Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crickets In My Inbox

That's all I've gotten since I sent AWI and NBFA emails over a week ago about them taking and placing unwanted horses.......Here is where I blogged about them a little over a month ago when the release was made.

So I set up a dummy email account, made up a sob story and asked for help. What I got was silence. Why am I not surprised? Guess I titled my previous blog more than correctly!

And talk about crickets.....

Guess who I got an email from on June 10th?!? The King himself....Alex Brown.

I had made a post on ICERs forum taking a stab at him of course about his banning for some reason Alex thought he just had to send me a little went like this:

Alex Brown []
To: <>

i have been surprised at how harsh you have been about me over the last few months on icers and your site. i thought i had treated you pretty fairly considering. oh well. cheers, alex

Treated me fairly? OMG I about spit my teeth out! What's even funnier is instead of keeping my email on a list or just looking it up, he had actually replied to an email I had sent him almost a YEAR ago! Which he never answered BTW.

For you reading pleasure.....the email I sent almost a year ago he hit reply too :)

On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 9:26 AM, <> wrote:
Hi Alex,

Can you please tell me what kind of rule I violated on your forum to be banned this time?

And why in the world would you delete a post where I was defending myself? Why are you allowing me to be slandered like this? Do you have that much hate towards someone you do not know? Did you even read it?

Why am I expected to sit back and watch as people keep bringing my name into stuff that I have nothing to do with?

Did you know it takes less than 60 seconds to get a new ID every time I have been banned? I would think that you would want to know which one I was to keep an eye on me.

I would really appreciate an answer. I find the fact that you allow this kind of slander without allowing one to defend themselves very disturbing.


Remember.....this ALL took place before this blog was born....the Blog was born on Thursday, December 27, 2007 as a direct result of this email I sent to Alex on Aug 10, 2007 and NEVER got a response.........

With my jaw on the ground that he was saying how fair he thought he'd been after not responding to this email for a year (I don't think he ever meant to include the text from the old email :) I sent him this back:

Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2008 9:41 PM
To: []
Subject: Re: Forum

How do you think you have treated me fairly? This email is almost a year old and you never answered it. Read the questions… you think they are unreasonable questions? If someone is being slandered they should have the opportunity to defend themselves, that is not an unreasonable request. Yet it went ignored.

This was the ONLY reason for my blog, I did not start it before you started playing censorship. Doesn’t feel too good to get trashed and not be able to say “Now wait a minute…..” Now does it?

I would love to have an open dialogue with you if you’re interested. You are catty, I’ll give you that. And maybe I might just find something nice to think about you when were done.


After 20 days guess what I got back? Nuttin but more crickets in my inbox :) Imagine that.......

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paychecks Are More Important!!!

At least to Alex Brown.....Head leader of the Kool Aid drinkers.

It's no secret Alex works for Steve Asmussen who has anything but the best interest of horses in mind when it comes to winning.

I ran across this quote on ABR this morning and I could not have said it ANY better myself!

26185.9 in reply to 26185.8
It appears that Alex has quite a conflict of interest here.

It is difficult to work for yes a "serial violator" such as Steve Asmussen and then maintain a forum for open discussion of racing news, horse welfare and safety, racing reform and anti-slaughter efforts..

At some point, he will need to clearly choose which side he stands with..

Of course this post was a result of Alex coming in a and deleting a post about Asmussen and his shady activities and then banning the person from posting. When will Alex get a clue that Delphi boards suck for people who do not like freedom of speech? It takes two seconds to get another ID and come back to make you look like the ass that you are.....such as this case :)

And if you haven't already lost your breakfast take a look at this......Alex posts this on his Mother Ship......

lately I have been working on the wiki. i wanted to write about what we have been doing, essentially using the wiki as the medium rather than a book, for which i have no publishing deal.

here is the entry on "Fans of Barbaro":

of course this is a work in progress and I am interested in any feedback. its quite long.
cheers, alex

He's getting feedback alright :)

Be sure and read that Wiki page over real good now LOL! And I also think we can clearly see why a book deal isn't hitting him in the head.....the man can barely form a sentence. Yeah, I know, I can't either....but now I ain't tryin' to sell myself at every turn, now am I? :)