Sunday, September 27, 2009

Livin' On Coffee & Can of Soup & Someone Elses Money


Anyway that's what Jim of Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary comes right out and claims...

Lets take a look at a rescue that houses just under 30 horses on a bit less than 3 acres, doesn't let a day go by without suggesting people need to send him money, claims no one can care for horses the way he can, claims to live off of coffee and sometimes a half can of soup to survive and always has some kind of tragedy going on....Oh, and the horses ONLY check in....they never check out.

Yep, just like prisoners on death row. Once the horses come to Tierra Madre they are there for life. Jim claims no one can give them the kind of care he can. Which would be all fine and dandy if he could afford those horses that are now "his"...but he can't. Hell he can't even afford to eat by his own admission.

He is very good at creative writing....all those years as a writer have really paid off. He can make an old lady wet herself like no other...sell an Eskimo ice and most important, use is creative writing style to gain the all important dough it takes to finance his personal herd of horses.

At just under 3 acres Jim claims he can house up to 30 horses and normally runs just below that. It's amusing to read Jim blog about building new pens for the horses and how the latest one was HUGE! Yes, HUGE!!!! Measuring almost 30' x 30'! OMG!

Jim posts several times a day on never know what kinds of goodies will roll off his fingers. Just over a month ago Jim makes a post telling everyone he's sick and BROKE. This is pretty typical, it seems he gets into a bind quite often and makes these kind of posts. It works for him....the lonely housewives of ABR wet themselves to see how quick they can send him some more money.

But this day was different. Shortly after claiming to be broke Jim gets a phone call.....someone has asked him to take another horse and they want $700 for a new thread is born! Help bring "Coloreado" to Tierra Madre! WOW, a lot can change in 8 hours I guess! Maybe he won the lotto? Oh, no...never mind, he's asking the lonely housewives to foot the whole bill and shipping too of course....imagine that :)

You would think that a group of people who profess to be advocates for horse welfare would not shit a pile of money to go send a horse off to go live with someone who is always broke...but were not talking normal people here...we're talking FOB's.

So Jim's "I'm broke" tears are quickly dried with a new horse.

Just a handful of days ago a thread called "Famous TB Smokey Stover needs a HOME" pops up....yep, only 14 replies into the post there is Jim...."We'll be more than glad to give Smokey a forever home - but can only do it if the $600 & shipping costs can be raised."

What made this so priceless? A few friends and I had been chatting when the thread started up and wondered how long before Jim would bebop over to try to capitalize on this "famous" horse. See, he likes to get hold of the ones that have some sort of makes it easier for those poor me, send me cash posts.

Seems a few are onto Jim and the good old "they only check in, they never check out" ways and aren't overly thrilled with 30 horses being crammed on less than 3 acres. They thought this guy deserved a real pasture and someplace he could actually run and not have to stop every few feet to turn around so he didn't smack into his prison cell.

Of course this didn't make Jim happy...not happy at all. He whined and cried around on that thread and also on his daily check in thread....he wanted his little group of lonely housewives to go over to Smokey's thread and tell everyone he needed to go to Jim's place....whaaaaaa, whaaaaaa, whaaaa.....Still didn't work out for the ol' boy...he claimed he was out politicked by people he didn't know....yeah, couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that some people didn't think the horse deserved to go to prison. So Jim makes one of his famous "no one could care for him the way I could have" posts....gag me...

Oh. and the lonely housewives tried to dry his tears with yet another horse...but Jim didn't seem to interested...not "famous" enough I suppose...... :)

One last piece of information....per Jim, if you don't like Obama then you are a racist, LMAO! He loves to spurt his political views...alienating one conservative at a time :)

I'd lay money on the fact that there will not be a good outcome for theses horses down the road.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

If You Are Going To Scam Someone....

* least pretend you're legitimate, LOL!

Yes, from the Board Nazi....a big announcement!

Because we all know that someone with a Wiki would NEVER hose anyone out of dough ;)

Mustang Hearts

Just to name a few of the rescues ABR and the FOB's have supported......

Didn't they all have a Wiki too?

I mean ABR already supports enough illegal activities such as PayPal fraud and domestic terrorism, why would a wiki, that anyone can make or make up, have any bearing on anything? Ahhhhhh......I guess it's good to be king :)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dumbest Shit I Have Read Today


Ok, so I suppose everyone who might be reading this already knows about "Cloud" the wild mustang and the round up that the horsie huggers have been trying to stop (and thank God have failed at so far)....

I don't think a one of those people realize that horses of any type, are NOT native to America. If I read one more time how they have "always been here" or "roamed free for thousands of years" I am going to hurl. And you would think someone like Madeleine Pickens would be smart enough to know fact from fiction....but she thinks they are our "National Heritage" too.

Of course the ABR nutbags are all out in full swing....If this poster was any dumber she wouldn't even have the IQ of a turnip!

40707.6 in reply to 40707.1
OK - worse case scenerio ... if this does go as planned - won't the horses go up for auction? Can't we have people there to buy the horses and then turn around and set them free again as soon as they get them away from the auction sight?

And don't you just love the ones who think HUMANS should be killed because they want to control the horse population? It's especially entertaining when they use God in those messages....

I pray the helicopters crash and the BLM drives themselves off of cliffs. Sorry. That is how I feel. I have no compassion for man as a species.

Dear God protect your herd from the DEVIL.

Some mares will be sterilized, some of the older crippled ones put down, some will go up for adoption and some will be released back.......OH THE HORROR! There are several people over on ABR having a cow because they are going to sterilize the mares....

What gives these phonies ......... these idiots the right to "sterilize" the mares ?

Lets just leave them all alone, let them breed like rabbits and take over the world....would that make you happy? Wait, don't answer that.....these people are just dumb enough to love that idea....