Sunday, December 30, 2007


I tend to lump people together, when in reality that is not the way I feel. I know when I get to talking about certain groups of people that there actually are SOME people in these groups that are doing good. They are sane reasonable people.

It's the fact that the "sane" ones get lost in the mix with all the radical zealots. When I type all I can see in my head is the "BUC said a horse could carry 1200# of weight" type of people.

I've gotten a few nice emails telling me my slaughter views suck but thanks for pointing out the zealots.

No one should be ran away from a cause they believe in or feel embarrassed to be a part of something they feel strong about. Well that is exactly what is happening.

As long as their are radical zealots I will have material for this blog....and I apologize to the ones THAT ARE doing good that get lumped in with the wackaloons.

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Anonymous said...

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