Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take Two


I think it's time for me to take a new turn (mixed with some of the old) with this blog. I've had the hardest time the time I read all of the shit on ABR my brain is just so jumbled with the fucktards and their leader that I don't even know where to begin or what to say. So I'm going to try this bit and blog for me for a while and throw in bits and pieces of craziness with each post.

I guess I'll start that with the next blog I'm going to play a bit of catch up :)

First, let's relive Mustang Hearts for a minute. If you're not familiar with this so called rescue and the nut bag who runs it start here and then a little more catch up reading for you. This woman is scary off her rocker!

Pretty much everything people feared (well the ones who didn't wear those funny colored glasses) came true a few months ago...Her latest savior had to quit funding her hoarding habits and Debbie life took another crazy twisted turn. Mustang Hearts is no longer....that's the good news!

Now the bad news....A handful of the horses went to smaller rescues but she sent 30+ to a place called Orphan Acres that already had 60-70 horses. Not only did she send the horses there but he also took in her lazy filthy ass to "help out". Naturally that didn't last more than a few weeks. Tempers flared, fists flew and Debbie was once again out on her ass.

But for some reason, NOW that OA won't have anything to do with the nutbag they are the root of all evil and she's going balls to the wall trying to get him shut down. She claims horses are dying and starving to death.

Now before I go any further I'll give my opinion on OA. From the web site it looks like a shit hole. I would never send a horse there for any reason. But for Debbie it was the answer to all of her prayers...another place for her and her horses to live for free while it lasted. All I am thankful for is that she signed all of the horses over to him so when she went out on her ass the horses didn't go with. While the place is as big of a shit hole as Debbie's places always became, at least OA has been in one spot for 30+ years and not totally reliant on the dime of others and constantly shuffling from place to place.

I don't think OA has any business trying to manage the amount of horses that they do but this was Debbie's choice. She declined all sorts of offers from other smaller rescues to get these horses where they are now and then bitches and cries about the neglect and abuse they are alledgelly enduring.

Debbie has it in her mind that this is not her fault, she is once again a victim. I just have one thing to say to her...

Hey Debbie you fucking crazy ass nutbag loser-YOU put the horses there. No one but YOU! If horses are dying and starving to death it is YOUR fault. No one else's! See what happens when you cry wolf one to many times, no one except for a handful of other nutbags believe your shit! YOU are the cause of ALL of this drama! Sleep on that for a while!


It seems like the handful of rescues that are left on ABR are all at each others throats. Competition for the few dollars that remain there is my guess. The Board Nazi doesn't even show up much these days unless it's to promote his latest blog entry or to ban someone.

I had to laugh...the other day one rescue was going after another. The rescue throwing the venom was also posting on ICERS and had posted they and Alex were emailing and they were getting banned. So yeah, t happened...the rescue gets banned. Some people weren't happy and made it known. Alex pops back on and posts "XXXX was banned by mistake" and walla, they are back on. Way not to put any blame on yourself Alex! After all it wasn't YOU who made the mistake, huh? LMAO. Little man, big ego is perfect and cannot personally take the blame for mistakes I suppose......


This morning with my first cup of coffee I read where a horse has been down for hours and it wasn't the first time. The horse is 30ish years old. Of course everyone is wishing the horse well and a few posts down I read "I know that feeling I had it for two yrs with my first horse that lived to be 38. For two yrs we would lift him to his feet because his back legs were not stong enough to push himself up".......that's some real quality life there losers! I am so glad I'm not a rescue so I can make horses endure more pain and suffering at the hand of so called saviors than they ever could at a slaughter plant! Most of these people have no business owning a frog, let alone a horse....