Sunday, December 13, 2009

And The Letter H (for hate) Brought To You By.....


....Alex Brown Racing!

Yes Alex, stand up and take a bow! Does it make you feel all warm and gushy inside to see the community of haters you have created and the damage you have done to the rescue world?

I hope you realize that ABR and the FOB's have became a pretty common household name now, and not in a good sense. People view your forum and make a judgement call about all rescues across the world in a negative light because of what they see in your little nutter community.

Yep, the rescues on ABR whine about being attacked, stalked and threatened....both good and bad rescues have suffered the wrath.

But do take your bow Alex, because NONE of this would have been possible without you :)

I also have to lay some blame here on the Jacksons....if they had any sense they would have shut you down by now instead of encouraging you to continue on by giving you permission to write your little Barbaro book and allowing all this madness to continue in Barbaro's name...amen....LOL!

Here is a great read...gets pretty exciting towards the end and shows the mob mentality Alex has created....

It must be nice to live like a vagabond, take refuge in other countries and not even have a home address where someone can hunt you down with legal documents to put an end to your insane got this one all figured out :)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Ok, Someone Give Me The Low Down...


I've been watching EPONA Horse Rescue in NE for quite some time her rantings on ABR over the years she definitely hits nutter status in my book.

But here lately she's been claiming she has been receiving threatening emails and phone calls from the FOB's. I do not agree with anyone who sees the need to do that! They are scum!

But she does it in a way that makes it seem unbelievable and like it gives her an excuse not to answer questions and be open. I personally think it's BS and it's all in her mind to try to gather sympathy, she will never give anyone proof and hasn't said anything about contacting the authorities....

She's admitted on ABR to having hoarding tendencies and she just got her first horse about 5 years ago then later decided to become the all important rescue...the numbers quickly increased to over 70 at one time. She uses big words that she has no idea what they mean to try to impress people. There is always some kind of big secret only she knows about.

It's quite ridiculous really. It appears just about everyone is onto her though because the "river of funds" has damn near went dry. The only people you see on her threads anymore are either calling her out or the regular nutters who support anything and everything.

So what's your take on EPONA? I'd love for some proof to show up in my inbox that this woman is getting either fairly or unfairly accused of the things she posts about herself.

Oh, and a little P.S. I am well aware of the nastygrams Lin/EPONA sends out anytime someone brings up her name unless it's to fart before Lin or any of her little minions sends me the standard "I'm gonna sue you for slander!" bullshit form letter....just remember, the burden to prove you are not a nutbag is on you ;-)


Friday, November 13, 2009

How In The Fuck Did I Miss This?

I swear to God I had pickles shooting out my nose this morning reading this loony bin shit! Yeah, pickles for breakfast, you got a problem with that? LOL

It's a freakin nutbag convention. It starts off a bit slow, but read it to the end paying special attention to the manifestos of the OP.

And anyone who follows the FOBots can look at the names responding and...well, that about says it all. It's kinda scary having so many nutters in one thread, LMAO.

All its....
is the
rantings of....
tiresom turlsm
at least she
got an

Seriously Ms. mooch OP spirit name Padme A'Tea who walks & talks with the pods....why don't you go out and get a real fucking job instead of this talk about taking the nut show on the road. You keep hinting for "road show" money, but if no one is going to let you sleep in a tent under the stars with your pussy cat then I seriously doubt you are going to hit the mother load of change for toll booths! 4 months after you started your big journey you haven't even went around the block!

This is one of the most hysterical threads I have read over there in a long time! Please take my not drink (or eat pickles) while reading!

Oh, and here is a little P.S. for can also find all these nutters over on the Tierra Madre thread singing his glory....surprised? I didn't think so :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

As Barbaro Turns (in his grave) continued.....


So here we are not even with a full 72 hours in yet of Alex's "I'm pretending to listen to you" thread and it's already heading towards my prediction :) He is going to do whatever the hell he wants to do even if people type until their fingers bleed. He came on to pretty much confirm this last night....

A poster came on early in the thread that nailed him and his actions to a T...probably one of the best posts I have read on ABR in 3 years :) I could not have said this any better myself:

Alex, everyone knows you're not going to shut down this board. There's no way that you'll let this board leave the spot light.

What has changed since the thread has been up? Not a damn thing!

Alex has promoted himself on the forum for his blog radio and youtube....but hey, guess what? A long time member of ABR that everyone really liked just passed away...she was one of the most active anti slaughter supporter on the forum. She's spent countless hours on the phone, emailing and faxing our legislators and helped guide others in the fight....but did Alex wander over and share his condolences with the rest of the board? Nope...not one peep out of him.....that my friend, if nothing else, shows you what kind of "compassionate" human being is behind the screen.....

And in my search for something totally unrelated last night I came across this little tidbit from one of the moderators before they were a mod. Looks like the same questions and concerns from 2 years ago that are being voiced now, only I guess since she is Alex's right hand lady it's just not important to get those answers anymore. Just be sure and do not question a rescue she likes otherwise your post will disappear before you hit enter...pick on one she doesn't care for so she can sit silently by and watch the fun, LOL

Well, I think I'll give the subject of this thread a rest now until Alex's "30 days" are up and wait for the big announcement that it's all business as usual :)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ego Strokin' 101


I guess with the recent? "ABR under ATTACK" (per the Board Nazi) that ol' Alex is feeling a little blue and inadequate so he's started a thread asking about the future of ABR. He's even pretending to listen to input from his members....

Here's my prediction of how things will go down....all of Alex's regular little panty throwers will chime in and pump the old chap up, a couple of people will have the balls to actually challenge the Nazi and most of the regulars won't even bother to respond because the like the idea of ABR but lost respect for Alex years ago....and the outcome will be Alex doing whatever the hell he wants to anyway ;)

I really considered getting an ID over in FOBville today and posting my thoughts on the matter, but I knew if a miracle happened and the post was allowed to stay that I'd never forgive myself for having my say under an here we are :)

Alex, ask yourself "what have I accomplished in the last 3 years on ABR" and look into the mirror and see the cold hard facts. You have created a community of mob mentality, liars, thieves, scammers, domestic terrorists, horse killers and felons and made it possible for them to all congregate in one place. All of the "sane" people left your ass in the dirt a long time ago.

You have also created a community of people going into dire straights financially because they don't have enough sense (until it's to late) to realize they are chasing some kind of twisted pipe dream.

Don't you have an ounce of guilt, any remorse or shame when people say they will miss meals, send money when they get their social security or disability checks, not pay a bill, and take away from their families all in the name of thinking they are saving a horse? Does it not pain you to look around your house and see all the people that are now hurting because of your little science project?

You have 2 moderators that do absolutely nothing and one who spends most of her time covering her own tracks. You'r FOBots (thanks ICERob :) and you claim to have saved 3100 horses but I'd bet you a steak dinner (or hell how about something you can relate to...drinks on the house!) if you could find 1,000 of those horses now. Wait, I'd settle for 500 ;) From the looks around ABR these days it looks like you keep saving the same ones over and over!

ABR has done nothing except cast a dark shadow on legitimate rescues. I bet the number of people that you and your FOB's have totally soured on rescues all together far super exceeds the number of horses you claim to have saved.

Hell you have a married nutbag trying on thongs and sending them to the "token male" rescue filled with money. Legitimate rescues everywhere crawl in their skin when the name Alex Brown is brought up.

ABR has lowered the standard in horse care 101. Your members spend most of their lives begging for the next bale of hay while they are making shipping arrangements to have more horses sent to them. Rescues post pictures of horses standing in lots that look like junk yards, packed in like sardines.....but then if anyone should dare say something the FOBots come along and try to convince everyone that not even basic care and knowledge is as bad as slaughter.

Countless threads have been devoted to tearing people apart, people who do not even participate on the forum, people who the FOB’s know nothing about. But they don’t like their opinion on something or maybe the way they list a horse on craigslist….so lets just rip everyone a new asshole even though they are clueless....but then Alex pouts when you question him ;)

I have to wonder if the FOB’s realize how really fucking stupid they are. They flag craigslist ad’s they do not like therefore decreasing the chance for exposure to get the horse out of the situation they do not like. Man, do I have a sign for you guys…..

If you want to look at things realistically, ABR has not saved one single horse....that's the biggest scam ABR and Alex has ran so far. Each and every horse that has been purchased at auction has only been replaced with another. Slaughter numbers have GROWN, not decreased over the last year. You guys have saved NOTHING! But you guys sure have killed a lot of horses "rescuing" them :(

Alex, your forum “managing” skills SUCK. I mean BIG TIME. You ban people who question you or your livelihood (we'll get to that in a bit ;) but allow people who are totally off their rocker to stay.

I also think Alex is from the school of "any publicity is good publicity" long as he gets him name out there is all that matters to him. He wants to make a name for himself so bad that he'll even except a bad name. Why do you think Alex requires rescues to have the all important WIKI? It certainly doesn't prevent fraud....with a WIKI all things come back to Alex Brown....he can watch his name crawl through the ranks of Google and finally feel a little important.

Now lets get to that livelihood that keeps Alex with his ban paddle handy should anyone question it :)

The FACTS are that of the approximate 9 million horses in the USA, 7 million of those are in the racing industry. The racing industry, just because of sheer numbers participating alone, is responsible for the majority of death related injuries, illegal drug, over drugging, unethical sportsmanship and overall abuse.

Alex's boss, Steve Asmussen, is one of those real dandy's of the racing world. It's hypocritical (not to mention comical!) that Alex tries to preach what he does with the close company he keeps. Most see through many don't.

I often wonder if the husbands of the panty throwers would buy Alex a drink if they could. The craziness runs so rapid around ABR that I'm sure the husbands are thrilled to have their wives off their backs so they can pursue a normal life and maybe an affair or two :)

Do I think ABR has ran it's course? HELL YES I DO! I think you would be doing everyone a huge service and save a lot of people a lot of pain if you gracefully bowed out now before it gets even worse. Heck, you can't even deny the big changes that have been going on around ABR for some time now.

As for the rest of ABR....well if Alex wants to keep his name in some lights and do his little racing updates and keep a few panty throwers around, then so be it. There are a lot of nuts on the internet, it's not like he won't still fit in....But for the love of God, ditch the forum before ABR ruins even more lives and kills more horses!

Aren’t you, Alex, getting a little tired of riding on the coat tails of Barbaro yet? I think ABR's biggest accomplished is disgracing this horses name….every time real horse people think or hear of Barbaro now all they think of is you and your mighty band of wackadoodles…..

Yes, I do feel much better now....thankyouverymuch :)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Livin' On Coffee & Can of Soup & Someone Elses Money


Anyway that's what Jim of Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary comes right out and claims...

Lets take a look at a rescue that houses just under 30 horses on a bit less than 3 acres, doesn't let a day go by without suggesting people need to send him money, claims no one can care for horses the way he can, claims to live off of coffee and sometimes a half can of soup to survive and always has some kind of tragedy going on....Oh, and the horses ONLY check in....they never check out.

Yep, just like prisoners on death row. Once the horses come to Tierra Madre they are there for life. Jim claims no one can give them the kind of care he can. Which would be all fine and dandy if he could afford those horses that are now "his"...but he can't. Hell he can't even afford to eat by his own admission.

He is very good at creative writing....all those years as a writer have really paid off. He can make an old lady wet herself like no other...sell an Eskimo ice and most important, use is creative writing style to gain the all important dough it takes to finance his personal herd of horses.

At just under 3 acres Jim claims he can house up to 30 horses and normally runs just below that. It's amusing to read Jim blog about building new pens for the horses and how the latest one was HUGE! Yes, HUGE!!!! Measuring almost 30' x 30'! OMG!

Jim posts several times a day on never know what kinds of goodies will roll off his fingers. Just over a month ago Jim makes a post telling everyone he's sick and BROKE. This is pretty typical, it seems he gets into a bind quite often and makes these kind of posts. It works for him....the lonely housewives of ABR wet themselves to see how quick they can send him some more money.

But this day was different. Shortly after claiming to be broke Jim gets a phone call.....someone has asked him to take another horse and they want $700 for a new thread is born! Help bring "Coloreado" to Tierra Madre! WOW, a lot can change in 8 hours I guess! Maybe he won the lotto? Oh, no...never mind, he's asking the lonely housewives to foot the whole bill and shipping too of course....imagine that :)

You would think that a group of people who profess to be advocates for horse welfare would not shit a pile of money to go send a horse off to go live with someone who is always broke...but were not talking normal people here...we're talking FOB's.

So Jim's "I'm broke" tears are quickly dried with a new horse.

Just a handful of days ago a thread called "Famous TB Smokey Stover needs a HOME" pops up....yep, only 14 replies into the post there is Jim...."We'll be more than glad to give Smokey a forever home - but can only do it if the $600 & shipping costs can be raised."

What made this so priceless? A few friends and I had been chatting when the thread started up and wondered how long before Jim would bebop over to try to capitalize on this "famous" horse. See, he likes to get hold of the ones that have some sort of makes it easier for those poor me, send me cash posts.

Seems a few are onto Jim and the good old "they only check in, they never check out" ways and aren't overly thrilled with 30 horses being crammed on less than 3 acres. They thought this guy deserved a real pasture and someplace he could actually run and not have to stop every few feet to turn around so he didn't smack into his prison cell.

Of course this didn't make Jim happy...not happy at all. He whined and cried around on that thread and also on his daily check in thread....he wanted his little group of lonely housewives to go over to Smokey's thread and tell everyone he needed to go to Jim's place....whaaaaaa, whaaaaaa, whaaaa.....Still didn't work out for the ol' boy...he claimed he was out politicked by people he didn't know....yeah, couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that some people didn't think the horse deserved to go to prison. So Jim makes one of his famous "no one could care for him the way I could have" posts....gag me...

Oh. and the lonely housewives tried to dry his tears with yet another horse...but Jim didn't seem to interested...not "famous" enough I suppose...... :)

One last piece of information....per Jim, if you don't like Obama then you are a racist, LMAO! He loves to spurt his political views...alienating one conservative at a time :)

I'd lay money on the fact that there will not be a good outcome for theses horses down the road.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

If You Are Going To Scam Someone....

* least pretend you're legitimate, LOL!

Yes, from the Board Nazi....a big announcement!

Because we all know that someone with a Wiki would NEVER hose anyone out of dough ;)

Mustang Hearts

Just to name a few of the rescues ABR and the FOB's have supported......

Didn't they all have a Wiki too?

I mean ABR already supports enough illegal activities such as PayPal fraud and domestic terrorism, why would a wiki, that anyone can make or make up, have any bearing on anything? Ahhhhhh......I guess it's good to be king :)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dumbest Shit I Have Read Today


Ok, so I suppose everyone who might be reading this already knows about "Cloud" the wild mustang and the round up that the horsie huggers have been trying to stop (and thank God have failed at so far)....

I don't think a one of those people realize that horses of any type, are NOT native to America. If I read one more time how they have "always been here" or "roamed free for thousands of years" I am going to hurl. And you would think someone like Madeleine Pickens would be smart enough to know fact from fiction....but she thinks they are our "National Heritage" too.

Of course the ABR nutbags are all out in full swing....If this poster was any dumber she wouldn't even have the IQ of a turnip!

40707.6 in reply to 40707.1
OK - worse case scenerio ... if this does go as planned - won't the horses go up for auction? Can't we have people there to buy the horses and then turn around and set them free again as soon as they get them away from the auction sight?

And don't you just love the ones who think HUMANS should be killed because they want to control the horse population? It's especially entertaining when they use God in those messages....

I pray the helicopters crash and the BLM drives themselves off of cliffs. Sorry. That is how I feel. I have no compassion for man as a species.

Dear God protect your herd from the DEVIL.

Some mares will be sterilized, some of the older crippled ones put down, some will go up for adoption and some will be released back.......OH THE HORROR! There are several people over on ABR having a cow because they are going to sterilize the mares....

What gives these phonies ......... these idiots the right to "sterilize" the mares ?

Lets just leave them all alone, let them breed like rabbits and take over the world....would that make you happy? Wait, don't answer that.....these people are just dumb enough to love that idea....


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Goat Update :)


Due to an anonymous donor the goats have been saved from the ugly truck! YAY!

One problem though...the person that took them on already has to may goats to feed...they have been begging all over the internet for food and basic care for their babies.

So now we need to pony up some cash and pay the owner to take care of these animals they chose to take on.

Oh! And let's not forget about the 2 months quarantine! It costs so much more than regular care you know. $300 per goat for 2 months ought to cover it...

Feed, vet, dewormer will need to be paid by someone else for life!

Let's set a goal amount of $5000!

Sorry, I don't know how to add orbs or glitter to the pictures of the goats....I hope that doesn't hurt their fundraising!

Remember....NO GOAT LEFT BEHIND!!!!!!!

(these goats found a great home where they will be spoiled and all their needs will be taken care of by the new owner :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Come on, we can do it! Let's save these 4 sweet precious little goats! They are headed to the auction if good homes cannot be found! And we all know what will happen to them if they end up there! Photobucket

Ransom: $50 each = $200

Aren't these sweet precious little goats worth as much as a horses life? We can arrange shipping! They shouldn't cost more than $500-600 each to have them sipped across the country!

The ugly truck is on it's way! Photobucket

Don't let the blood of these precious little babies be on your hands!

Can't we save them in the God like name of Barbaro?


(These goats are really for sale in central me if interested Photobucket )


Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey Hay?!?

Ok, so I've bitched before about the ABRites turning lose their dough to buy horses when someone screams "ugly truck" but clamming their wallets up when ask to actually feed and care for the horses they are enabling these so called rescues to take on.

It's pretty depressing to read all the threads where a rescues are begging for hay, set a goal of lets say $1000 with 20, 30, 40...head of horses on the property and after a month they have raised like $200 bucks.

So my question is, how are these horses eating? Are they starving while they are waiting for the next person to throw $20 at them so 40 horses can split 5 bales of hay? Are the rescues coming up with the hay on their own by actually paying for it themselves yet keep begging?

This is one of the scariest things I see with these rescues. Especially since so many horses have had to be rescued from their rescuers "All for the love of Barbaro".

I'm suppose to be the no good dirty rotten bitch who should burn in hell for thinking slaughter is OK....but you know what? I have never in my life had 1 report filed against me, my horses have never missed a meal, their feet, teeth and shots are all current, they have a great barn, a nice safe lot without a bunch of junk shit it in and want for nothing (well, ok, Bo is a little pissed since I put his fat ass on a diet :)......and guess what? I pay for every fucking dime of it myself and would never dream of it being any other way....but I'm the one that sucks? LMAO

Oh, BTW, I abuse ALL my animals...not just the horses, LOL


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Take Two


I think it's time for me to take a new turn (mixed with some of the old) with this blog. I've had the hardest time the time I read all of the shit on ABR my brain is just so jumbled with the fucktards and their leader that I don't even know where to begin or what to say. So I'm going to try this bit and blog for me for a while and throw in bits and pieces of craziness with each post.

I guess I'll start that with the next blog I'm going to play a bit of catch up :)

First, let's relive Mustang Hearts for a minute. If you're not familiar with this so called rescue and the nut bag who runs it start here and then a little more catch up reading for you. This woman is scary off her rocker!

Pretty much everything people feared (well the ones who didn't wear those funny colored glasses) came true a few months ago...Her latest savior had to quit funding her hoarding habits and Debbie life took another crazy twisted turn. Mustang Hearts is no longer....that's the good news!

Now the bad news....A handful of the horses went to smaller rescues but she sent 30+ to a place called Orphan Acres that already had 60-70 horses. Not only did she send the horses there but he also took in her lazy filthy ass to "help out". Naturally that didn't last more than a few weeks. Tempers flared, fists flew and Debbie was once again out on her ass.

But for some reason, NOW that OA won't have anything to do with the nutbag they are the root of all evil and she's going balls to the wall trying to get him shut down. She claims horses are dying and starving to death.

Now before I go any further I'll give my opinion on OA. From the web site it looks like a shit hole. I would never send a horse there for any reason. But for Debbie it was the answer to all of her prayers...another place for her and her horses to live for free while it lasted. All I am thankful for is that she signed all of the horses over to him so when she went out on her ass the horses didn't go with. While the place is as big of a shit hole as Debbie's places always became, at least OA has been in one spot for 30+ years and not totally reliant on the dime of others and constantly shuffling from place to place.

I don't think OA has any business trying to manage the amount of horses that they do but this was Debbie's choice. She declined all sorts of offers from other smaller rescues to get these horses where they are now and then bitches and cries about the neglect and abuse they are alledgelly enduring.

Debbie has it in her mind that this is not her fault, she is once again a victim. I just have one thing to say to her...

Hey Debbie you fucking crazy ass nutbag loser-YOU put the horses there. No one but YOU! If horses are dying and starving to death it is YOUR fault. No one else's! See what happens when you cry wolf one to many times, no one except for a handful of other nutbags believe your shit! YOU are the cause of ALL of this drama! Sleep on that for a while!


It seems like the handful of rescues that are left on ABR are all at each others throats. Competition for the few dollars that remain there is my guess. The Board Nazi doesn't even show up much these days unless it's to promote his latest blog entry or to ban someone.

I had to laugh...the other day one rescue was going after another. The rescue throwing the venom was also posting on ICERS and had posted they and Alex were emailing and they were getting banned. So yeah, t happened...the rescue gets banned. Some people weren't happy and made it known. Alex pops back on and posts "XXXX was banned by mistake" and walla, they are back on. Way not to put any blame on yourself Alex! After all it wasn't YOU who made the mistake, huh? LMAO. Little man, big ego is perfect and cannot personally take the blame for mistakes I suppose......


This morning with my first cup of coffee I read where a horse has been down for hours and it wasn't the first time. The horse is 30ish years old. Of course everyone is wishing the horse well and a few posts down I read "I know that feeling I had it for two yrs with my first horse that lived to be 38. For two yrs we would lift him to his feet because his back legs were not stong enough to push himself up".......that's some real quality life there losers! I am so glad I'm not a rescue so I can make horses endure more pain and suffering at the hand of so called saviors than they ever could at a slaughter plant! Most of these people have no business owning a frog, let alone a horse....


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Congratulations Alex Brown Racing!


WOOT! 1 Million posts! What an amazing announcement!

Now take away:

All the "BUMP" posts...

The posts with nutbags talking like horses....alive and dead...

All the cute and glittery pictures of Barbaro...

The random .gif's thrown in that have nothing to do with anything...

The idle completely off topic chitter chatter...

And what? That leaves you with about 10 meaningful posts, LMAO. Congrats again! What an acomplishment :)


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now What?


Whenever horse slaughter is brought up I always ask where the love for the cows and chickens are....I am normally greeted with the weak argument that horses are so much more intelligent and cows and other animals just can't be trained the way horses are.

So lets take a looksie shall we, on just how dumb the food on our plate looks....

Google "show jumping cow in Switzerland"'s real. Along with some of these other fine moo moo's:

A girl and her cow...

A whole group dedicated to riding cows :)

Another cow enthusiast.....

Poor stupid little chickens. There are a lot of different video of trained chickens on the net, Google.

Pigs are highly intelligent animals. I don't think that needs to be argued, but here is a video anyway :)

And for fucks sake PUT AWAY THE MOUSE TRAP!!!! Yes, I know we don't eat them...but they are obviously highly intelligent and should be left alone to dominate the world!

Am I getting my point across here or not...

But, but, but....your a vegan you say? Well good for you but I'm not, neither are most Americans. Why is it when the anti horse slaughter activests are questioned about there intentions they alway assure us they are NOT after our beef or other critters we enjoy eating so much....BUT.....there are always several threads within their forum comunities praising Veganism and how everyone should be doing it? Huh, what the fuck is up with that?