Monday, November 16, 2009

Ok, Someone Give Me The Low Down...


I've been watching EPONA Horse Rescue in NE for quite some time her rantings on ABR over the years she definitely hits nutter status in my book.

But here lately she's been claiming she has been receiving threatening emails and phone calls from the FOB's. I do not agree with anyone who sees the need to do that! They are scum!

But she does it in a way that makes it seem unbelievable and like it gives her an excuse not to answer questions and be open. I personally think it's BS and it's all in her mind to try to gather sympathy, she will never give anyone proof and hasn't said anything about contacting the authorities....

She's admitted on ABR to having hoarding tendencies and she just got her first horse about 5 years ago then later decided to become the all important rescue...the numbers quickly increased to over 70 at one time. She uses big words that she has no idea what they mean to try to impress people. There is always some kind of big secret only she knows about.

It's quite ridiculous really. It appears just about everyone is onto her though because the "river of funds" has damn near went dry. The only people you see on her threads anymore are either calling her out or the regular nutters who support anything and everything.

So what's your take on EPONA? I'd love for some proof to show up in my inbox that this woman is getting either fairly or unfairly accused of the things she posts about herself.

Oh, and a little P.S. I am well aware of the nastygrams Lin/EPONA sends out anytime someone brings up her name unless it's to fart before Lin or any of her little minions sends me the standard "I'm gonna sue you for slander!" bullshit form letter....just remember, the burden to prove you are not a nutbag is on you ;-)


Friday, November 13, 2009

How In The Fuck Did I Miss This?

I swear to God I had pickles shooting out my nose this morning reading this loony bin shit! Yeah, pickles for breakfast, you got a problem with that? LOL

It's a freakin nutbag convention. It starts off a bit slow, but read it to the end paying special attention to the manifestos of the OP.

And anyone who follows the FOBots can look at the names responding and...well, that about says it all. It's kinda scary having so many nutters in one thread, LMAO.

All its....
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Seriously Ms. mooch OP spirit name Padme A'Tea who walks & talks with the pods....why don't you go out and get a real fucking job instead of this talk about taking the nut show on the road. You keep hinting for "road show" money, but if no one is going to let you sleep in a tent under the stars with your pussy cat then I seriously doubt you are going to hit the mother load of change for toll booths! 4 months after you started your big journey you haven't even went around the block!

This is one of the most hysterical threads I have read over there in a long time! Please take my not drink (or eat pickles) while reading!

Oh, and here is a little P.S. for can also find all these nutters over on the Tierra Madre thread singing his glory....surprised? I didn't think so :)