Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now What?


Whenever horse slaughter is brought up I always ask where the love for the cows and chickens are....I am normally greeted with the weak argument that horses are so much more intelligent and cows and other animals just can't be trained the way horses are.

So lets take a looksie shall we, on just how dumb the food on our plate looks....

Google "show jumping cow in Switzerland"'s real. Along with some of these other fine moo moo's:

A girl and her cow...

A whole group dedicated to riding cows :)

Another cow enthusiast.....

Poor stupid little chickens. There are a lot of different video of trained chickens on the net, Google.

Pigs are highly intelligent animals. I don't think that needs to be argued, but here is a video anyway :)

And for fucks sake PUT AWAY THE MOUSE TRAP!!!! Yes, I know we don't eat them...but they are obviously highly intelligent and should be left alone to dominate the world!

Am I getting my point across here or not...

But, but, but....your a vegan you say? Well good for you but I'm not, neither are most Americans. Why is it when the anti horse slaughter activests are questioned about there intentions they alway assure us they are NOT after our beef or other critters we enjoy eating so much....BUT.....there are always several threads within their forum comunities praising Veganism and how everyone should be doing it? Huh, what the fuck is up with that?