Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lotta Catchin' Up!


Ah, let me start with Alex....

So it's been a year+ since he cried wolf AGAIN about shutting down ABR. Who was shocked when he announced he would be keeping it? No one.....that's who :) When his book didn't take off like a bat out of hell I suppose he figured he needed to stick around and peddle it as much as he could. Sales don't seem to be going so well. Can't imagine that there wasn't much call for yet another Barbaro book, LOL.

He's asking for sales suggestions on his facebook page....let's see.....

Fire starters

Booster seats

Leveling that unruly couch that's missing a leg

Balancing it on your head for posture

I think the back cover has his face on it....might come in handy for scaring the mice out of the barn

He's so desperate to get the 2000+ books sold and out of his house that when someone asked if they could send him a book and have it signed he replied...(paraphrasing)  "There must be a better way with over 2000 of them sitting in my house".....AKA: Buy another fucking book. I have way to many that aren't selling!

And his latest post has his total disappointing sales......and his announcement he needs the $ from the book sales to finance is other ABR endeavours.....ummmmm Alex, WTF are those? Self promoting yourself?

And he's tired of eating beans on toast....poor guy. Maybe he should hook up with Jim at Tirre Madre and they could split a can O' soup too!


Don't know if you followed the comments on the last blog or not, but we had a special guest appearance by the one and only BreckNridger. You know....the dude that sits around and dresses up horsies with photoshop on ABR. Mainly Barbaro. I swear until I saw a photo of him I thought he was a teenager......but NOPE! It's a full grown....ummmm, errr.....man?.....doing this. Please have your Depends on when you look at his pic......

He got himself a Dodge Charger with customized "Barbrro" plates. He claims in the comment section that those who are making fun of him are just jealous, LMAO.

Here is a little tip for you Kent......

You saying people are "jealous" of you and your car is like an ugly chick saying "beauty is on the inside". You both know you are full of shit, but you have to say it to make you feel better about yourself :)

Normal people do not go around worshiping a dead horse, the car is not an expensive one that most people cannot afford, and I don't know of anyone personally that wants to go around dressed up like a goofball in their customized lael color sneakers. Sorry dude....your just really, really, really fucking weird! And the video you made of yourself doing the honorary figure 8 for Barbaro in a school parking lot is just down right CREEPY! Run kiddies, RUN!

Did you have problems getting ahold of GregJ? I mean this blog is still up....thought you 2 were shutting it down :) Or did he tell you he already knew about it and has even posted here before....although he didn't act like a 5 year old school girl having a little hissy fit when he did, LMAO.

BreckNridger also left a nice little drawing of a dick, balls and asshole in the comment section along with the claims that many FOB's have sent savory pictures of themselves to him.....not sure what he was trying to prove by that because all it did for myself and others is reaffirm the fact that the FOB's are 11 cookies short of a dozen :)