Saturday, October 31, 2009

Uh Huh :)


Short & sweet today...just a little good reading ;)


You got it!

Awesome! (scroll down to Michael Vick Rides Barbaro)



Dena said...

I absolutely adore Bo Bo The Wonder Pony!!!
Him I will admit to being jealous of.
My hubby still cracks himself up over the breyers riding the ugly truck.
And no he doesn't read the blogs he just saw it when he had to bring me paper towels to clean the snot off my screen.
Hey BUC want some pictures of 300lb.+ ABR sooper speshul rescue folks riding 700lb. horsies?
Believe I can get them. No photoshop necessary.
Steven Chandler is my new hero.
And Fern said it best you ARE a SCREAM!!!
Keep flogging them with reality. You might just catch them between delusions.

fernvalley01 said...

Some great reading BUC , I already knew about Dena's blog but the other was quite the read.

Anonymous said...

To those who disavow comments by those stricken physically, or mentally......

Well, allow me to leapfrog straight to the top:

Professor Stephen Hawking:

Let's just say....'forsaking' is the real illness.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Chandler blogs here and also has a link to his website on his blog.

Anonymous said...

this leaves me speechless:

"I knew deep in my heart that darling Lenny would do well, because his big brother was watching over him! And that's not all - I could tell he could win just by looking at him! It's too bad that MM didn't enter him in the Breeder's Cup, because he would surely win! I was telling all my friends in the Walter Farley book club about the race, and they assured me that they were root root rooting for him! I just love this - the excitement, the hope for the future, and the joy of being a FOB. I think it's soon time for me to knit a new saddleblanket for Lenny! My best wishes to you all!!"

tencatsandlivesalone 01 Nov 2009 6:39 PM

I guess this nutcase thinks 3rd place is a win, and surely a 3rd in a MSW means that LennyJackson would have won the BC Juvenile. Her name says it all.

Anonymous said...

This tencatsandlivesalone person is obviously out on a 30 minute pass. What she said might be funny if weren't so frightening. tencatsandlivesalone needs to lay off the koolaid.

Anonymous said...

And now we have the good services of the FOB we wanna be the veterinarian consult on rescue.
Give me a break.
And the established rescues are vetting the new rescues?
Who the hell is ponytales1976?
Besides another rescuer(?) in need of those FOB dollars?
And where does everyone find the time to sit on the computer all day?
You must answer our questions if you want our money.
The must kiss out ignorant asses part is implied.

Anonymous said...

I love how "Cheers" pops on his thread every once in a while to tell his minions that their ideas are crap. Lol!

This guy is a piece of work...

Anonymous said...

A Rob fortune cookie.....

Some drive to Mr. Lube.

Some take a taxi.

: )>reding

Anonymous said...

Newer thread. Alex, am I banned?
What a really pleasant group of people.

Anonymous said...


And you'd think that she's on her way to be the next meal in Japan!!!

Dena said...

C'mon BUC were starving
I saw where resident ABR rescuers Laurie and Brenda have been on top of rebel4jesus from day one.
Under the guise of helping mind you.
What amazes me is how much time 2 other rescues have devoted to "helping" another rescue.*snort*
One of them threw her $10 as a parting gift though.
And our old friend cheryljones2 of it wasn't me someone hacked into my email account and sent you those messages fame couldn't stay out of the fray.
The hypocrisy of that thread is insane.
With the exception of a few individuals who bent over backwards to stay on track and help.

To the rescuers who are just trying to help poor Mary and those poor horses?
Seriously beyotches you have provided us in internetland a hell of a lot of entertainment.
Thanks so much for the less than stellar performances.
You will have to raise your games to reach the heights of Old Jim and Jill Starr though.
When it comes to bullshit they got you all beat by a mile.
It's a gelding! No wait..IT'S A MARE!
It may very well be a horse in need but it sure as hell isn't a horse risen from the dead or the bellys of some Europeans.

Can't they ever just tell the plain "unvarnished" truth about anything?

Beth said...

Thank you for the entertainment. And thanks for the food drink warning. It makes you wonder what kind of crazy person is letting her stay at her house.