Monday, December 31, 2007


I find it incredibly amusing that the FOB's seem to think I made this whole 11 horse deal up. It just goes to show the wackaloon mentality that I am pointing out about these radical groups.

All I can say is if you show up with a trailer and $1650 bucks you will be taking 11 horses home with you.....

I've had horses since the day I was born, I know half the horse people in Illinois from one end to the other......I don't make shit up, I like my friends, I like making new friends.

I've had a couple of people send me nice emails about the horses, one gal I even picked up to phone and chatted with. Not one of the wack job's spouting on ABF has even sent me an email, only spread their radical maliciousness across their forum.

Just a weeeeeeeeeeeeee little hint for you guys...the FOB's are not the only ones that read this blog. These horses are available to anyone or any group that wants them....well within reasons......LOL.....I even have some standards :)

BTW I would really LOVE to move on and point out other groups, thoughts and ideas, but the FOB's are just giving me to damn much material right now Photobucket

The Ugly Truck Is Coming! The Ugly Truck Is Coming!

Due to the threats and harassment by radical zealots who call themselves "rescue groups" these horses are no longer available.

I tried to do something half way descent but was only met with threats and criticism. Thank you for the 3 am "Horse Killer" calls and the email threats. I'm just not going to deal with this. The last straw was that "Animal Planet" garbage on ABF.

Thanks to the rational people here that truly wanted to help, but the wackaloons came out in bigger forces. It's just not worth it. I was volunteering my time, along with a couple of other girls. I don't care how mad anyone gets at me but I am not going to put others in jeapordy......

Sunday, December 30, 2007


I tend to lump people together, when in reality that is not the way I feel. I know when I get to talking about certain groups of people that there actually are SOME people in these groups that are doing good. They are sane reasonable people.

It's the fact that the "sane" ones get lost in the mix with all the radical zealots. When I type all I can see in my head is the "BUC said a horse could carry 1200# of weight" type of people.

I've gotten a few nice emails telling me my slaughter views suck but thanks for pointing out the zealots.

No one should be ran away from a cause they believe in or feel embarrassed to be a part of something they feel strong about. Well that is exactly what is happening.

As long as their are radical zealots I will have material for this blog....and I apologize to the ones THAT ARE doing good that get lumped in with the wackaloons.

Sunday Morning Funny

And the FOB's wonder why I call them wackaloons....well today I am going to call them idiots and give the beautiful Loon the day off ;)

Why are they idiots? (I wish I knew...LOL) Well because obviously it's ok to hoard horses, put them in shit hole facilities, not be able to afford horses unless you beg for money on the Internet, not give horses adequate vet and farrier care.....but if you are over 120lbs. and actually ride your horses, they consider THAT abuse? LMAO

I wonder how the lard asses on ABF that post pictures of themselves on horses that look like their half dead feel about these comments? Because they certainly don't bother me! All I am going to do is point out how totally frickin stupid you guys will not find me on the floor in a fetal position crying my eyes out anytime in the near future. Only sitting here LMBFAO!!!!!

Based on the header picture they have decided I am a big fat cow and it's abuse to be on my poor horses back. I know FOB's aren't used to seeing a healthy horse but come on now....LOL.....Would it make you feel better if I only hoarded horses and didn't ride? Or is it my adequate fencing, lack of hillbilly junk shit in my yard, the fact that all my animals are well taken care of and healthy and you can't find anything else to pick on?

Oh speeling! I no can speel or put sentnce gether....weeeell me think then you cant findz nuttin beter to beotch about. If I ilitrate but hord horze in name of no slauter then it ok, I throw $10 your'z way, it be fine.....LOL...this isn't an English lesson moron, it's a BLOG :)

And again, you guys are showing your complete lack of horse knowledge, that's the scariest part! So please keep on ranting about fat asses on horses. What you don't realise is your only confirming everything I have said! The FOB's don't know a horses head from their ass! Just so you know.....the peppermints go in on the end with the nose.....

BTW my "pony" is a Morgan. I kinda like him. I call him my pony. He's not a mini dumb ass :) Here is what a healthy, well taken care of horse looks like, I know FOB's don't get to see them very often, so please let me share!

Spring 2007

BoBo in his "My Pretty Pony" get up.

Fall 2006

See that construction in the back? Guess what that is??? It's a barn (now finished) we paid for and built all by ourselves without begging for money from anyone!

Hey wait a minute, someone is getting screwed here and I think it's me! LOLOLOL! I mean all my animals are technically rescues....I think I should start a rescue and everyone can pay to feed and take care of MY animals! Think of all the extra beer money I could have! I might be able to make myself enough money to buy me one of those fine looking crack shacks and fence clear up to my porch!

This is what a horse and a pony look like. Now they should easily be able to identify the difference....LOL
Let me leave you with a little you never thought that the radical whack job's could get an education here! A healthy horse can carry 20-30% of it's body weight. I'll have to eat a few more HossBurgers before my 1200 pound pony has to do any huffing and puffing :)

And yes, thankyouverymuch, I do have spare time on my hands to be able to blog because I don't have more critters than I can afford to handle and properly take care of :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

And Another Dandy......

It isn't surprising that this, I mean "rescue"....cough, cough.....would have a link to the Animal Angels site on her web site links page.......Loon's of a feather flock together....

I normally hate to post great big pictures but to fully appreciate the mess these horses are living in I have to. Horses are separated by 1 saggy strand of wire or if she couldn't get her hands on that there is always bailing twine tied end to end.....


I put in nice big gaudy red arrows to help you identify fencing. It's so damn hard to see!


Way to keep them off the front porch!


That's a really nice corral there! Glad Hillbilly Bob is out having his morning least someone is there to watch if the horse gets tangled up in all that junk laying around!


And what well respectable rescue wouldn't let a horse inside their house to stay warm? It's ok if he shits on the floor, there is so much junk in there you wouldn't notice it for a few months anyway....No halter or lead? Nawww...just open the door and let them roam in...


At least their well fed.....I mean she isn't buying hay, her supporters are, why shouldn't she spread it out in her stalls? Let them lay, pee and shit on isn't her money!


Another nice piece of homemade twine fence and a nice pile of hay to crap in...Notice the pretty green cattle panels? She didn't buy those either....some other city slickers who don't know jack about horses bought them after she said she needed them......They could have bought enough 5 strand electric fence to make the place safe with the bucks they shelled out for these. $80 panels and a bailing twine gate......priceless.....


Still wondering what I am bitching about? Well she loves to post her stories on the Internet along with these fascinating pictures. What I have learned from her postings??????

She bought a bunch of horses at an auction, wrote a bad check, then went on the Internet and begged for the money to cover the check. That's responsible! NOT!

She now has 45+ head of horses living in the crap hole fencing conditions.

Her land and house are real biggie but the owners are talking about selling and all she can talk about is saving more horses?!?!?!?!? When she gets kicked out on her ass then what?

She says she's "disabled" and cannot work but she can care for 45+ head of horses?

Most of these horses she says are "un adoptable" because of one reason or another. One of the reasons are a lot of them cannot even be handled. Nice, with this many horses they never will get handled either!

She's posted numerous times of horses getting loose or getting injured on her fencing....well no shit dumb ass! Have you seen your fence?????? We all have! Didn't ya just post you had 2 out again last night?!? LOL

In a year she has only adopted out 2 horses....and that has only been after several people have accused her of being a hoarder by her Internet postings. Note that their are NO horses for adoption on her web site....

Several people are trying to get her to see the light...DONT TAKE ON MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE!!! But everything goes over her head. All she can say is "would you rather them go to slaughter?" My answer is YES! Please dear God before one of them gets out and runs out in front of a car!!! That might actually kill a HUMAN! They would have died less painful at slaughter than they will from infections from all the wire cuts!

This rescue will be in need of rescuing very soon I bet......

Rescues Needing Rescued

I'm not so sure rescues are a good thing...the more I read about them the more they scare the hell out of me.

This is an interesting story......

I am so sick of animal hoarders working in disguise of a "rescue". Not only are they feeding their own addiction, they also use ploys to get money from the public to fund their addictions by calling themselves rescues.

The story continues......

I don't have a critter on my place that wasn't rescued in one way or another. There are far worse fates out there for animals besides screaming "The ugly truck is coming"...."Horses have long pretty necks and shouldn't be slaughter"......or my favorite....."Stop horse slaughter!!!! (hey hun, can you pass me that cheeseburger).....oopsss....I spilled ketchup on my ostrich skin purse!"

Another follow up on the story.....

Please tell me why these horses would have been better off if they hadn't just got on that damn ugly truck? Instead of a quick slaughter they had to endure LONG term abuse to get into this kind of condition.....Remember, these stories and pictures are coming from a rescue that preaches anti slaughter....Animal Angels....animal angels from hell that is.

There are already so many more cases of animals needing rescued from rescues out there, and I'm sure lots more to come....... I'll be posting more, I just had this case on my mind and wanted to pop it on here real quick.

OMG OMG I am NOT a RADICAL Wackaloon!!!

Can't you just hear the FOB's screaming that from here? LOL!

Ok, actually they took the word of the blog rather well and decided to have fun with my radical wackaloon comment. All would have been fine except someone decided to use the beautiful Loon as their mascot...

I have a collection of Loons and we have another home in Minnesota on a big lake and normally have a Loon nest in our yard every year. So now every time I look at my Loon collection or see the beautiful Loon sitting on her nest, the FOB's will forever be etched in my mind and instead of enjoying their beauty I will be LMAO thinking of the FOB's instead! Gee thanks!

No, you guys aren't a bit radical ......

Yahoo mentioned Barbaro on their Top 40 Sports Figures of 2007. Barbaro dropped from #16 on the list in 2006 to #26 this year....this is what Yahoo had to say....
26. Barbaro (16)
"Some say he was a 'warrior' or a 'hero' and had a strong desire to win races. But above all, he was featured in our pages because people seemed to forget he was a FREAKIN' HORSE. He was bred unnaturally, had small ankles that snapped in half and is now glue. We'll miss you, buddy." – The Sports Hernia

Of course the FOB don't have one single ounce of humor in them, especially if you talking about their own little God like figure, the Big B, so they didn't appreciate what Yahoo had to say at all.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from some of the reactions about this story on the ABF forum....nothing radical, cough, cough...Of course I had to throw in a comment here and there in green.
its disgusting. this person needs to be "horsewipped".

Barbaro was a hero, great athlete and showed us love and perseverance and the true beauty of life.......... even though he left us for a better place in order to guide us for the greater good. (The greater good...anyone else have flashbacks of the movie HOT FUZZ?)

this "writer" really is a manifestation of the anti-christ. Anyone who can say anything bad about Barbaro really has the devil inside them (Honey, every good Christian knows you never use a little c when typing Christ)

jealousy--hatred of great achievement--need to tear others(Barbaro) down to get some kind of perverse "lift". sounds like the kinda stuff the legalists used to say about Christ. jealousy. that says it best, dear FOB.

These people usually really hate God and anything associated with HIM. That's why Christ was crucified, because he was guilty by association: with God. Barbaro is associated with God.............. (and so are you). (Most scary thing I have read on the Internet today)

By the way Barbaro was cremated not made into glue. (Yes, lets get THAT straight...LOL)

considering that Christmas is very solemn and Barbaro's track going downhill began around this time. The timing is extremely sensitive to Christians and FOBs. Obviously, at the moment he was writing he was not spiritually connected. Anyone who is connected wouldn't say those horrible things about Barbaro.

As for bred unnaturally, Dynaformer and LaVilleRouge loved each other so much at the time they conceived Barbaro to make such an extraordinary, RARE beautiful "freak of nature." This usually happens when both parents reach such a high spiritual plane and divine connection with each other that this is the product of their "love making." (Um, WTF?...A stallion in breeding season would mount a monkey if it held still long enough...gee, I didn't know horses were capable of that deep of emotions...)

Barbaro kind of reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode "The Prime Mover." Where a simple, yet very special broom sweeper is very happy being himself until others just want a piece of him and his amazing abilities just for their own greedy exploits (like Jesus again). Barbaro changed the energy of the world without even being in the same room as many of us.

There is always so much jealousy for SUPER STARS (Yes honey, I can't believe all the people who are jealous over a dead horse and a group of wackaloons that worship him)

Ok, enough blogging about the FOB's this morning....those quotes made my head thump, LOL. I think I'll go grab another cup of coffee and maybe watch one of my favorite movies....Seabiscuit :)....will that make me the anti Christ because I think that story far surpasses Barbaro?

Let me leave you this thought though....I know someone in Government that is doing some checking on our Mr. Brown (The Board Nazi). Let's just say the FOB's might not like what he is doing behind the scenes.....Stay tuned!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Is One Animal More Precious Than Another?

Um...I'm thinking NOT.

I don't get this whole anti horse slaughter crap, especially from people who are shoving a hamburger in their mouth while crying about it.

What makes a horse more precious than a cow, chicken, rabbit, or any other animal MOST people indulge in?

Let's look at some videos.....Here is how horses were slaughtered in the US plants before the plants were shut down. Horse slaughter video, .wmv file. What's so Godawful about that? The horses are standing quietly in line. Ok, there's a few seconds of terror before the bolt gun comes into play but what horse has NOT gone through a few seconds of terror whether is the non trailer loader or simply one of those horses that get all panicky if their feed bowl is in a new place.

Now if you've watched this video and are freaking out "OMG OMG those poor poor precious horses!".....let's meet our beef....Kosher slaughter.....mmmmm, bacon.....Chicken nugget anyone?

Yeah, these video's are bad, they are from PETA, worse of the worse...but my point is these animals don't look very happy to end up on a plate either, so what's the difference?

You want to become a vegetarian? Go for it....I kinda like my big fat juicy T-Bones thankyouverymuch!

Like it or not horses ARE livestock...not pets! They are classified under federal regulations as LIVESTOCK!

Do you know what happened to horses when they were injured or killed in war? THEY ATE THEM! Same with Old Bunny the family field plow machine. No, you won't see that on Little House on The Prairie, but it's just how it was.

Personally I would LOVE to lobby to make horse meat readily available in the USA. It's the leanest meat out there, wonderful sweet flavor and it's pretty damn good for you actually. I'd have no problem adding it to my regular diet.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

First Impressions

Well I always like to make a good first impression (LMAO), so I am going to start with a rant about my favorite group of people...NOT....but you better get used to it, I'll be ranting for days to come I'm sure!

They call themselves the FOB's...Friends Of Barbaro....Fans Of Barbaro....and if you worship the dead horse and think he speaks to you in a special horsie language then you might call yourself "Frenz Of Barbaro".

Through out my rantings you will probably hear me say "Radical anti slaughter groups" a lot...yes, when those words roll off my fingers I will be referring to the FOB's and PETA type people....

They gather here and spread venom and hate about anyone with views other than I thought I'd return the favor :)

It's ran by a funny looking little English man named Alex...I refer to him as "The Board Nazi" (I'll explain my nick name later on :)....but I think my most favorite Internet nick name for him is "Clueless Alex"...seems the most fitting anyway......He claims to have been around horses all his life, works as an exercise jockey, lives in a country that eats horse, but somehow magically didn't know slaughter existed until he had the good luck to be acquainted with Barbaro and ride his tail wind into his own little world of self proclaimed notoriety. That's only the beginning of his cluelessness though.......stay tuned.....

Oh, and here's an ad floating around the Internet for "Clueless Alex":
For sale: Clueless Alex. Trainer says this bay, English-born TB gelding never lived up to his potential as a stakes winner. Has no bad habits except sticking head in the sand and making sounds that the trainer swears approximate the words "ridiculous" and "cheers". Trainer is optimistic that these habits will disappear once he is no longer stabled with CBER, a big money maker whose victories have long been under a cloud of suspicion. An easy keeper, needs only barley and hops. Any offer will be considered.
It started out innocent enough...The trainer the Board Nazi worked for trained next to Barbaro. When the horse broke down he had a front seat to the action. He started posting updates about Barbaro under his trainers Internet site, started a forum, and the FOB's were born.

I'm not going to get into bashing the horse.....He was a nice looking animal who may or may not have went on to win more races. It's only some kind of silly little fantasy to call him the greatest one ever. I mean, he's dead, no one will ever know. I'm sure he is even rolling around in his urn rolling his eyes at the things that are being said about him. I think even a dead horse is smart enough to know it's insane to worship a false idol...So, setting the horse aside and realizing he doesn't deserve any ill isn't his fault that idiots surround him....that's all I have to say about Big B himself.

Now if the FOB's would have settled with just being a support group and maybe a few new race fans were born then all would have been well and good...BUT a lot of these people have decided to go out and "save the world" so to speak. End horse slaughter....become horse rescue advocates.....

So now we have these people living in high rise city apartments who have never owned a horse deciding the fate of the American horse. They toss money at rescues who will abide by their every word and rule and push the problem off on someone else.

They have became so blind in their ways that they will throw money at almost anything as long as you swear on the Bible and Gods name that you would sell your soul to end horse slaughter and you worship Barbaro. It doesn't matter if you have 2 acres, 40 horses and bailing twine as fence....just say your anti slaughter and the money comes rolling in.

The Board Nazi and his FOB site could keep me busy for years just tearing apart some of their silly ideas and people they see as "rescue facilities" for years to come...

Ok, now back to the Board Nazi.......I call him this because if you come to his forum you are not allowed to express any kind of opinion that is not in line with his...your post will be deleted and you will be banned before you can even say Clueless Alex.

There used to be some sane people on that board which I did feel were truly in it for the horse. Of course between the Board Nazi and radical wackaloons they are getting harder to find. They are dropping like flies from there leaving a bunch of idiots to run the show.

A small rescue I know well was being attacked on their board a few weeks ago...The rescue has never asked for funds or anything from the FOB's...the rescue simply had an opinion which was not in line with this group so they felt the need to trash them on the Internet.

I got me a brand spankin new ID (all my previous ones have been banned :) and made a post (ONE post! LOL) in support of this rescue......I did not even break any of his site rules.....guess what happened? Can ya guess, huh, huh, can ya? LOL.....My post was deleted and all the hate filled venom posts were left there. The thread was locked and my ID banned from posting. THAT's the kind of stuff that has earned Clueless Alex the nickname of Board Nazi with me ;) It happens so frequently on his forum......

Oh, so much to rant about and so little time.....I suppose I'll pick this back up where I left off tomorrow....lucky you....LOL

Let me leave you with this.....the horse has been dead for over 47 do I know this? Because every Monday (Barbaro was put down on a Monday) a thread pops up titled "Barbaro XX weeks after"...and now were up to week 47, yep almost a year......Some of them even admit from time to time that they didn't grieve their mother/father/grandparents for this long.....ookie dookie....creepy.....and sad.....I see creepy sad people.......