Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How To Get Active?


Since the USA Horse Slaughter plants have closed, transport to Mexico for slaughter has increased 400%. Plants used to be scattered all over the USA, but due to anti slaughter advocates getting our plants shut down, now horses are traveling long distances in often horrible conditions to meet the same end.

Bills have been proposed to shut down the Mexican and Canada borders to make it illegal to ship US horses to slaughter. Ok, then what? The thinking is that horse owners will automatically become "responsible". As another blogger wrote:

According to one study the main reasons for horse neglect and abuse is owner ignorance - the second is financial hardship. How does banning slaughter address either situation?

Hard fact....most reputable rescues are already up to their armpits in horses and have "No Room At The Inn" signs up. What happens to horses when financial hardship happens and all other outlets are full? I just ask you to think about that rationally for a second....

Not only that the wording on these bill are a little scary. Here is what the AAEP has to say about these bills.

Tired of sitting back watching what's happening to our horses? Tired of only one side being heard? What can you do?

Well the anti slaughter crowd calls, email and faxes congressmen and senators on almost a daily basis. It's hard to bitch if you're just sitting back watching it all happen. Just picking up the phone once a day can make a world of difference.



WEML said...


HCIT said...

weml - You are how old? You sound like maybe 11 or 12?

BTW, how can you hate someone you don't know?

Quit drinking the anti-slaughter Kool Aid and go read some real reports on horse slaughter and transport. Try some studies by Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Carolyn Stull.

How many horses have to starve to death and how many rescues have to turn into death traps before some of you imbeciles get a clue?

Closing slaughter plants was a BAD idea. Too bad the anti-slaughter folks care more about a mind/power trip than reality.

Pass a law and worry about the consequences later - BRILLIANT!

BUC is a good person who cares about all animals, even horses.

BustedUpCowgirl said...

weml.....I now have a broken heart because you hate me....waaaaa, waaaaa!

Charlie said...

"According to one study the main reasons for horse neglect and abuse is owner ignorance - the second is financial hardship. How does banning slaughter address either situation?"

Banning slaughter isn't intended to address these two main reasons for horse neglect. Interesting to note, isn't it, that the existence or non-existence of slaughter plants has nothing to do with horse neglect and abuse, isn't it?

"All you have to do is tell them you are an American horse owner and to please NOT support S.311! American horse owners do not want horses standing in fields starving to death!"

But didn't you just agree that the slaughter plants have nothing to do with horse abuse and/or neglect? That the main causes are owner ignorance and financial hardship?

Oops! You've been hoisted on your own pitard, BUC!

BustedUpCowgirl said...

Actually you answered you own question.....what do you think financial hardship is going to accomplish with unwanted horses standing around and no slaughter houses close by?.....

Charlie said...

"What do I think financial hardship is going to accomplish with unwanted horses standing around and no slaughter houses close by?"

With all due respect, what I THINK you meant to say is: What do I think financial hardship will CAUSE, or RESULT IN, (accomplish??) with unwanted horses standing, etc. ...

It will cause what it has always caused and exactly what you posted: horse abuse and neglect. And your friendly neighborhood horse slaughter plant won't make one iota of difference in that FACT.

Witness California. Banned horse slaughter - no increase in horse abuse or neglect. Just the same old stupid people with no cash doing the same thing they always did.

Your arguments are hollow, BUC.

Yeah, people used to eat horsemeat going back, probably to the Middle Ages and beyond. What in the world does that have to do with eating it now and with the suffering horses endure on their way to and at the plants?

You moan about all these "wackaloons" telling honest and good horse owners what to do. Well, heck, BUC - a lot of the FOBs and most of the non-FOBs who oppose horse slaughter own horses, too. I do.

So there we are, BUCster...
Those "starving horses in the fields" have no hope - even with the plants open - unless people step in to rescue them or put them down on the spot, or until they die in that field. That, too is a (miserable) FACT.

I think you and the anti-slaughter folks want the same thing - what's best for the horses. Why the availability of slaughter plants has become part of that equation is a puzzlement.

How is your or your horse's life, or my or my horse's life, or any other person's or horse's life made better by the plants being here? The answer is: They aren't made better.

Charlie said...
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Charlie said...


BustedUpCowgirl said...

Actually Charlie, I have meant every word I have said. You can swing and slant it any way you's what your best at.

I do not know anyone personally that is in the horse business that is for the ban on slaughter, including myself.

Also the VEW is a very small group of people compared to the AVMA and AAEP....I could sit at my desk and write "white papers" all day but that does not make them correct.