while you're there, cast your vote!).....

In ABR, anti slaughter hysterics, we gotta cheat to win style, the votes aren't going the way the FOB's think they should so they are going with their typical "vote early and often" method. Link to the thread.....and post highlights for when the King and his minions see this post and have the evidence banished:

28372.8 in reply to 28372.1
I just voted again from a different computer.

28372.16 in reply to 28372.15
I just commented and the vote is still 59% for the Bill.
Please keep voting for this Bill!!

28372.31 in reply to 28372.30
BUMP Keep voting.

28372.37 in reply to 28372.36
Someone posted on what I saw a couple of days ago. You can vote again after a day or so. I tried to let you know by saying keep voting. Now it's posted on this site.

28372.38 in reply to 28372.37
The vote hasn't moved since last night.
Still at 50% to 50%.
But that is progress!!!!!
Vote again. Can be done.
Psst: Try typing vote web link into your computer's address bar. Works sometimes to be ok to vote more.

28372.39 in reply to 28372.38
You're right. I just voted again. Still at 50%-50%

28372.41 in reply to 28372.40
I just voted again and we need more votes...... it is 51% against now!!!

BTW, this time I played it smart.....I contacted Washingtonwatch with a link to the ABR thread and asked for an email back when it was viewed. To many things seem to vanish before it gets seen by those that need to see it, especially once someone like me gets on the trail :)

A walk down memory lane if you don't already know I've busted them on poll cheating at least twice before this incident:


Here is another good one for you......Let's bury our heads in the sand and act like there isn't a problem even though we REALLY know there is one!

I just LOVE this post.....You only have 4 acres but wouldn't turn down a truck load of horses if they showed up at your door step.....can you say "mentally ill"?

And here is your hypocrisy for the day.....LMAO....these are just pieces from the original posts if you don't want to muddle through the BS:

Post from a member after presenting FACTS with PROOF:

28236.47 in reply to 28236.46
I am not trying to bash another rescue.
Why is it when something that is true is posted, it is always removed.
I have proof of everything I stated.

Reply by King Alex:

28236.48 in reply to 28236.47
this statement by you, can you confirm you stand by it. it seems you do not appreciate the work we do on this board and i simply want that confirmed by you. cheers, alex

Why is it when something that is true is posted, it is always removed

Response by poster:

28236.57 in reply to 28236.54
Dear Alex
I greatly appreciate the work this board is doing. That is why it upsets me so much that some people are taking advantage of this Board. And why I am standing up for the great rescues here that are doing wonderful work for the horses.
I know the no one wants to be told that they helped someone who was using them. It is embarassing for one thing. But if it is the truth, I personally would want to know.

The board Nazi has spoken:

28236.67 in reply to 28236.57
sure, but you certainly do not appreciate how we manage this board. cheers, alex
Alex Brown

And "POOF" the posted has been banned......proving without a doubt "when something that is true is posted, it is always removed."

Thanks again FOB's for providing more continuous fodder :)


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