Sunday, June 14, 2009

Goat Update :)


Due to an anonymous donor the goats have been saved from the ugly truck! YAY!

One problem though...the person that took them on already has to may goats to feed...they have been begging all over the internet for food and basic care for their babies.

So now we need to pony up some cash and pay the owner to take care of these animals they chose to take on.

Oh! And let's not forget about the 2 months quarantine! It costs so much more than regular care you know. $300 per goat for 2 months ought to cover it...

Feed, vet, dewormer will need to be paid by someone else for life!

Let's set a goal amount of $5000!

Sorry, I don't know how to add orbs or glitter to the pictures of the goats....I hope that doesn't hurt their fundraising!

Remember....NO GOAT LEFT BEHIND!!!!!!!

(these goats found a great home where they will be spoiled and all their needs will be taken care of by the new owner :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Come on, we can do it! Let's save these 4 sweet precious little goats! They are headed to the auction if good homes cannot be found! And we all know what will happen to them if they end up there! Photobucket

Ransom: $50 each = $200

Aren't these sweet precious little goats worth as much as a horses life? We can arrange shipping! They shouldn't cost more than $500-600 each to have them sipped across the country!

The ugly truck is on it's way! Photobucket

Don't let the blood of these precious little babies be on your hands!

Can't we save them in the God like name of Barbaro?


(These goats are really for sale in central me if interested Photobucket )


Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey Hay?!?

Ok, so I've bitched before about the ABRites turning lose their dough to buy horses when someone screams "ugly truck" but clamming their wallets up when ask to actually feed and care for the horses they are enabling these so called rescues to take on.

It's pretty depressing to read all the threads where a rescues are begging for hay, set a goal of lets say $1000 with 20, 30, 40...head of horses on the property and after a month they have raised like $200 bucks.

So my question is, how are these horses eating? Are they starving while they are waiting for the next person to throw $20 at them so 40 horses can split 5 bales of hay? Are the rescues coming up with the hay on their own by actually paying for it themselves yet keep begging?

This is one of the scariest things I see with these rescues. Especially since so many horses have had to be rescued from their rescuers "All for the love of Barbaro".

I'm suppose to be the no good dirty rotten bitch who should burn in hell for thinking slaughter is OK....but you know what? I have never in my life had 1 report filed against me, my horses have never missed a meal, their feet, teeth and shots are all current, they have a great barn, a nice safe lot without a bunch of junk shit it in and want for nothing (well, ok, Bo is a little pissed since I put his fat ass on a diet :)......and guess what? I pay for every fucking dime of it myself and would never dream of it being any other way....but I'm the one that sucks? LMAO

Oh, BTW, I abuse ALL my animals...not just the horses, LOL