Friday, November 28, 2008

Business As Usual


Even after all of the scams have came to light on ABR, with the latest one being the biggest yet, it's still business as usual over there.

How can someone who has never seen a facility or met someone in person put their name behind them? Sing their praises?

SINCE Lifelines, I have seen people raise questions.....someone else jump in and tell everyone what a fine rescue so and so is, they are on the up and up and people are mean and evil fools for questioning them....yet on 3 occasions I have private emailed the "supporters" and ask very nicely "Have you been to this facility or met the people in charge" and all 3 times I have been responded to with "Well, no, BUT......". Sorry folks, that makes NO fucking sense!

We've all seen lately where pretty pictures and nice stories have done for the rescue world via internet.....

Here's a post from the dear moderator that supported Lifelines so much. It was made before she became a moderator, but here she is supporting another POS rescue.....with an attitude like this I see exactly why the Board Nazi chose exert:

I don't know about others but I am just so damn sick and tired of seeing these attacks against rescues. Do people have NOTHING better to do than to think of ways to try to discredit and attack rescues?

All I have to say is GET A LIFE, and SHAME SHAME On you..


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nut Bags & Whackjobs


First, a little continuance from the previous blog and a rescue called Lifelines....If you haven't read the comments section for the previous blog, you really should. There's some damn good investigation going on there!

Wouldn't you think that the FOB's would want to insure this not happening again? To be scammed out of thousands of dollars? Nope, cover up is all their concerned about. There afraid they'll come off looking like nut jobs (here's a hint: TO FUCKING LATE :)...

The only thing I'd like to say is that someone suggested bringing the media in to publicize the story and all the people involved with LL.
I don't think that's a good idea, but some of you may feel otherwise. As bona fide rescues, we don't need any more public skepticism about our credibility. If the story got out on LL, I think it would damage the reputation of every rescue. (Every rescue? I hardly think so.....just the ones on ABR who spend more time begging for funds than taking care of there little ponies)

I agree with you that until this plays out, it would not be a good idea to alert the press. Until you have more answers, an article at this time may put the tried and true rescues in jeopardy with potential adopters. (and who are these tried and true rescues? Wasn't LL one of those?)

I would think if the Board Nazi was any kind of man he would have done put down his pencil writing about the memoirs of brushing Barbaro and wrote some kind of press release to protect his beloved board and FOB's before some nut like me comes along and exposes the truth of the matter :)

Oh, and as for the head honcho scam cover up moderator mistress on ABR:

24250.5 in reply to 24250.1
SHAME on you for giving her the time aday on here.. You of all people "should" know better........... tsk tsk tsk... good job

Maybe you should have given me the time of day instead of banning me and deleting my posts when I popped in with info on Lifelines.....


Onto more fun stuff :)

I ran across this post on ABR this morning, love it, love it, love it......

Do any other posters here wonder if outsiders that read this forum get the wrong impression? I know that often, when trying to educate the media, and our public officials, they are given links to this BB, for info on slaughter/rescue. If for some reason, they then "browse" around this forum, they'll find people trying to pretend they are Barbaro/Nicanor posting on a BB, or they see posts from people who are writing that they are sobbing hysterically about Barbaro this long after his death, or people being asked to light candles for a dead horse because the number of candles is low.

Do you ever worry that those things make us look like whackjobs, and therefore reduces the credibilty of our anti-slaughter position? I mean, the pro slaughter side can tell people, "Well, just go LOOK at some of the posts on that forum. Those people are nutjobs!" And if they read some of these threads, they'll agree with the pro slaughter side. The good that has been done by members of this forum becomes invisible, when pro-slaughter side people use the other posts to prove that the anti slaughter side is a bunch of emotionally unstable, middle aged housewives playing the adult version of "My Pretty (dead) Pony".

Personally, Im afraid to link to this BB (even the WIKI section) for fear that the reader might actually browse around...

I have to give this gal some credit. She's taking major heat for her post and she didn't go back and modify or delete it. Of all the FOB's out there, this woman truly "Gets it". She's been a member there for quite some time but is being treated the same as "I see you just joined today" posters....If I was this gal I would take what marbles I have left in my brain from even attempting to be a part of this and run like Forrest Gump! It's clear she is to "normal" for that place :)


Thursday, November 20, 2008

More ABR Scams, Lies, Cover Up's & Dead People?

Well it's been a couple of exciting weeks over on the nut bag board......

Let me start with giving you a little history on a rescue called Lifelines, who claimed to be a 501c3 rescue....for the last couple of years they have been on ABR begging for anything from feed to fence to rent. They've had to unexpectedly "move" at least 3 times that I know of.....around every corner there was a red flag but the FOB's choose to ignore them and continuously threw money.

Several questions were raised over time.....and we all know that isn't allowed on the Nazi board to begin with, but what made this rescue even more protected from criticism is that one of the moderators on ABR, well, this was one of her babies. I can't tell you how many times I've seen posts deleted and members banned for asking legitimate questions of them.

Lets fast forward to November 6th.....A post is made by the moderator who has sang praises and glory for this rescue (MaryLOhio), that the owner of Lifelines, Theresa Driesbach, had passed away the night before. And to PLEASE send (can you guess? :) MONEY to the husband who is going to carry on her "dream"....referring to the rescue of course.

Imagine to everyone's surprise when the obituary came out and the owner of, here after referred to as LL, Lisa Zeller had passed.....

Damn little digging uncovered that the Zeller woman was indeed who everyone referred to as Theresa Driesbach, Lisa had been convicted of identity theft at least once. Also uncovered, again with damn little digging, that SUPRISE! LL was indeed not a 501c3 rescue, she had been arrested on more than one occasion, was involved in dog rescue at one time and was found to be a fraud then, not to mention a little abuse going on too.

I'm sure there is shit I'm missing, but honestly I'm not going to put that much energy into today's blog with going through all the crap I've researched and saved.....that should have been the job of all the people who threw money.....but I especially blame the moderator for what I can only refer to as a major cover up with all the praises she sang and posts that were deleted and members banned when anyone questioned LL.

MaryL has since modified the original death post to take out the part to send money of course......AFTER God only knows ow much money was sent. It's all about covering your tracks over there :)

So not only could all of this had been avoided with allowing questioning, now the members who donated to a fake 501c3 have to worry about the money they claimed on last years taxes and not being able to claim any donations on this years.

It gets better...if you didn't waste your time reading the link I posted above here is a basic run down for you of the events since Nov. 6th....well ok, the events since the beginning of LL coming to ABR. LOL

LL begs funds on ABR for 2 years.....right down to carrots and rent.

Red flags everywhere.

You ask questions, you get banned.

Double difficult, rescue is friends with a MOD. Questions 200% prohibited.

LL owner dies.

Mod comes on, announces death, says please send all your $ to husband to help carry on "the dream".

Obituary comes out....whoops, different name than the person they knew!

LL owner previously convicted of ID theft......

Next day husband who is "carrying on dream" is selling horses.

More info comes to light. Rescue owner has about 6 identities.

Opps, more info....LL owner died of AIDS two years ago too per a dog rescue forum.

SS# were required on all the adoption contracts.

Husband supposedly skipped town with the computer with all evidence on it....not to mention the "dream" money....wait, husbands back? Where is the computer? Who the fuck knows....

LL used a fake 501c3 and as been collecting donations for 2 years.

People who claimed them on taxes last year are fucked.

Bottom line.....person may or may not be dead, thousands of dollars given to the rescue after the death at a MODS request, and a hubby of felon with a ton of SS#'s.

In a way I feel a little guilty getting this much pleasure when a person could have actually died....then again I'm not overly bothered because of a long list of convictions from the ID theft to animal abuse.

The FOB's worshiped this woman.

Oh....and since the funds were raised on ABR ALL the FOB's think they own them and there is a huge power struggle going on. It's fucking awesome....sorry.....

There's about 10 threads going on now for this debacle.....there easy to find if you have several hours of your life to completely waste that you'll never get back. So far there has been several people claiming to be in charge of what going to happen to the horses now. It depends what day it is as to who's in charge. It's a huge cluster fuck!

One would think after this mess that the board Nazi and his minions would allow some questioning of rescues to go one. Hell, it even looked promising for a minute. But it's gone back to business as usual over there....

A rescue that amazing enough, several FOB's have questioned, took a little heat yesterday. The rescue is called Hidden Meadows Equine Rescue or HMER for short. Another that needs money for absolutely everything, down to band-aids, and has a farm that looks like a shit hole.....not to mention the lady has a real tough time with math, but it's ok, it always works out in her favor ;)

Questions deleted, members banned and the thread was locked. I see it's back open for posting now.....someone must have thrown an empty beer bottle at the board Nazi.

Bottom line is, AGAIN, if questions were allowed, standards set, people researched and moderators playing fair, the LL deal could have saved people a lot of time, energy and money....but I guess it would take away from the "numbers saved" that seem to be the MOST important thing over there.....even though I guarantee they couldn't tell you where 10% of those horses are now!


Sorry ICERs, I read a couple of things over there this morning that had me ROTFLMAO and so true......I have to share :)

Top 10 Standards of Behavior required on ABR that banned posters did not meet:

10. Smile all the time, or send smileys, or send bunnies that smile, or any cartoon with a smile on it.

9. Tell Alex how wonderful he is and how important he is to the horse industry on a daily basis.

8. Overlook any seemingly odd situations at "rescue" organizations in order to use more smiley cartoons, etc.

7. Say "I get it" or "She gets it" or "You get it" in at least three posts a month.

6. Mention Barbaro, what Barbaro is doing now, what Barbaro is thinking now, or any form of Barbaro comment whenever possible.

5. Take photos with orbs and post them regularly.

4. Tell Alex how wonderful he is and how important he is to the horse industry on a daily basis.

3. Pretend that ALL the horses ever given money to were REALLY RESCUED/SAVED from the kill pen, kill buyer, death, bad rescues, etc.

2. Whenever Alex writes a blog, column, goes on the radio, etc. be prepared to follow this up with a gushing comment on how important he is to the horses.

1. WIKI WIKI WIKI WIKI WIKI WIKI WIKI.... (as in no Wiki, no upkeep of Wiki, think Wiki is Whacky....etc.)


Alex doesn't give a $hit about anything but Alex.

Someone dies. Not a word from Alex.

Dozens of supporters scammed. Not a word from Alex.

One of his moderators involved in the biggest scam yet. Not a word from Alex.

Horses go missing. Not a word from Alex.

Illegal activity on his board. Not a word from Alex.

Opinions/advice given on how to make things better. Alex plays the 'poor me' card.


It's been so long since I really blogged I could type forever....but alas, I won't. I'll just look forward to the next scam :)

Update 11/21/08 You guys HAVE to read the comments here! There is all sorts of stuff being posted related to this that will blow your mind! LOL!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Crickets Aren't Lonely!


A couple of times now I've blogged about the Animal Welfare Institute hooking up with the National Black Farmers Association. You can catch up here and here :)

Imagine my surprise today when I headed over to the nut bag FOB forum and found they were having the same problems I did!

Yet ANOTHER press release by the horsie huggers that was nothing but a lie....and they still wonder why people laugh and point whenever they flap their jaws (well, ok, fingers!)...


Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Beginings


A short time ago some friends and I started a horse forum. It is NOT slaughter related, even though there is an area for that. For those of you who hate me, I certainly wouldn't expect to be treated any different than you are here in that area...LOL. But if your looking for some good old fashioned horse chat and learning without all the fru fru, I invite all to join :)

Midwest Horse


Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Rampant Poll Cheating & Other Goodies


You just have to love this group of people.....I mean seriously.....

Here is a poll done by on bill H.R. 6598 Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act 2008.....(hey, while you're there, cast your vote!).....

In ABR, anti slaughter hysterics, we gotta cheat to win style, the votes aren't going the way the FOB's think they should so they are going with their typical "vote early and often" method. Link to the thread.....and post highlights for when the King and his minions see this post and have the evidence banished:

28372.8 in reply to 28372.1
I just voted again from a different computer.

28372.16 in reply to 28372.15
I just commented and the vote is still 59% for the Bill.
Please keep voting for this Bill!!

28372.31 in reply to 28372.30
BUMP Keep voting.

28372.37 in reply to 28372.36
Someone posted on what I saw a couple of days ago. You can vote again after a day or so. I tried to let you know by saying keep voting. Now it's posted on this site.

28372.38 in reply to 28372.37
The vote hasn't moved since last night.
Still at 50% to 50%.
But that is progress!!!!!
Vote again. Can be done.
Psst: Try typing vote web link into your computer's address bar. Works sometimes to be ok to vote more.

28372.39 in reply to 28372.38
You're right. I just voted again. Still at 50%-50%

28372.41 in reply to 28372.40
I just voted again and we need more votes...... it is 51% against now!!!

BTW, this time I played it smart.....I contacted Washingtonwatch with a link to the ABR thread and asked for an email back when it was viewed. To many things seem to vanish before it gets seen by those that need to see it, especially once someone like me gets on the trail :)

A walk down memory lane if you don't already know I've busted them on poll cheating at least twice before this incident:


Here is another good one for you......Let's bury our heads in the sand and act like there isn't a problem even though we REALLY know there is one!

I just LOVE this post.....You only have 4 acres but wouldn't turn down a truck load of horses if they showed up at your door step.....can you say "mentally ill"?

And here is your hypocrisy for the day.....LMAO....these are just pieces from the original posts if you don't want to muddle through the BS:

Post from a member after presenting FACTS with PROOF:

28236.47 in reply to 28236.46
I am not trying to bash another rescue.
Why is it when something that is true is posted, it is always removed.
I have proof of everything I stated.

Reply by King Alex:

28236.48 in reply to 28236.47
this statement by you, can you confirm you stand by it. it seems you do not appreciate the work we do on this board and i simply want that confirmed by you. cheers, alex

Why is it when something that is true is posted, it is always removed

Response by poster:

28236.57 in reply to 28236.54
Dear Alex
I greatly appreciate the work this board is doing. That is why it upsets me so much that some people are taking advantage of this Board. And why I am standing up for the great rescues here that are doing wonderful work for the horses.
I know the no one wants to be told that they helped someone who was using them. It is embarassing for one thing. But if it is the truth, I personally would want to know.

The board Nazi has spoken:

28236.67 in reply to 28236.57
sure, but you certainly do not appreciate how we manage this board. cheers, alex
Alex Brown

And "POOF" the posted has been banned......proving without a doubt "when something that is true is posted, it is always removed."

Thanks again FOB's for providing more continuous fodder :)


Interesting Reads For The Day


The State of the Horse Industry Since the Closing of the Horse Harvesting Facilities

And if you're not a member of this group, please sign up!

United Horsemen's Front


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crickets In My Inbox

That's all I've gotten since I sent AWI and NBFA emails over a week ago about them taking and placing unwanted horses.......Here is where I blogged about them a little over a month ago when the release was made.

So I set up a dummy email account, made up a sob story and asked for help. What I got was silence. Why am I not surprised? Guess I titled my previous blog more than correctly!

And talk about crickets.....

Guess who I got an email from on June 10th?!? The King himself....Alex Brown.

I had made a post on ICERs forum taking a stab at him of course about his banning for some reason Alex thought he just had to send me a little went like this:

Alex Brown []
To: <>

i have been surprised at how harsh you have been about me over the last few months on icers and your site. i thought i had treated you pretty fairly considering. oh well. cheers, alex

Treated me fairly? OMG I about spit my teeth out! What's even funnier is instead of keeping my email on a list or just looking it up, he had actually replied to an email I had sent him almost a YEAR ago! Which he never answered BTW.

For you reading pleasure.....the email I sent almost a year ago he hit reply too :)

On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 9:26 AM, <> wrote:
Hi Alex,

Can you please tell me what kind of rule I violated on your forum to be banned this time?

And why in the world would you delete a post where I was defending myself? Why are you allowing me to be slandered like this? Do you have that much hate towards someone you do not know? Did you even read it?

Why am I expected to sit back and watch as people keep bringing my name into stuff that I have nothing to do with?

Did you know it takes less than 60 seconds to get a new ID every time I have been banned? I would think that you would want to know which one I was to keep an eye on me.

I would really appreciate an answer. I find the fact that you allow this kind of slander without allowing one to defend themselves very disturbing.


Remember.....this ALL took place before this blog was born....the Blog was born on Thursday, December 27, 2007 as a direct result of this email I sent to Alex on Aug 10, 2007 and NEVER got a response.........

With my jaw on the ground that he was saying how fair he thought he'd been after not responding to this email for a year (I don't think he ever meant to include the text from the old email :) I sent him this back:

Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2008 9:41 PM
To: []
Subject: Re: Forum

How do you think you have treated me fairly? This email is almost a year old and you never answered it. Read the questions… you think they are unreasonable questions? If someone is being slandered they should have the opportunity to defend themselves, that is not an unreasonable request. Yet it went ignored.

This was the ONLY reason for my blog, I did not start it before you started playing censorship. Doesn’t feel too good to get trashed and not be able to say “Now wait a minute…..” Now does it?

I would love to have an open dialogue with you if you’re interested. You are catty, I’ll give you that. And maybe I might just find something nice to think about you when were done.


After 20 days guess what I got back? Nuttin but more crickets in my inbox :) Imagine that.......

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paychecks Are More Important!!!

At least to Alex Brown.....Head leader of the Kool Aid drinkers.

It's no secret Alex works for Steve Asmussen who has anything but the best interest of horses in mind when it comes to winning.

I ran across this quote on ABR this morning and I could not have said it ANY better myself!

26185.9 in reply to 26185.8
It appears that Alex has quite a conflict of interest here.

It is difficult to work for yes a "serial violator" such as Steve Asmussen and then maintain a forum for open discussion of racing news, horse welfare and safety, racing reform and anti-slaughter efforts..

At some point, he will need to clearly choose which side he stands with..

Of course this post was a result of Alex coming in a and deleting a post about Asmussen and his shady activities and then banning the person from posting. When will Alex get a clue that Delphi boards suck for people who do not like freedom of speech? It takes two seconds to get another ID and come back to make you look like the ass that you are.....such as this case :)

And if you haven't already lost your breakfast take a look at this......Alex posts this on his Mother Ship......

lately I have been working on the wiki. i wanted to write about what we have been doing, essentially using the wiki as the medium rather than a book, for which i have no publishing deal.

here is the entry on "Fans of Barbaro":

of course this is a work in progress and I am interested in any feedback. its quite long.
cheers, alex

He's getting feedback alright :)

Be sure and read that Wiki page over real good now LOL! And I also think we can clearly see why a book deal isn't hitting him in the head.....the man can barely form a sentence. Yeah, I know, I can't either....but now I ain't tryin' to sell myself at every turn, now am I? :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Bull, errrr...I Mean Horse Shit


The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) has launched a program they call "Project Wanted Horse". Of course all the anti slaughter zealots are screaming "What excuse will the pro side use now since there are no more unwanted horses?!?"

Personally I'm going to stick to my story....there are thousands of unwanted horses out there! You guys are nut bags and don't have a frickin' clue :)

The ABR forum has not skipped a beat begging for homes and money since this "project" has been launched. Of course the FOB's have done a media blitz with this release and me being the outstanding citizen that I am had to follow behind them and give links to all the unwanted horses and rescues still screaming "I'm at maximum capacity" on the very same forum in which this release was posted.

Why are there so many unwanted horses still looking for a home if this is a success? Why are rescues on ABR still offering horses needing homes for NO adoption fee? Why aren't they picking up the phone and calling AWI to come get them? Why all the hysteria still if an unwanted horse no longer exists?

So far this project is like the many many other pipe dreams the radical whackaloons have came up with......A FAILURE! Wake up and smell the horse shit people ;)


Just A Quickie :)


Alex Brown (AKA The Board Nazi) from ABR will be part of a live chat on Thursday, June 26th on Here's a link to submit a question.....I wonder if he'll do the good old pick and choose, or will he finally answer a direct question?...I guess we'll see :)

Just a little add on for June 24th.....

Alex is on his forum telling the kool aid drinkers what questions to ask again. From Alex:

yes, I am psyched about this. good and thoughtful questions would be great. anything from what its like galloping at Woodbine to what its like seeing horses at New Holland ... what should we do with unwanted horses ... will Curlin come to Canada ... etc. etc.

basically I hope the questions run the spectrum, but also address hard issues.

cheers, alex

Now WHY, if you had your own forum with your own members where questions can be (well unless he doesn't like them....LOL) asked at any time, would you tell people to go somewhere else and ask him questions? Rhetorical question of course, we all know the answer.....if his FOB's didn't come to the live chat to ask questions then he'd be sitting in a lonely room with just me at his side....LOL! He needs a little more ego might make him look important if people show....

I've asked Alex this question a hundred times and of course no answer....not surprising.....

Alex, if you are so concerned about horses and their welfare, especially race horses, then WHY in the world do you work for Steve Asmussen who has one of the worst reputations in the racing world?

How many charges of drugging horses does Steve have against him again? Oh yeah, 22, that's right :)

Money must be more important in the end.....


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mustang Hearts Dump N Drama

Let's take a walk down memory lane for a minute......I blogged about this rescue back in December, here we are six months later and nothing has changed.....and I mean NOTHING!

The chick still has over 45+ horses. Who really knows.....she quit answering questions a long time ago. She still has her little cult of followers that continuously bump her ABR Begathons and post "will send you $ when I get paid". It's the same crowd.....all the sane people run away to fast to drop a dollar on their way by these days.

A short catch up summary of this mean rescue.....

Still doesn't adopt, only "free leases". Has "free leased" several over the past 6 months but somehow they either don't work out, she repo's them the "karma" isn't right or she takes in more. She had 45 6 months ago and she claims to have that many now.

It finally happened.....In march it was made public tat she lost her place. Well, she didn't make it public, even denied it for a while....but her landlord gave permission to post an email she sent to Debbie on the internet. She was suppose to be out by June first, but she's still dragging her feet.

Oh wait! Before I go any further I just have to let you see these pictures! This one was taken back in the winter....

Please note the horsie standing at the top of the steps :)

Now this next picture was just put on the net not to long ago. Note the horsie is missing from the porch......1000 Extra bonus points if you can tell me what else is missing......LOL!


Holy horse shit Batman!

That's where this chick LIVES! Well this is where she is getting kicked out of too! It looks like a cute little you want to hear the worst thing about all this???? The people who own this cute little cabin gave it rent FREE to Debbie when she moved in.....before the hoarding days (or who knows, she may have been starting over from a hoarding past?) when she had 18 horses she "rescued".

But instead of taking good care of her little rent free haven she goes and fucks the place all up. Remember the picture of the horse INSIDE this nice little rent free house? And all the garbage in there? Some thanks those people got for their kindness....

She claims to have another rent free place for them all to go now......she says the new people "Get it", they don't now but I'm sure they will......

Typical day on ABR for Debbie.....

Debbie: I need more money!


Debbie: I was communicating with the horses today and they said they wanted more cookies and they never want to be rode or work a day in their life. They only want to be with people who can dance with them in their mind like me.

Debbie's minions: BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies!

People with half a brain: Why do you keep taking on more horses than you can afford? Why do you keep your horses in unsanitary nasty filth not to mention dangerous conditions? Are all of these horses receiving adequate veterinary care?

Debbie: How dare you question me! I have a deep psychotic bond with my horses! I am a saint! Please take it off line and email me if you have any concerns! I will always answer emails!

Debbie's minions: BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies! BUMP for cookies!

Debbie: Having problems with my email. Can't get them. Will be off line for days, maybe months even!

5 minutes later......No one is suppose to notice Debbie posting on other threads......


Debbie: I lost all my emails. If you sent me money I probably didn't get it so send it again! I need MORE money!!!!


Geezzzz.......ok, end of rant.....I have to stop myself or I could go on and on and on! Time for a daiquiri and a little couch time to get my blood pressure back under control! LOL!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

eBay, Lying, Cheating.....Typical FOB Stuff

I've known this was going on for quite some time.....I've had plenty of "tips" dropped off in my email, have even recently been a victim.....but I never had anything in cold hard writing to show proof.....

An eBay seller not long ago posted a picture for sale of Eight Belles down on the track. Of course the FOB's about shit themselves and immediately went to condemning the seller and reporting the auction to any eBay email address they could find. Here is the post I have been waiting for though! Now there it is in black and white :)

24036.36 in reply to 24036.35
The real way to make this seller pay is to buy it using BIN, pay for it, then after recieving it leave seller negative feedback.

Under new eBay feedback rules in effect 5/19/08, sellers cannot leave buyers negative or neutral FB.

You can give him bad star ratings, too. Ebay has a new formula where if you have bad FB or star ratings you get a lesser position in the search. This seller deals in sports memorabilia, a field already crowded. A $6.25 investment would hurt this seller.

The auction has around 10 hours left, and seller can't modify or remove it himself.

Remember, if you do this, to be patient, and leave FB after reciept of the product, or seller can claim hostile bidding.

The photo could also be forwarded to the owner (photog, AP) intact in the unopened envelope, for possible court action.

Make sure it is paid with PayPal in case it isn't sent, you can file through PP for refund. The buyer RULES at eBay
quick link to listing (If eBay removes listing, auction will become invisible) I made a PDF of his listing

go get him!


It's not like we all didn't know already how much the FOB's enjoy cheating and screwing people over.....LOL.....I'm just glad their dumb enough to keep posting this crap on the Internet :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eight Bells & The Board Nazi

Emotions are running high on ABR since the Kentucky Derby 2nd place winner Eight Belles had to be euthanized. So where is the fearless leader in this time of need? Well.....he's posting about his new blog on the NYT and promoting it! Sorry FOB's, your shit out of luck.....oh, he did post a little blurb about the filly....but it was also on the NYT comfort on his mother ship forum.

He did make it back to his own forum in time to do another round of banning members though! Like I said, emotions are running high and you have a lot of FOB's bashing horse racing right instead of trying to understand, giving some healing time, he goes right to the ban paddle. What a sad little man.......

Here are a couple of his comments....of course I added my thoughts in green :)

those that were banned either advocated for the end of horse racing or simply suggested they were done with the sport. this IS a horse racing site. Hum...but you turned it into an anti slaughter, saving the world site. Like it or not, horse racing does contribute to the slaughter pipe line dumb ass.

there is also a distinct lack of respect for me and the sport among a few prominant "FOBs". I will likely simply just ban those ppl if their behavior continues and they know exactly who they are. enough is enough. respect is necessary. cheers, alex I repeat, respect is nessecary!!!!! My fragile little ego can't handle it when you speak the truth!Even though I am a moron I DEMAND respect!!!!!

This is what he posted to a gal he obviously doesn't care for to much and I get the feeling she's not a big fan of his either :)

lynn, you have been banned once. you came back under another username, which breaks the rules. i have perservered with you assuming it is the right thing to do. you have shown significant lack of respect for me for a long time. i am stating this for the last time, respect me or leave. cheers, alex But Alex, doesn't this person work hard for what the FOB's are suppose to be? Why should anyone have to kiss your ass? Oh, ego....that's right. Well at the rate your going you will be down to the 16 year old little girls and the lonely old house wife Alex worshipers soon enough....

Another thing.....Alex is suppose to have a good education and is writing a book about Barbaro and the FOB's......can his spelling and grammar suck any worse for someone who is so much into self promotion? OMG......LMAO!

I just have to post this.....there is a lot of stupid shit posted over on ABR but this takes the cake. It's in reference to the death of Eight Belles. WARNING...........Please do not read this with any food or liquid in your mouth....LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Thank you for the picture. I want to throw up still. Thank God I have all of you in my living room via the net. That innocent smokey gray creature with her adorable striped tube socks on her legs lying on the track still wanting to run is stuck in my head and I can't go to sleep. This is what nightmares are made of. Afterwards, these lady horses are forced to have sex with different men horses they don't know that well so they can become pregnant only for their baby to be taken away is sad. I will never see the Kentucky Derby as a festive wonderful event. We need to respect these creatures. Judgement day will come for us.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Loooooow Can You Goooooo

I've seen this stuff from ABR before and it always pisses me off so I thought I'd share just how low some can go.....

There's a few FOB's that are obsessed with craigslist. If a cheaper of free horse is put on there they email and "warn" them about the evils of slaughter and how sneaky kill buyers are waiting on these horses.....because God knows that with the prices of horses and prices of fuel, all the kill buyers are cruising craigslist and scouring the country side putting on a big act to take poor little "Buttercup" from his loving owners straight to the killers.....he's worth so much damn money ya know....And there certainly aren't enough unwanted horses floating around by the hundreds in the auction houses . Geesh....LOL.

Anyway....every now and then the FOB's receive an email back that just makes me smile. I'm going to share this one from a gal who put a free horse on craigslist......

"Excuse me, but who are you to tell me what to do with my horse I paid money for? You need to keep your nose in your own business. I have three other mares that I rescued from the blm who are just fine. She will be going only to an approved home where she will be loved. Please, for future reference, keep out of peoples business from now on. I am not your charity case to try and save, and niether is my mare".

Gotta love it........but here is where the lowness comes in......instead of leaving this person alone, they have decided that this person should not own a horse. Here is what their trying to pull off.....

"I wonder if this lady is interested in providing her last name or the horse's brand number so that I can call Jason at 3-Strikes and he can get a hold of Sally in D.C. with the BLM and have the lady blacklisted from adopting any MORE BLM Mustangs from the BLM. She said this is not the only Mustang that she has, and I dont feel that she really needs to have any more. Clearly stating she's not working with the horse, so off the ships it to someone else who will either slaughter it or send it on down the line from home to home."

"You could try emailing her and ask her for the BLM ID. She is likely to tell you the same thing but worth a try. I am hoping my email scared her a lttle. I just found another 2 BLM mustangs for sale near me for $100 each and I emailed that person also."

"you could try approaching her as a potential adopter and ask for the info"

"I think I'll email her. Since you can find out a lot about the horse's history by their brand, it would make sense that I'd want to know as much of the history as possible if I were a potential adopter. I wish that horse was closer because I'd go get it and go pay a visit to Jason. I hate it when people go adopt a horse from the BLM and then just become irresponsible about it and pawn it off on someone else."

Nice ain't it

First, what the FOB's are doing is called SPAM and it's ILLEGAL. But the FOB's are on a high pedestal (in their own minds) so it makes it ok......

Yes, this lady has been warned that she is being discussed on an internet forum and these good people have decided to play judge and jury......this kind of stuff makes me want to poke my eyes out.

On a happier note, I did join ICERS forum. They are anti slaughter but have a pretty good grip on reality. I wasn't met with "open" arms......but aside from a few FOB's melting down and coming over to try to run me off they have been very accepting of allowing me my opinions even though they know where I stand on the slaughter issue.

There are so many more woes in the horse world right now that have nothing to do with slaughter. They deal primarily in calling out the bad rescues that are scamming people out of money and warning others.

Oh, and check this out.....a while back the Board Nazi, Alex banned everyone that actively posted in ICERS. Imagine that...LOL. The little man just can't seem to handle reality :) He even banned people that are very active in helping in the rescue community (legitimate rescues that is.....). Ah, what an ego this man has......

Until next time!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amusing Letter About a Huge Problem

Someone sent me the following in an email....LOL.

Dear Anita Getaclue,

Thank you for your fervent support of the recent laws that were passed in Illinois and the taco state that effectively ended the closely regulated slaughter of horses in the United States. Thank you for pushing the practice past our borders and out of control of the USDA's standards for humane treatment of food animals. We also appreciate your lobbying to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act currently in Congress, which will end the transport of unwanted horses to foreign slaughterhouses and keep each and every one of them within the borders of our beautiful nation-alive and well!

You'll be pleased to learn that the "alive and well" part is where you come in! A new organization has been created through the cooperative effort of the numerous horse industry organizations and the USDA, called "Save Horses In Trouble-Help End Abandonment & Death," or SH!THEAD for short. In accordance with the guidelines of this new program, and to alleviate the pressure on existing rescue facilities to take in the thousands of unwanted horses, we have decided to place one unwanted horse under the personal care of each and every person that supported banning horse slaughter in the United States.

As you may know, since the slaughter facilities have closed, not only have rescue facilities and shelters been inundated to the point that they have to close their doors to new arrivals, but many horses have also been neglected, starved to death, or abandoned because of the record high hay prices. Therefore, your participation in this program is mandatory.

We understand that it is your feeling that horses are pets, not livestock, and since most people in the United States do not choose to eat them, therefore no one should, and all horses should live out their lives in an idyllic pastoral setting. We also understand that while your relatively large 40' X 40' suburban backyard isn't exactly Yellowstone, it will just have to do. We are certain you will make the necessary adjustments.

Your unwanted horse is of unknown origin, but is roughly 6 years old (although we can't get close enough to him to tell for sure), weighs approximately 1500 pounds and has a mean streak a mile wide, and has been known to randomly bite, strike, or kick, especially at small children, elderly people, and house pets. We have decided to call him "Satan."

While Satan is capable of physical aggression, unfortunately he is not able to be ridden because of his crooked front legs. He is capable, however, of reproducing, as he is a stallion. This is of special import to you, as your neighbors and fellow members of the "Horses Are Humans With Hooves" group will also be provided with horses through our program, some of which might be mares.

For your information, the $20 you donate annually to the Humane Society of the United States can instead buy you approximately two bales of high-quality hay at the current market rate. Assuming that the bales weigh 100 pounds, and you feed 20 pounds to said beast per day, this will be enough to feed him for ten days. You will be happy to know that the lifespan of a horse averages about 25 years, and therefore Satan can bring you approximately 9,125 days of enjoyment. That is, of course, only if you provide him with the best care possible, which we are absolutely certain that you will. To ensure that Satan is receiving proper care, an inspector will visit your home on a weekly basis.

At your request, we can provide you with contact information for veterinarians, farriers, trainers, equine dental practitioners, whisperers, and tranquilizer gun dealers in your area, as well as the necessary contacts you will need for euthanasia and disposal of Satan's earthly vessel when he crosses over. We foresee that Satan's death will be especially traumatic for you, being the enlightened individual that you are, and counselors are already available at 1-900-NO-SENSE. ($3.99 for the first minute, $1.99 for each additional minute).

Unfortunately, there is no government financial assistance for care and maintenance costs of SH!THEAD horses, as all of the funds allocated for such things are dedicated to the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse program.


Gene E. Us

Program Director

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Big flames......CBER meltdown. It's all over the net. I'll let you read all the links, they pretty much say it all, can't think of to much to add besides this doesn't surprise me or a LOT of people.

FHOTD went to the shredder with them (April 7th and 8th)......I certainly don't agree with a lot of her opinions but I'll have to admit I do get a sick twisted kick out of it when she's right because of the level she takes it to.

ICERS is a board I've been watching for quite some time. These people (with the exception of a couple) really DO "Get it". I've toyed with the idea of joining there, even though our views on the actual slaughter issue is different I can't find to much else to bitch about with their practices. I know I wouldn't have to fear the censorship I received from ABR. More power to them for standing up for their opinions.

ABR....No surprise here.....Alex still has his head in the sand. This is what Alex had to say, the board Nazi will probably end up doing his usual banning/deleting/censorship process so you better read quick.....LOL.

21893.16 in reply to 21893.14
stephanie, i may be in a minority here, but i do not believe the horses went to slaughter. if it is true it would be sad on many levels, but personally i do not believe it to be so. cheers, alex

Alex Alex Alex, do you NOT realize if there is even a hint of truth to this how much money, thousands upon thousands of dollars, have been funneled through your board in the name of Barbaro? Oh please don't forget that chapter in your book! LMAO. I mean really......if it had been like the Fair Dinkum deal, well I'll admit, that snuck up on a lot of people......but people have been screaming for years giving warnings about CBER, yet he is always there sticking up for them.

If I was him I would be so ashamed I'd have to threaten to shut the board down yet once again so the groupies will come out and pump my ego back up :)

Ooooooops, I was right!
21893.20 in reply to 21893.18
i don't disagree, but i am not sure calling me out on my choice of words is necessary. it would likely be the end of this board and devastating to me personally, but not as bad as it would be for the horses slaughtered. i just don't think that because of what has been posted it makes it true. cheers, alex

Devastating to you personally because you would be "sad" for the horses? Devastating to you personally because you helped rob people of thousands of dollars? Or devastating to you personally because book sales just went down?

Clueless Alex really SHOULD have some notiriety for his fantastic awesome skills! I mean who else could think of a diversionary tactic like that! Take the heat off himself for being in bed with CBER for so long by his yet again "I'm gonna shut the board down!" threat. Is it true that little men need big egos to compensate for their well.....never mind :)

Really, I wonder where HIS accountability lies. This whole idea of funneling money on a public Internet forum thing really creeps me out anyway......But then again that whole board creeps me out.....LOL!

OMG my head is spinning from all the excitement today. I think I'll top the night off with a nice cup of coffee with a Kahlua kicker and head to bed :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Long Time No Chat

Sorry for the disappearing act.....I really didn't mean to take this long of a break. The days turned into weeks......

Looks like it's pretty much the same old shit, different day out there. All of the articles and news peaces on starving and abandoned horses are pretty depressing. Hay and grain prices suck. Fuel prices blow.

I wasn't shocked today when I logged onto ABR and found another rescue has went down and taken the FOB's money with them. When will they ever learn. And how about their fearless leader Alex? FOB's are screaming for accountability and their he sits, quiet as a church mouse. The silence is louder than anything he could say at this point.

I also noticed another one of his favorite rescues he stands ferociously behind, CBER, has had another round of difficulties and no accountability. When questions were brought up, the Board Nazi quickly closed the thread.

I noticed that someone mentioned Mustang Hearts in the comments section. I actually did a blog on them a while back. Not much has changed, their still begging for every flake of hay on ABR. Now she's loosing her place, won't answer any questions but expects people to donate. Oh, and I also learned she can tame wild horses in a week .....what will be next, she's already a psychic too....

I'll never understand why the Board Nazi allows this kind of stuff.....I guess it goes to prove some people don't care what kind of light is shed on long as there IS light on them.

Oh and LOL.....this thread about Barbaro is just entertaining....are these people 13 years old?

Friday, January 25, 2008

You Guys Are Killing Me!!!!

And no, I don't mean in the terrorist way that the FOB's would like to kill someone if you thought a horse was not a pet.....

I mean the information and down right funnies you guys are sending!

Today this blog is your one stop shop for FOB entertainment Photobucket

Let's start with a few articles.......A funny from Deadspin. And Barbaro is a Cheeto????

And this little blurb from the Church of Barbaro has me ROTFLMBFAO (the whole article is actually a good read :)

Alex Brown, wearing a yellow Fair Hill sweatshirt with holes in it, sits in front of his Toshiba laptop computer. He was drawn into this by happenstance, really. Painfully thin, he's a little too tall to be a jockey. There are scraps of paper and empty coffee cups and dead-soldier wine bottles and books and food wrappers piled high around him.

He lives here, set back from a quiet street, his house decorated in late bachelor, mostly with chess sets and photos of Barbaro.

Without Barbaro to rally around, the FOBs helped other horses, saving almost 600 so far, like this one named Mattie.

In the virtual world where he spends five hours a day, he's God. He created this universe. He banishes the disruptive. He offers redemption to the recalcitrant. He's learned he cannot get involved in arguments because his opinion is law. When he does speak, his words manifest themselves in the actions of a fan base desperate for direction. If he mentions a charity, it is supported. If he disses a charity, it is ignored. If he likes a book, it is bought.

One of my new favorite blogs.....Left At The Gate......and his blog about a recent sculpture that is getting ready to be released. If your into TB racing you should really keep this blog marked.

With the upcoming anniversary of Barbaro's death on Jan. 29th I suggest you have your generators should see the lights of the big cities going dim when all the FOB's hit a candle site to light candles in memory of their baby boy.

A reader made me these pictures that is so very fitting for the upcoming event....enjoy because I sure did!!!!


And a little added bonus :)


Be sure and read the comments on this article.....the Canadians just love Bo Derek...

Ok, enough rambling.....I really need to conserve my energy for the 29th, I'm sure it's going to prove to be an amusing day!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

I wonder if the Jacksons would have this much trouble if they lost a HUMAN. I bet if it was a relative they would have been shoved in the first hole that was dug. Yes, play it for all you can get out of it. 100 posts from people who think they know where Barbaro should be buried and the posts begging for hay that are all over the place barely have a reply.

I thought this article was interesting. Pretty much dispels the theory that people from other countries don't have a clue what's going on. But people like me already knew that ;) I have also been reading where the radical zealots have been writing the author to tell them how wrong they are....idiots....

Martha Stewart....well I can't stand the lady to begin with but this just adds to it. She had Equine Advocates on her show (youtube video of the show), I didn't have much of a problem with that, they were pretty good about representing the facts, only a couple of slants thrown in. What does upset me, and she should be publicly flogged for it, is putting her audience on the spot. Equine Advocates had a petition to sign and Martha told everyone in her audience to sign it. Sorry, but there was not nearly enough information thrown out there for the audience to make an educated decision. Of course the FOB's couldn't believe there were no gasps or sighs from the audience when horse slaughter was mentioned!

I also loved how Martha showed off her barn manager. I bet she does a lot of hands on with those horses...NOT! Of course Martha has a blog but you won't see any pro slaughter comments being posted on it..sure you can waste your time trying to let her know that what she did by coercing her audience was unmoral at the least, but the blog police will only allow complete zealot responses ;)

Well I've been gone for a few days due to feeling crappy and being I'm sure I'll have more random thought shortly when I can catch my breath!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Friends Are Twisted :)

But I still love them dearly....LOL!

So yesterday I'm minding my own business when a package arrived at my door. A brand new Double Decker hauler personally customized just for me!

What really makes it so freakin hilarious is this came from a couple of my friends that work very hard in the rescue industry and are on the anti slaughter side of things. No, not radical whack job wackaloons, just nice (twisted, warped :) people doing their part.

Anyway, I just have to bright new shiny DD!


And the customized to my taste license plate and mud flaps are da bomb :)


Sign down the side of the trailer....


The drivers door.....LOVE IT!!!!


I just had to return the favor of my warped gift with a warped least it answers the question "How many Breyers will fit in a DD" :)


I love you guy's and thanks for making my day!

Barbaro's Dead?????

Yep, he sure is.....and the bottom line is if his owners weren't in a business that kills horses every single day he would probably still be alive and frolicking right at this moment.

Am I anti racing? Hell no...just like I am not anti rodeo or anti eventing or anti anything else that might take an animals life from time to time.

How did Barbaro become the anti slaughter poster child anyway? The TB industry, although they profess to be anti slaughter, send TB to the slaughter house every day. More horses die in TB racing than any other equine sport.

Barbaro and the Jackson's....hummm....ok, so Barbaro's owners are anti slaughter, or are they? I seriously have to wonder. I mean it was no secret in the beginning that their main intention after Barbaro's break down was to get him breeding sound so they could MAKE MORE MONEY. My gut feeling is the Jackson's picked up on Barbaro becoming an anti slaughter poster child and played that route to stay in the lime light because of the attention their horse was receiving.

Of course any respect I might have had for the Jackson's went out the door when the FOB's were allowed to act like PETA. Any respectable person would not allow what is going on on the ABR forum. If you worshiped a false idol (Barbaro) and talked of God while in the same sentence threatening people and judging them for their different views, I would know you were a lunatic and NOT want to be associated with it. So that alone tells me the Jackson's have a few screws loose too.

AGAIN, the Jackson's only intent was to get Barbaro BREEDING SOUND to MAKE MONEY. No the early news clips and read the articles. It was stated many many wasn't until later on they jumped on the radical bandwagon...

Just a little something to think about.....And of course, as always, this is my OPINION!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Save The Horses! Kill The Babies!

Ok, yesterday I spent some time on the computer but didn't blog because I can't seem to shake this damn bug I have.

Anyway I spent some time reading the hate campaigns being unleashed by the radical anti because of the Huckabee horse meant connection.

You know what I found amazing? The majority of the anti slaughter crowd seem to be Democrats. Now I'm NOT going to get into party bashing....I believe you vote for the candidate that best suits your wants, needs and views. I'm a die hard Republican but I do not hate Democrats or think that they are not entitled to their views....I'm really not sure that I "hate" anyone.....

Why do I find it amazing that Democrats seem to be in the majority against horse slaughter? Because I feel VERY strongly about essence the radical anti slaughter group is saying "Save the horses, kill the babies". Now if that's not hypocritical then I don't know what is.

Why is an animals life, any animal, more important than a human life? I can't wrap my brain around this one......

Today's call/fax list:

Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid ph: 202-224-2158 fax: 202-224-7327
Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell ph: 202-224-3135 fax: 202-226-1374
Senate President Pro Tempore: Robert S. Byrd ph: 202-224-3954 fax: 202-228-0002
Assistant Majority Leader: Dick Durbin ph: 202-224-9447 fax: 202-228-0400
Assistant Minority Leader: Jon Kyl ph: 202-224-2708 fax: 202-228-0034

Pick up the phone and tell them you are an American horse owner and to please NOT support S.311! American horse owners do not want horses standing in fields starving!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Here We Go Again.....

Why is the radical anti slaughter crowd so scared of how American horse owners really feel? What else could be the explanation for them cheating on so many polls?

Let's start with this one from MSNBC a few months back and re live some of the radical ranting of my favorite group of people.....the FOB's. Of course my comments are in green:

Do you remember what the poll results are right now? Also, the comments are running very heavily IN FAVOR of horse slaughter!! We need a massive number of anti-slaughter comments. (I'm so sorry that other people are allowed to have an opinion besides the zealots....)

poll #'s need to come up on this poll!!!! Keep voting!!! Keep commenting!!! (Do not eat, do not sleep, just keep swaying that poll!)

I will vote again and often!

When I voted I was very surprised to see that only 64 % agreed that horse slaughter should end, and they put that option at the top so it should have been higher.
We need to get this over 80% as usual. The readers of this web site may be slanted to the pro slaughter side so we need to balance that.
(How is cheating by voting multiple times adding balance?)

The Pro-Slaughter Morons Are Posting Comments Again!!
We can post multiple comments about this article so we need to get busy!! Try to mention the bill #'s for calling D.C. in your comments!! : )

I did vote Mulitple times.... (Of course you did! You're an FOB!)

Please be careful posting.
Seems bighorse farm
(Thats Me :) has been slamming the FOB's on the msnbc comments section to this article.
Has copied and pasted posts about voting more than once.
(Oh no! Exposed for the whack jobs you really are?)
Last thing we need is to be thought of as radical, desperate underhanded people as this person is protraying us to be.
Scarey that pro slaughter has decided to attack us now.
(Um....LOL? You can attack but can't be attacked in return?)

I've been voting!

And here is an exchange on the ABF board where the FOB's tell you how to vote often....

I voted earlier...can we vote more than once?

yes you can! as long as you go out of the msnbc site completely then back in... if you only click the same link to it, it remembers your IP address... if that happens? Clear your temp files and cookies... that should do the trick!!!

Don't forget if you on dial up all you have to do is clear your cashe and cookies and you can vote as many times as you want!!! No tracing IP's!!!

Now let's fast forward to the present.......If I broke down all the polls they have cheated on today's blog would never end.....

A poll done by Washington Watch. This is concerning Bill S.311 and HR 503:

Can we vote twice?????????????

I just voted again--Yeah!!

I just voted. Going to try again later. (Of course you will!)

The vote is on the same page as the comments but I think people were missing it so I thought it should be pointed out when I saw we were losing! I think we should be ahead in no time now:) (OMG, you were loosing? Thank God you started cheating!)

I knew those numbers would change as soon as the FOB's knew to vote! (Of course they would with the vote often method!)

Let's just keep it at one vote per person the voter police is watching and then she blabs it all over the internet to tell everyone the only reason antislaughter is ahead on votes is because we cheat. (Yes, let's put up a good front on the internet, just trying to keep you honest! And do you really think the numbers would be the same if you didn't cheat?)

I'm not too concerned about the pro HS comments, long as the NUMBERS are in our favor. (Yes, cheating is the MOST important thing!!!)

Hay - it let me vote AGAIN! (Why would an honest person, who had no intentions of cheating even try to vote more than once? ;)

The ADMIN of Wahington Watch is arguing that cheating isn't possible because it keeps track of your IP. Good in theory, sucks in reality. A short course in FOB poll cheating 101 will clear that up real fast. Also anyone with any computer knowledge at all knows there are a million loop holes.

It really is a shame that there can't be an honest poll out there and let people who actually own horses voice their opinions and have a fair playing field.....But as long as these radical wackaloons are out there that will unfortunately never happen.

And no, you won't see a cheating campaign for the PRO side being formed by me....that's something the anti side cannot seem to get through their head, the majority of us pro people are not radical and feel the need to spend hundreds of hours on the net "educating" people by lying and cheating.....

Todays call/fax list:

Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid ph: 202-224-3542 fax: 202-224-7327
Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell ph: 202-224-2541 fax: 202-224-2499
Senate President Pro Tempore: Robert S. Byrd ph: 202-224-3954 fax: 202-228-0002
Assistant Majority Leader: Dick Durbin ph: 202-224-2152 fax: 202-228-0400
Assistant Minority Leader: Jon Kyl ph: 202-224-4521 fax: 202-224-2207

Pick up the phone and tell them you are an American horse owner and to please NOT support S.311! American horse owners do not want horses standing in fields starving!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Puppies & Kittens.....Oh My!!!

Of course I've got a lot of those one liner emails "I suppose you'd eat dogs and cats too!" Naturally I smirk when I get these and it's really not worth the time addressing it, but what the heck :)

First off, dogs and cat's really ARE pet's. They are not livestock, never have been, never will be. I am not confusing a 1200 pound horse (Livestock!) with a 20 pound lap dog (Pet!).....

Second, dogs and cat's have never been food in America. Yes, the horses carried us into battle, plowed our fields and took Granny to the doctor.....but when those horses were injured or became unusable, guess what? Most became food......Like I've said before, you won't see that on "Little House On The Prairie" but it happened. A brief Internet search through history can confirm that for you.....

I do find it a shame that millions of dogs and cats are euthanized every year due to lack of owner responsibility and just dumped into landfills or cremated....Yes, I do wish we could come up with some kind of use for all of this unnecessary death.

No, I'm not suggesting a new addition to the menu.....that would be more than even I could stomach.....but isn't it a much sadder world that this is going on without much relief in sight while something that is considered livestock is taking such a beating???

Another interesting fact for slaughter for human consumption in the USA is illegal....we all know it has to be shipped overseas....but consumption of horse meat in the USA is NOT illegal. Horse meat dishes can still be found here in the USA in a few of the elite restaurants. Thus even further blasting out the "Americans don't eat horse" BS.

No, I'm not going to name the places where you can go enjoy a nice horse steak....they aren't places that the average middle income family will ever walk into anyway.....and I'm certainly not going to cause more grief.

The Internet is also a wonderful thing. If you get the hankering for a nice sweet horse steak then with the click of a few buttons and a credit card you can have it shipped right to your door. So anyone on the fence, I suggest you try it before you knock it. With the ever increase of our beef, I find it a shame it's not readily available for everyone to enjoy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Chuckle :)

Remember the picture a couple of days ago with the lady feeding carrots out of her mouth to a horse? Well it seems that she isn't happy about I give a shit! If you don't want pictures floating around on the net then quit posting dumb ass shit!

Of course she didn't have the balls to comment to the blog.....instead she posts on a public forum, but for your entertainment here is what she had to say:


Of course anytime I run across something like this it only proves my point on the radical nature of these so called horse loving individuals. It also makes me ROTFLMAO when someone who obviously has worse grammar than me telling me I need to take classes.....LOL....If I'm going to say something so dumb ass I would at least have enough sense to use a spell check button and use proper English myself ;)

It would take you about 2 seconds on ABF reading the posts by this whack job (baldface) to realize she really needs to put the bottle down! LOL! And the funniest thing of all is there is only about 2-3 people on the whole ABF board that think she's normal. The rest of the antis even have enough sense to see a whack job when it hits them in the face so hard.

So thank you Kathleen/baldface for giving me a Saturday morning chuckle :)

Judging by the way you had hold of that carrot I'd be assured that if your "rescue" ever goes under you will have some job security ;)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Huckabee 2008

Ok, I am a die hard Republican. I know that's not a real popular thing right now and good old George has managed to even piss me off. But overall, the Republican party supports my belifs.

I'd also vote for a good indipendant....if we could find one...

I was leaning towards Hickabee, he's just to damn nice and down home for me to look around to much.

Sooooooooooooo........imagine my suprise when I can across this......

Mike Huckabee said one of his favorite foods is a Dutch dish, made from horse meat. "Tastes like chicken!"

He's gettin' my vote :)

A little early, but tomorrow call/fax list:

Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid ph: 202-224-3542 fax: 202-224-7327
Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell ph: 202-224-2541 fax: 202-224-2499
Senate President Pro Tempore Robert S. Byrd ph: 202 224-3954 fax: 202-228-0002
Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin ph: 202-224-2152 fax: 202-228-0400
Assistant Minority Leader Jon Kyl Ph: 224-4521 Fax: 202-224-2207

Pick up the phone and tell them you are an American horse owner and to please NOT support S.311! American horse owners do not want horses standing in fields starving to death!


Someone sent me this picture. Of course this picture is from someone who calls herself a "rescue". Now who in their right mind would treat a horse from their mouth? Way to teach him to bite someones face off......geesh....Maybe he'll be adopted out by a little kid and the new owners can start out with medical bills for plastic surgery instead of vet bills....again, who in their right mind???

Well, that's about all I have to bitch about today. I've had the flu for 6 days I'm off to take care of my own and then I think the couch and I will do some quality bonding today.

Today's call fax list:

Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid ph: 202-2224-3542 fax: 202-224-7327
Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell ph: 202-224-2541 fax: 202-224-2499
Senate President Pro Tempore Robert S. Byrd ph: 202 224-3954 fax: 202-228-0002
Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin ph: 202-224-2152 fax: 202-228-0400
Assistant Minority Leader Jon Kyl Ph: 224-4521 Fax: 202-224-2207

All you have to do is tell them you are an American horse owner and to please NOT support S.311! American horse owners do not want horses standing in fields starving to death!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How To Get Active?


Since the USA Horse Slaughter plants have closed, transport to Mexico for slaughter has increased 400%. Plants used to be scattered all over the USA, but due to anti slaughter advocates getting our plants shut down, now horses are traveling long distances in often horrible conditions to meet the same end.

Bills have been proposed to shut down the Mexican and Canada borders to make it illegal to ship US horses to slaughter. Ok, then what? The thinking is that horse owners will automatically become "responsible". As another blogger wrote:

According to one study the main reasons for horse neglect and abuse is owner ignorance - the second is financial hardship. How does banning slaughter address either situation?

Hard fact....most reputable rescues are already up to their armpits in horses and have "No Room At The Inn" signs up. What happens to horses when financial hardship happens and all other outlets are full? I just ask you to think about that rationally for a second....

Not only that the wording on these bill are a little scary. Here is what the AAEP has to say about these bills.

Tired of sitting back watching what's happening to our horses? Tired of only one side being heard? What can you do?

Well the anti slaughter crowd calls, email and faxes congressmen and senators on almost a daily basis. It's hard to bitch if you're just sitting back watching it all happen. Just picking up the phone once a day can make a world of difference.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Think Globally, Act Locally.....

Someone sent me an email with these words in it "Think Globally, Act Locally". This person "gets it". Even though they don't necessarily agree with some of my views, we definitely have an understanding on this.

If you act locally, worry about what is in your own back yard, do what you can do and move on, it would have a global effect.

Critters have been on this planet for thousands of years. Most managed quite well without us. Some were used for work, most were used as food, very few were used for companionship. Do people not realize all these changes have came about in basically the last 100 years? Really, what makes it ok to eat a cow, chicken, hog or even a fish any different than a horse?

Anyone who has ever actually WATCHED the slaughter process of ANY animal can figure out in about 5 seconds that they all show terror for those few seconds before the axe comes. We used to raise Ostriches.....I can tell you right now that is NOT one happy bird when they get on the trailer to be slaughtered. I had 6 in the trailer once and I looked like a drunk driver going down the road with all the fishtailing from the "unhappy" birds.

We used to have HORSEMAN in this we have a bunch of horse owners. Especially since any idiot can own a horse now for $20, or less. We have "rescues" popping up over night, people begging for money to care for these horse and rescue more. Where does it end? The good rescues are packed full and the shit hole rescues that might as well be hoarders are going to all need saving soon.

You can scream owner responsibility all you want, but the cold hard facts are it ain't gonna happen any time soon. If it was happening then we wouldn't have to put to sleep 192,308 dog/cats per week or 27,473 every day......or 1 every 4 seconds......

I don't understand why a lot of these PETA type people, who think they are doing so much good, do not realize how badly they are hurting the horses they say they love so much.

Some people want to blame everything on the economy...well I'm not buying into that either. I remember the summer that I was 11 years old. I worked all summer to buy a filly I had fallen head over heels for. 4 year old, green broke, papers, but nothing really special. She was $900.

When I was 11 Carter was in office. Am I the only one even at the ripe old age of 11 that remembers how our economy was then? Mortgage rates at an all time high. The job market sucked. But this filly was still $900 bucks. Now I could buy 9 just like her with that $900.

People can sit at a desk and write "white paper" articles and stuff all day long. Heck I could do that myself. Does that make everything true, or anything for that matter? I hardly think so.

We are at a FIRST time right now where the USA hasn't seen horse slaughter. There's not a soul out there who can say what is to come and what will happen. All I know is that the plants are closed, abuse and neglect seem to be on every corner and getting worse, and horses are a dollar a dozen. And I don't think it has a thing (for the most part) to do with the economy.

I'm not a horse hater, I'm a realist. And it makes me mad to see an industry that I was once proud of being a part of crumble to the ground. If horses had to be treated like the livestock that they are to keep a descent price on a horses head, then so be it.

If people would tend to their own back yards and stay out of other peoples it would make a world of difference that I think we could all live with.