Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh Happy Day!


Jason Meduna of 3 Strikes ranch has been found guilty of 145 charges of animal abuse  :)

I'm sure if you're lurking about this blog that you know the story...but if not, here is a recap...

Jason used to be the poster boy of the FOB's as a mustang sanctuary. They sang his name and praised his glory and tried to shove every unwanted mustang off at his ranch. You could feel the FOB's warmth between their legs coming right through the computer screen every time they spoke about him...and if there were pictures of the horse killer, well look out, the moans were plenty.

Even when some news started coming out that things might not be the way they seemed, the FOB's stayed a rabid supporter until there was just to much bad to deny.

A handful are still holding on to their dream boy. Now with the guilty charge I'd be interested to know how they look at him now.....

Why push this off and blame the FOB's you ask? Well because if any of them had taken a moment to research the man they were so hot and horny over they would have found out this isn't the first time good ol' Jason has been in over his head. A search of his name would have brought up some court records and they would have immediately seen at the very least lie #1. Jason told people he was 29 which in fact he is 42. I don't know if this was a ploy to keep people off his tracts or he thought he was all that and a bag of chips. I'd say a little of both.

Another thing I don't get (well I really do get it, wink, wink) is that the FOB's are always screaming about how can a rescue have 50, 60, 70, 100+ horses and provide the necessary care for them...but knowing Jason was somewhere around 300 horses, well that didn't seem to bother them a bit. He was a God after all....

I believe I read where sentencing was Feb. 23rd. Burn in hell Jason, burn, burn, burn......


Monday, January 4, 2010

Can We Make It Look Like Someone Cares?


Back to the numbers game for Alex!

Just a brief summary....Alex is no longer working for Asmussen (which BTW I notice someone edited Asmussens multiple drugging charges off his wiki....)...Alex never said why besides the fact he wants to take some time now to write his Barbaro book, so who knows.

So Alex pops on ABR the other day and makes a post wanting more fans for his book page (gag me). But he knows his little FOBots will work their fingers to the bone to make sure even their dead grandmas and kittens join up.

Again, he doesn't care if these people are really interested in reading his book or not, just like he doesn't care if any of the 3100 horses he claims ABR has saved are now safe or even dead or alive....just as long as those numbers make HIM look good! I mean, who really gives a fuck about facts....right? :)

I have this mental image in my head of a handful of little ol' FOBots that think light shines out of Alex's ass funding all of this "time off from work" journey, LMAO.


Ok, so I don't post in the comment section here that much anyway...but some of you have lost me a little on this GregJ. I've seen him around ABR of course, but I don't read the racing threads (unless someone emails me and says "check this shit out!") I don't know why he's being drug up over here in the comments so much.

The last thing I saw from him is where he was giving Alex a bit of a challenge.....IMHO if you are over on ABR posting, you are a nutter...but I do have to give a bit of a nutter kudo to anyone who stands up to the "King" :) And I know people reading here have obviously seen stuff out of him I just haven't (because I never followed him) so you'll have to forgive me for being so lost, lol.


Here is another real good blog (IMHO :) that I've started following: Meanwhile....Back at the Ranch They get the point across so much better than I do on a lot of stuff. I never claimed to be a writer, dead horsie book contract for me :(


More funnies from the resident ABR pod walkin, talkin head nutter. Think she will ever get a clue? LMAO


Ok, so Sue Wallis, a Rep for Wyoming has started a petition "Control the Overpopulation of Wild and Feral Horses".....and the ABR nut jobs are using it as a sounding board. It's frickin hilarious! Some of the comments on there make it so clear what radical nutjobs these people really are.

There's a thread on ABR about this petition and this woman....people have said you can leave your comment without it actually being sent to your reps. Well I disagree :) Because I've copied and pasted their comments along with a link and sent it to every rep and official across the good old USA :) I'm sure that kind of flattery will get them everywhere, LMAO. (of course if you agree and have a second, please sigh it!)

Naturally, as you can find if you surf that thread, someone made a rebuttal against Sue in an article and photoshopped Sue's face to make it look huge and distorted. Classy, huh! Anyway most of the FOB don't realize it was photoshopped and are making fun of her appearance...IMAGINE THAT! "I can't think of anything intelligent to say or even a rebuttal so I'll act like the stupid fucking moron that I am and comment on someones looks" mentality......but who would expect anything more out of that group!


Oh - real email has been down for a little over a week....I didn't really feel like messing with it over the Holidays because I had so much other stuff going on....but I'm back in and will try to get all caught up on replies over the next couple of days.


I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas and wishing great thing in this new year!


EDITING IN: Just ran across this and they get the full blown, 6 foot "Nutter of the Day, I'm just a waste of airspace" trophy!

I am glad he got cancer and I am glad he is dead. I only hope that he suffered A LOT before he died.

I put a curse on everyone that works there and continues the misery. If this is against what we are supposed to say on here I don't apologize for it and I mean every word I said.

I don't care WHO you are or WHAT or WHO you are referring are a low life piece of worthless shit for even thinking something like this, let alone actually typing it......I do not have to wish for you to rot in hell because God will take care of that himself.....