Friday, November 28, 2008

Business As Usual


Even after all of the scams have came to light on ABR, with the latest one being the biggest yet, it's still business as usual over there.

How can someone who has never seen a facility or met someone in person put their name behind them? Sing their praises?

SINCE Lifelines, I have seen people raise questions.....someone else jump in and tell everyone what a fine rescue so and so is, they are on the up and up and people are mean and evil fools for questioning them....yet on 3 occasions I have private emailed the "supporters" and ask very nicely "Have you been to this facility or met the people in charge" and all 3 times I have been responded to with "Well, no, BUT......". Sorry folks, that makes NO fucking sense!

We've all seen lately where pretty pictures and nice stories have done for the rescue world via internet.....

Here's a post from the dear moderator that supported Lifelines so much. It was made before she became a moderator, but here she is supporting another POS rescue.....with an attitude like this I see exactly why the Board Nazi chose exert:

I don't know about others but I am just so damn sick and tired of seeing these attacks against rescues. Do people have NOTHING better to do than to think of ways to try to discredit and attack rescues?

All I have to say is GET A LIFE, and SHAME SHAME On you..


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nut Bags & Whackjobs


First, a little continuance from the previous blog and a rescue called Lifelines....If you haven't read the comments section for the previous blog, you really should. There's some damn good investigation going on there!

Wouldn't you think that the FOB's would want to insure this not happening again? To be scammed out of thousands of dollars? Nope, cover up is all their concerned about. There afraid they'll come off looking like nut jobs (here's a hint: TO FUCKING LATE :)...

The only thing I'd like to say is that someone suggested bringing the media in to publicize the story and all the people involved with LL.
I don't think that's a good idea, but some of you may feel otherwise. As bona fide rescues, we don't need any more public skepticism about our credibility. If the story got out on LL, I think it would damage the reputation of every rescue. (Every rescue? I hardly think so.....just the ones on ABR who spend more time begging for funds than taking care of there little ponies)

I agree with you that until this plays out, it would not be a good idea to alert the press. Until you have more answers, an article at this time may put the tried and true rescues in jeopardy with potential adopters. (and who are these tried and true rescues? Wasn't LL one of those?)

I would think if the Board Nazi was any kind of man he would have done put down his pencil writing about the memoirs of brushing Barbaro and wrote some kind of press release to protect his beloved board and FOB's before some nut like me comes along and exposes the truth of the matter :)

Oh, and as for the head honcho scam cover up moderator mistress on ABR:

24250.5 in reply to 24250.1
SHAME on you for giving her the time aday on here.. You of all people "should" know better........... tsk tsk tsk... good job

Maybe you should have given me the time of day instead of banning me and deleting my posts when I popped in with info on Lifelines.....


Onto more fun stuff :)

I ran across this post on ABR this morning, love it, love it, love it......

Do any other posters here wonder if outsiders that read this forum get the wrong impression? I know that often, when trying to educate the media, and our public officials, they are given links to this BB, for info on slaughter/rescue. If for some reason, they then "browse" around this forum, they'll find people trying to pretend they are Barbaro/Nicanor posting on a BB, or they see posts from people who are writing that they are sobbing hysterically about Barbaro this long after his death, or people being asked to light candles for a dead horse because the number of candles is low.

Do you ever worry that those things make us look like whackjobs, and therefore reduces the credibilty of our anti-slaughter position? I mean, the pro slaughter side can tell people, "Well, just go LOOK at some of the posts on that forum. Those people are nutjobs!" And if they read some of these threads, they'll agree with the pro slaughter side. The good that has been done by members of this forum becomes invisible, when pro-slaughter side people use the other posts to prove that the anti slaughter side is a bunch of emotionally unstable, middle aged housewives playing the adult version of "My Pretty (dead) Pony".

Personally, Im afraid to link to this BB (even the WIKI section) for fear that the reader might actually browse around...

I have to give this gal some credit. She's taking major heat for her post and she didn't go back and modify or delete it. Of all the FOB's out there, this woman truly "Gets it". She's been a member there for quite some time but is being treated the same as "I see you just joined today" posters....If I was this gal I would take what marbles I have left in my brain from even attempting to be a part of this and run like Forrest Gump! It's clear she is to "normal" for that place :)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

More ABR Scams, Lies, Cover Up's & Dead People?

Well it's been a couple of exciting weeks over on the nut bag board......

Let me start with giving you a little history on a rescue called Lifelines, who claimed to be a 501c3 rescue....for the last couple of years they have been on ABR begging for anything from feed to fence to rent. They've had to unexpectedly "move" at least 3 times that I know of.....around every corner there was a red flag but the FOB's choose to ignore them and continuously threw money.

Several questions were raised over time.....and we all know that isn't allowed on the Nazi board to begin with, but what made this rescue even more protected from criticism is that one of the moderators on ABR, well, this was one of her babies. I can't tell you how many times I've seen posts deleted and members banned for asking legitimate questions of them.

Lets fast forward to November 6th.....A post is made by the moderator who has sang praises and glory for this rescue (MaryLOhio), that the owner of Lifelines, Theresa Driesbach, had passed away the night before. And to PLEASE send (can you guess? :) MONEY to the husband who is going to carry on her "dream"....referring to the rescue of course.

Imagine to everyone's surprise when the obituary came out and the owner of, here after referred to as LL, Lisa Zeller had passed.....

Damn little digging uncovered that the Zeller woman was indeed who everyone referred to as Theresa Driesbach, Lisa had been convicted of identity theft at least once. Also uncovered, again with damn little digging, that SUPRISE! LL was indeed not a 501c3 rescue, she had been arrested on more than one occasion, was involved in dog rescue at one time and was found to be a fraud then, not to mention a little abuse going on too.

I'm sure there is shit I'm missing, but honestly I'm not going to put that much energy into today's blog with going through all the crap I've researched and saved.....that should have been the job of all the people who threw money.....but I especially blame the moderator for what I can only refer to as a major cover up with all the praises she sang and posts that were deleted and members banned when anyone questioned LL.

MaryL has since modified the original death post to take out the part to send money of course......AFTER God only knows ow much money was sent. It's all about covering your tracks over there :)

So not only could all of this had been avoided with allowing questioning, now the members who donated to a fake 501c3 have to worry about the money they claimed on last years taxes and not being able to claim any donations on this years.

It gets better...if you didn't waste your time reading the link I posted above here is a basic run down for you of the events since Nov. 6th....well ok, the events since the beginning of LL coming to ABR. LOL

LL begs funds on ABR for 2 years.....right down to carrots and rent.

Red flags everywhere.

You ask questions, you get banned.

Double difficult, rescue is friends with a MOD. Questions 200% prohibited.

LL owner dies.

Mod comes on, announces death, says please send all your $ to husband to help carry on "the dream".

Obituary comes out....whoops, different name than the person they knew!

LL owner previously convicted of ID theft......

Next day husband who is "carrying on dream" is selling horses.

More info comes to light. Rescue owner has about 6 identities.

Opps, more info....LL owner died of AIDS two years ago too per a dog rescue forum.

SS# were required on all the adoption contracts.

Husband supposedly skipped town with the computer with all evidence on it....not to mention the "dream" money....wait, husbands back? Where is the computer? Who the fuck knows....

LL used a fake 501c3 and as been collecting donations for 2 years.

People who claimed them on taxes last year are fucked.

Bottom line.....person may or may not be dead, thousands of dollars given to the rescue after the death at a MODS request, and a hubby of felon with a ton of SS#'s.

In a way I feel a little guilty getting this much pleasure when a person could have actually died....then again I'm not overly bothered because of a long list of convictions from the ID theft to animal abuse.

The FOB's worshiped this woman.

Oh....and since the funds were raised on ABR ALL the FOB's think they own them and there is a huge power struggle going on. It's fucking awesome....sorry.....

There's about 10 threads going on now for this debacle.....there easy to find if you have several hours of your life to completely waste that you'll never get back. So far there has been several people claiming to be in charge of what going to happen to the horses now. It depends what day it is as to who's in charge. It's a huge cluster fuck!

One would think after this mess that the board Nazi and his minions would allow some questioning of rescues to go one. Hell, it even looked promising for a minute. But it's gone back to business as usual over there....

A rescue that amazing enough, several FOB's have questioned, took a little heat yesterday. The rescue is called Hidden Meadows Equine Rescue or HMER for short. Another that needs money for absolutely everything, down to band-aids, and has a farm that looks like a shit hole.....not to mention the lady has a real tough time with math, but it's ok, it always works out in her favor ;)

Questions deleted, members banned and the thread was locked. I see it's back open for posting now.....someone must have thrown an empty beer bottle at the board Nazi.

Bottom line is, AGAIN, if questions were allowed, standards set, people researched and moderators playing fair, the LL deal could have saved people a lot of time, energy and money....but I guess it would take away from the "numbers saved" that seem to be the MOST important thing over there.....even though I guarantee they couldn't tell you where 10% of those horses are now!


Sorry ICERs, I read a couple of things over there this morning that had me ROTFLMAO and so true......I have to share :)

Top 10 Standards of Behavior required on ABR that banned posters did not meet:

10. Smile all the time, or send smileys, or send bunnies that smile, or any cartoon with a smile on it.

9. Tell Alex how wonderful he is and how important he is to the horse industry on a daily basis.

8. Overlook any seemingly odd situations at "rescue" organizations in order to use more smiley cartoons, etc.

7. Say "I get it" or "She gets it" or "You get it" in at least three posts a month.

6. Mention Barbaro, what Barbaro is doing now, what Barbaro is thinking now, or any form of Barbaro comment whenever possible.

5. Take photos with orbs and post them regularly.

4. Tell Alex how wonderful he is and how important he is to the horse industry on a daily basis.

3. Pretend that ALL the horses ever given money to were REALLY RESCUED/SAVED from the kill pen, kill buyer, death, bad rescues, etc.

2. Whenever Alex writes a blog, column, goes on the radio, etc. be prepared to follow this up with a gushing comment on how important he is to the horses.

1. WIKI WIKI WIKI WIKI WIKI WIKI WIKI.... (as in no Wiki, no upkeep of Wiki, think Wiki is Whacky....etc.)


Alex doesn't give a $hit about anything but Alex.

Someone dies. Not a word from Alex.

Dozens of supporters scammed. Not a word from Alex.

One of his moderators involved in the biggest scam yet. Not a word from Alex.

Horses go missing. Not a word from Alex.

Illegal activity on his board. Not a word from Alex.

Opinions/advice given on how to make things better. Alex plays the 'poor me' card.


It's been so long since I really blogged I could type forever....but alas, I won't. I'll just look forward to the next scam :)

Update 11/21/08 You guys HAVE to read the comments here! There is all sorts of stuff being posted related to this that will blow your mind! LOL!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Crickets Aren't Lonely!


A couple of times now I've blogged about the Animal Welfare Institute hooking up with the National Black Farmers Association. You can catch up here and here :)

Imagine my surprise today when I headed over to the nut bag FOB forum and found they were having the same problems I did!

Yet ANOTHER press release by the horsie huggers that was nothing but a lie....and they still wonder why people laugh and point whenever they flap their jaws (well, ok, fingers!)...