Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lotta Catchin' Up!


Ah, let me start with Alex....

So it's been a year+ since he cried wolf AGAIN about shutting down ABR. Who was shocked when he announced he would be keeping it? No one.....that's who :) When his book didn't take off like a bat out of hell I suppose he figured he needed to stick around and peddle it as much as he could. Sales don't seem to be going so well. Can't imagine that there wasn't much call for yet another Barbaro book, LOL.

He's asking for sales suggestions on his facebook page....let's see.....

Fire starters

Booster seats

Leveling that unruly couch that's missing a leg

Balancing it on your head for posture

I think the back cover has his face on it....might come in handy for scaring the mice out of the barn

He's so desperate to get the 2000+ books sold and out of his house that when someone asked if they could send him a book and have it signed he replied...(paraphrasing)  "There must be a better way with over 2000 of them sitting in my house".....AKA: Buy another fucking book. I have way to many that aren't selling!

And his latest post has his total disappointing sales......and his announcement he needs the $ from the book sales to finance is other ABR endeavours.....ummmmm Alex, WTF are those? Self promoting yourself?

And he's tired of eating beans on toast....poor guy. Maybe he should hook up with Jim at Tirre Madre and they could split a can O' soup too!


Don't know if you followed the comments on the last blog or not, but we had a special guest appearance by the one and only BreckNridger. You know....the dude that sits around and dresses up horsies with photoshop on ABR. Mainly Barbaro. I swear until I saw a photo of him I thought he was a teenager......but NOPE! It's a full grown....ummmm, errr.....man?.....doing this. Please have your Depends on when you look at his pic......

He got himself a Dodge Charger with customized "Barbrro" plates. He claims in the comment section that those who are making fun of him are just jealous, LMAO.

Here is a little tip for you Kent......

You saying people are "jealous" of you and your car is like an ugly chick saying "beauty is on the inside". You both know you are full of shit, but you have to say it to make you feel better about yourself :)

Normal people do not go around worshiping a dead horse, the car is not an expensive one that most people cannot afford, and I don't know of anyone personally that wants to go around dressed up like a goofball in their customized lael color sneakers. Sorry dude....your just really, really, really fucking weird! And the video you made of yourself doing the honorary figure 8 for Barbaro in a school parking lot is just down right CREEPY! Run kiddies, RUN!

Did you have problems getting ahold of GregJ? I mean this blog is still up....thought you 2 were shutting it down :) Or did he tell you he already knew about it and has even posted here before....although he didn't act like a 5 year old school girl having a little hissy fit when he did, LMAO.

BreckNridger also left a nice little drawing of a dick, balls and asshole in the comment section along with the claims that many FOB's have sent savory pictures of themselves to him.....not sure what he was trying to prove by that because all it did for myself and others is reaffirm the fact that the FOB's are 11 cookies short of a dozen :)



Anonymous said...

Hey, Alex, send Kent another book.

All his pages are sticking together.

Gunsmom00 said...

Thank you, Buc, for a wonderful laugh first thing in the morning!!! Seeing that pic of Breck again really started my day with an audible outburst of laughter .

Anonymous said...

Only 2100 copies sold. It just goes to show you that you can't polish a turd. Truth be told, much like most of his 70 billion posts on his stupid forum contain the word "BUMP", the 2100 copies were sold to a grand total of 7 people. All 7 of them are out of their goddamn minds. Alex bought 300 of them for himself because he likes to stare at his own picture. Breck is also one of the 7, and he fit his 300 copies in his rectum to serve as reading material for the gerbils.

BreckNridger said...

You people are disgusting. You sit over here and make fun of the FOB's, and Alex Brown who have done so much for the horses in need.
Your just jealous and it shows. I have many fans over at ABR and across the web. I see none of you with a nice car, nice clothes, photoshop skills, etc. You just sit at your keyboards and say hateful things about nice people. I'm going to tell GregJ about you people and this thread and he'll get you thrown off blogger. You probably think it's funny that Tony Molina stomped Dancing In Rain before the race. Without the great FOB GregJ, this wouldn't have come out.


You simple minded people are disgusting.

Marlene said...

Hahahahahahaha! You didn't even read the blog you commented on did you BnR? What a complete dumb ass you are! You just made yourself look even dumber if that is even possible!

CLK said...

Kent, you have the same God complex that your buddy Alex has. Get over yourself. You're so obsessed with what people think of you that you check this blog every single day to make sure nobody is making fun of you. People make fun of you around the clock, you're an easy target because you're a childish prick. Nobody cares about your dumb ass photoshop skills. You've called everybody jealous for the past few weeks, come up with something new you jackass....or better yet, go away. It's sad that your only friends in the world are FOB's, that oughtta tell you something there.

Marlene said...

You probably think it's funny that Tony Molina stomped Dancing In Rain before the race. Without the great FOB GregJ, this wouldn't have come out.

I doubt anyone thinks this incident is funny. You aren't very bright, are you? And GregJ had nothing to do with this coming out. He videoed it off a replay and by the time he got around to telling anyone the situation had already been handled. All he did was post on ABR something he found and make an illegal copy of someone elses video.

Anonymous said...

Poor delusional Kent.....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how old this simpleton is? I'm kind of at a loss for words over his childish rants and hissy fits... stomp, stomp, stomp...

BreckNridger said...



you're just a bunch of "goatse.bz"

GunsMom00 said...

Speechless.. just totally speechless... good Lord Kent, I'm not sure it's even healthy to live in the kind of world of make believe that you reside in. You can't honestly think that picture is cool...

CLK said...

Just a question, captain prick....In that picture, Are you wearing those sunglasses you used to get in McDonald's happy meals back in the early '90s? Get a life fag, you look ridiculous.

CLK said...

Oh and did your mom take that picture for you?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant BUC! You should have your own late night show!

Anonymous said...

He looks like he might be a little, how do I say it PC...mentally handicapped by his pic...maybe we shouldn't make fun of him.

Anonymous said...

Mentally slow or not, it's kind of hard NOT to make fun of someone who posts all those silly pictures...his parents really need to monitor his internet activities a bit closer.

BreckNridger said...

I'm not like you, a lot of pussies hiding behind "Anonymous" unique handles. I've used BreckNridger publicly and posted photos of myself and my cool ride. I'm sure most of you are a bunch of sour heifers with craggy faces, missing teeth and big broad cellulite ridden asses.
Your vehicles are probably rusted out pieces of crap.

Put up or shut up.

Meanwhile, I'll be in the Independence Day parade in my classy ride, wearing my Vann's, cool shades and Lael colors.

Here's to the lot of you: goatse.bz

MaryAnn said...

No BreckNridger, there is no put up or shut up. Normal people do not do what you do. But please keep posting, your comments are amusing me on this dreary day.

Anonymous said...

Well, shit, this guy is from Minnesota??? LMAO.

Sounds like we're from the same area too. Nice.


If your out driving in that punk ass little car, and you see a big, black shadow in your rear view, I'd get out of the way faaaaast....lol.

My diesel likes to squash itty bitty mid life crises cars. . . she has a mind of her own.

And the cellulite butt woman are over at ABR...most of us gals here stay pretty active, riding out REAL horses!

And just for fun, I'll sign my real name, just can't sign up for g mail for some reason....

Amber Denn
Apple Valley, MN

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, BreckNridger,

what parade? I'd love to see this side show in person, I'll bring some friends and we can play with our beanie babies...



CLK said...

He's in the gay pride parade, of course. He'll be in his queer ass car dressed in drag...in Lael colors of course. He's a fruitcake!

Anonymous said...

BrokeNBacker, you are a flaming faggot. Who would wear these, much less post them on the FOB Cult Forum?

You are INSANE!

Even the Cult is getting bored with your posts.


Anonymous said...

This is the funniest stuff I have read for a very long time. I went to check out Alex's board after many months of absence and was surprised to see it still going, sure has slowed down a lot, barely limping along......Damn Facebook

Anonymous said...

Kent, you are such a TOOL. You need to be taken behind the blue screen and injected with the pink needle of death.............BUT WAIT!, you probably experience the pink needle on a regular basis.

What a waste of bandwidth.

Placed $4 sentimental bet on #8 at local racetrack, when I recently drove my car "Barbrro" there for first time. Of course, #8 was worn by Barbaro in Kentucky Derby. When Buca Primo won, I was ecstatic, and it was "icing on the cake" to later learn Buca shares some of Barbaro's bloodlines.


Anonymous said...

Can we refrain from calling people gay and faggots. Gays are not morons and imbecciles like the person you are referring to here. I think it is very derrogatory and it offends many of us.
Becky Montanya

Beanbag Barbaro Luvver said...

I so much want to infiltrate this group of morons, suck up to them and give the BEANBAG BARBARO the ride of his life.

My Rockwilder would make this damn stuffed toy look like a pile of rubble that went through a shredder.



It's hard to believe that these weirdos function in society.


BTW, I went the link that BreckNRidger posted on June 30, 2011 12:55 PM (the goatsie one) They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and it tells a lot about BnR.
Warning: Don't go there at work or with kids around, or if you are easily offended.

Nick (no relation to Nicanor) said...

OK, I usually lurk here and get a good chuckle over the comments.
GregJ made a post in the Paulick blog and I had to bash him a little. (post 40)
The story is about Chip Woolley taling a leak in a casino, and Greg is up in arms about Paulick exposing his indescretion.


Anonymous said...

Hey "Nick with a K"... great comment.. thanks for directing me over there!


Alex Brown said...

I'm just popping in to let my fans know that I'll be at Delaware Park tomorrow for a book signing.

Saturday, July 9th Delaware Park Oaks Day:
Mark your calendars for the first of two spectacular weekends of racing. The Grade II, $300,000 added Delaware Oaks will be run on Saturday, July 9th along with the Grade III, $200,000 Robert G. Dick Memorial and the $100,000 Barbaro Stakes. Admission and Parking are Free.

Alex Brown book signing:
1:00pm-5:00pm Alex will be on hand to sign his award winning book
Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and his Legacy in the paddock area.

Delaware Park

You will get the opportunity to meet me, several of the FOB'S, buy my book, and get a FREE Barbaro wristband.

Till then
cheers, alex

Anonymous said...

so Cathy is selling the Fugly Horse of the Day blog, any comments?

Anonymous said...

If the income statements on the sale page are correct, and the buyer gets a non compete, and the seller abides by it, it sounds like a good business deal,provided the new owner can keep the interest up.
Not always an easy thing to do,and I imagine that the site takes a fair amount of work and research to maintain interest. If the site has had a decline in readers (hits/redirects to sponsors) due to the moving around,all bets are off. Caveat emptor.

That said, I hope CheersAlex's book signing is a total failure, he gets drunk like a New Mexican Trainer, pisses inside the casino and gets hauled off to the pokey where he will get sodomized by Big Al.

And also I hope BrokeNBacker does a figure eight in a parking lot, spins out of control and totals BARRBARO the car, has minor cuts, bleeds all over his precious Lael Blue and Green attire and shoes, and has to throw it all away.


BreckNridge said...

Upu people are so petty, siting behind your computers, unwashed, eating chips and dip, poking your jealous fun at others who are personal and financial successes. Enjoy your trailer park, you bunch of lard ass bitches.

Here's something for you to make fun of. I WILL be wearing this outfit,and will receive many complements from NORMAL people.




PS, those of you who make fun of Alex: July 9: Delaware Park Barbaro Stakes Day! 45 books sold

Gunsmom00 said...

Oh, if only I had the fashion sense to dress in these darling matching ensembles... you're right.. I am sooooooooo so jealous. NOT. I didn't even dress my kid that goofy when he was a toddler.


BreckNridger said...

Gunsmom8=====> ~ ~ ~ ~
I'm not stupid, I just googled your "handle". You and the ICERS are a pathetic lot. You talk about the FOB's,but you're a sniveling bunch of naysayers.

You can drive your turkey tank where the sun don't shine. You'd probably love it.

Gunsmom00, the ICER member said...

Breck... googled my handle? You have wayyyyyyy too much time on your hands. You've already noted "I'm an Icer" on a previous post, so this really isn't breaking news. I've also noted there are many non-icers who laugh their asses off over your antics on ABF. We'll just leave it at... I'd be totally mortified if my son's main interests in life were dressing in goofy attire and worshipping a dead horse.


McButterpants said...


I actually do feel a little bad for this guy, honestly. Something isn't right here.

And before Mr Barbrro wants to try to "outdo" me or say I'm "jealous", I've actually been to the Jacksons' house. By invitation, even! Spent quite a lovely afternoon in their trophy/portrait room and meeting the residents of the farm. Gotta give them lots of credit - since Barbaro, they've had to deal with a LOT of crazy (and if you think they didn't realize a lot of these folks are crazy, you'd be wrong), and they do it with a ton more class than I would. :) I also was fortunate to meet Barbaro - well before he was injured and the whole internet universe started following every fart and cast change and creating insane photoshops of him in "hevvin"

I also have no cellulite, so yay me!

In any case, Kent, or whatever your name is, I recognize that different people find different ways to give their lives meanings. Apparently there's a large contingent of 20-something men these days who are REALLY into My Little Pony. And that's OK, it takes all kinds to keep the world turning. But you may want to consider branching out, or at least understanding that what is "cool" to you may not be to the rest of the world. It's not jealousy that makes people point and laugh, as much as you might want it to be. And protesting that it is jealousy, and calling other people names and using bad language just makes you look more certifiably insane.

CLK said...

"Financial success" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Holy crap, son........you probably work at Baskin Robbins or something like that. No self respecting, financially successful businessMAN would wear the crap you wear in public. Two words: Grow up.

Also, who cares how many books your ol' buddy Alex sold at Delaware Park? He only sold 45? That prick should have sold a thousand....that's a freakin' home game. It was a day SPECIFICALLY intended to "honor" a horse that has ben dead for 4 years now, so of course the mindless freaks will melt down and buy another book because they feel sorry for this chump. He'll eventually sell enough books to make enough cash to impose his will on you mindless idiots over there on ABR, then leave all of you high and dry. Either that or he'll buy enough Samuel Adams to disappear for 10 years, and his worshippers won't know what hit them.

Bottom line....the reason no one is telling you to basically screw off on here is because of the entertainment value of your childish crap. Keep posting stupid stuff and keep me laughing....just don't expect ANYBODY to think you're anything close to a "winner".

CLK said...

Gunsmom00.......Breck's been "googling his handle" all day. Don't be flattered that's googling yours.

Anonymous said...

BrokebackRider is actually going to wear his Secretariat outfit to work. I wonder where he works.


And more pictures of the infamous car

Anonymous said...



talking horses

Anonymous said...

that one appears not to work

moron photoshop

Just "Wundrin" said...

Does anyone know how old the "Breck" person is and what he does for a living??? That's assuming he leaves lah-lah land long enough to work...

Anonymous said...

LOL! My aunt is a big shot at the Canterbury Track here in MN, ole' BreckNRidger is the laughing stock at the track. Can you say "freak."

He's from my neck of the woods, I would love to see that weenie little man driving his weenie little car some day down there (I occasionally work the back side). I'd like to talk to him just to see how far out there he really is, or if this is just for attention.

Judging by the pics of the inside of his apartment, he really lives in his imaginary world. He has picks of beanie babies posing on diff things, and his whole place is decorated in Lael colors and B memorabilia.

BreckNridger said...

You people are disgusting, sitting in your little corner of the internet.
You know nothing about me, where I work, what I do. My friends at ABR love me and appreciate me and my outfits, photoshopping expertise,and my car.
Anonymous July 21, 2011 4:52 PM, your Aunt is probably one of those 350 lb toothless wonders who have worked at CBY for a million years and think they are big shots.


Anonymous said...

Hey Breck, you're delusional. The only people on ABR who like your "look" are a handful of other weirdos like yourself. If you think those are normal people, well I can see you really do have some mental issues.

Anonymous said...

No, sorry, she's in Marketing, nothing toothless about her.

Anonymous said...

Major LOLs at BrokeNBacker. I think he's been sniffing the fumes off his POS whatever the hell MOPAR he has.

Speaking of sniffing fumes, after Lentenor and Nicanor didn't meet their expectations ("but that's ok, we love them anyway"), now they have grandiose dreams for Margano (Marginal). Maybe this one can be another Barbarro.

Margano seems to be the first brother who genuinely seems ready to race at 2, like Barbaro. He seems to be the most like Barbaro just in general. Who said he was "all business" at Stephens in Ocala? Barbaro was that way, too. I sense an ease about him, comfort in his own skin and his own ability -- cannot begin to tell you why, that is just what I am feeling about him.

CLK said...

Pretty bad when the people in the front office at Canterbury know what a jackass you are. LMAO....you sit there and piss and whine and cry that "you people don't know me" then you tell somebody that their aunt is 350 lbs and toothless. You don't know his/her aunt from anyone else in this world. People judge you because you post your annoying shit all over the internet. You fucking moron....nevermind your clothes and car, grow a damn brain.

Anonymous said...

That's OK CLK, I actually had dinner with her last night and we we're talking about the nutters the track attracts (no pun :) ) and I brought up BreckNRidger (oh, and I know his real name now, but won't put it out there, because I have class, unlike him).

Anyway, I told her about this conversation and she got a kick out of it. He's considered a side show at the track, and she said when anyone with see's him they duck and run! I guess he's as nuts in person as he comes across here.

But, she did mention that he seems to eat up any and all attention he can get, so I'm going to back out of this conversation and just read, I don't want to satisfy his pathetic need for attention. I'll leave that up to the panty throwers at ABR (watch out, those puppies will knock you out if you get hit).

Keep it up at Canterbury, there just waiting for you to come back!

Anonymous said...

Kent, you leave me speechless. You're such a sensitive dude. You'll make a great husband for some guy or gal.

" For sure Tricia. Hard to understand why such an incredible horse like Barbaro had to have such a short life. Thankfully he's in greener pastures now, and we'll get to meet him someday. I probably shared this on Bumps a while back, but during the 07' Derby, I remember watching Derby pre race coverage, and seeing the throngs of people at Churchill, and feeling incredibly sad and empty knowing Barbaro wasn't there. Then I "day dreamed" 2 different scenarios. The first in which Barbaro appeared amongst the crowds, entered the track to a thunderous roar, and did a victory gallop to a standing ovation! In the other scenario, I found myself all alone at Churchill on a beautiful spring day, looking out on the track, and seeing a lone horse galloping down the backstretch, as I descended the stairs to track level. And as I stepped on the track, the horse was just rounding the turn for home, and I immediately noticed something familiar, and as he got closer, I knew.....It was Barbaro! And I met him at the finish line, gave him a big hug, and suddenly everything felt right with the world again.

(I cried while imagining these things, but found it incredibly comforting.....Maybe Barbaro and Heaven are closer than we think, and that image of him at the street corner is more real than imagined)"


Anonymous said...

Why do do I hear the chorus of Styx singing "too much. . time on my hands" right now?

Anonymous said...

Insanity! They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Here, have a chuckle:



Anonymous said...

The scary thing is he really doesn't know what a freak he looks like.. and really hasn't faced the reality that people are laughing behind his back... sigh....

Anonymous said...

I just have to chuckle when I hear him talk about his expert photo shopping skills. From what I've seen, I have no doubt my 11 yr. old couldn't do. Doesn't take a lot of talent to stick a horse on a corner or put sunglasses and a cap on a picture. Then again, he thinks he's something because a bunch of lonely woman talk to him on ABR.

BreckNridger said...

Big talk, yet hiding behind Anonymous names ridiculing the FOB's, me, my photoshops, and my car. I'm not hiding behind a Anonymous handle. At least Gunsmom isn't hiding.
I don't see any photos of you or your ride. You're probably a bunch morbidly obese pigs with beat up filthy pieces of crap to drive. You probably all have been featured on peopleofwalmart.com,you know the look, the sweathogs riding the motorized shopping carts due to your obesity.

Little people in gigantic people's bodies.

CLK said...

Again Breck, there you go...saying the same shit on a different day. You know what? Most normal people aren't so vain that they feel the need to post pictures of their car. When I bought my car, I didn't take picutres of myself with my car and post them all over the internet...do you know why? BECAUSE I KNOW THAT NO ONE REALLY CARES WHAT CAR I DRIVE....IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER!!!!!!!!! I'm not so wrapped up in what people think of me that I have to let everyone know what I have, what I did, what I'm doing, or who I know. The FOBs and yourself have a huge problem with that. "LOOK AT THE HORSIE THAT IIIIIIIIIIII SAVED...I'M SOOOOOOOOOO SPECIAL!!!!!" Like I said, grow up, all you have is basically "fat jokes" made popular by third graders. You've never seen most people that you are hurling mindless insults at in your life. You can't say that about everyone else here, because unfortunately you leave yourself open to ridicule because of the pictures of yourself that you post. One could ceate a website "Jackasses of Minnesota" featuring pictures of you and only you. I really don't care what you do with your spare time, but the whole world doesn't care to see you wasting your time being a grown up child. Piss off, dipshit.

Anonymous said...

I have something serious to say to Kent. Canterbury is literally right down the road from you. Yes, I'm the one with the aunt there.

Why don't you honor Barbaro by helping out with the placement/rehab of some of the TB's from the track here. I'm involved occasionally with helping keep/transport a horse. The rescues are ALWAYS looking for help, in any capacity that you can give. Get your hand dirty, help in evenings/weekends. That is what devotion to a breed is.

Bring positive attention to Barbaro's name, and the other horses you so obviously love. There's nothing wrong with that in itself. You may not get as much outward attention as you do going about it the way you are now...but I promise in the long run it is a much better way of honoring B than adding to the laughingstock of people generally associated with him.

I promise you it would take you all of 10 minutes down at the track to find a way you could help. It's not all about pretty horses and pretty silks, most of it isn't pretty at all.

Anon said...

Anonymous, you stated: "Get your hand dirty, help in evenings/weekends."

I'm sure BnR gets his hand soiled on a very regular basis.

The Cult seems to think by BUMPING threads, they're doing something for the horses.

The Cult also doesn't realise that many people quietly help horses, other animals, & people in need WITHOUT saying "Look at me!!"

By the way, don't forget to enter the contest to win a weekend trip to Tierra Motha to eat dirt with Jim.

Anonymous said...

lmao, I meant to say "get your handS dirty." !

And yes, that was the point I was trying to make, do something that matters! I was just trying to say it in a nicer way, hoping he would listen. Doubtful.

Anonymous said...

lmao, I meant to say "get your handS dirty." !

And yes, that was the point I was trying to make, do something that matters! I was just trying to say it in a nicer way, hoping he would listen. Doubtful.

WWBD said...

speaking of bumping:

48,374 bumps for the "Jesus" of the FOB CULT.

That's a whole lotta love!!!!

Barbaro - Nicanor - Lentenor - "BUMP" IF YOU LOVE BARBARO

Anonymous said...

The FOB's do a great job making themselves and even the Jacksons look stupid. They did it in the past http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/eticket/story?page=derby and they continued to do it recently on ABR and various blogs when the Jacksons made the decision to remove Nicanor and Lentenor from Matz. They were besides themselves and thought how terrible it was for these owners to make such a business decision.

Even close friends of Alex Brown have been heard making fun of him but he is just too stupid to see the light!

CLK said...

48,374 bumps by about 25 'mentally challenged' people....

CLK said...

Holy fuck the candles are low....this has to be the number 1 priority in life.


Anon said...

Anonymous said...
The FOB's do a great job making themselves and even the Jacksons look stupid. They did it in the past

...........and keep doing it, this isn't recent,but worth noting.

This is a classic. I'm not a great Paw-Lick fan, but in this column he tells it like it is, and the usual CULT Members chime in:


GregJackass must have his internet time cut down as he hasn't been on quite as much. Perhaps his employer caught him on the CULT forum on company time.

I remember LaserRob used to call him out on it.

Candle Lighter said...

They're hating life:




BreckNridger said...

You people are demented. Leave the candle site alone. It was NOTHING before BARBARRO. The FOB's made it what it is, we should remain on top. This is important. It helps many grieve.

Lay off, Someone will have this horrible blog shut down.


Anonymous said...

Candles.org is a popular site, mostly used for HUMANS. You generally don't light a candle at church (where it originated) for an animal.

HELP THEM GRIEVE, for Christ's sake. If they're still grieving that badly over a HORSE they never MET, they bigger problems than their candles getting low.

I lost my mother 2 years ago, and it was damn hard. But time heals. I even used that site to light a candle for her a couple times (recommended to me by someone who I'm sure never heard of Barbarro). I sure in hell didn't fall apart when her candle went out! lol.

Kent, go do something for the horses.

Anonymous said... said...

I would guess that Kent has been trying to do things for horses, sort of like Mr. Hands, aka Kenneth Pinyan did.

Anonymous said...

20 bucks says BreckNhumper comments on the new blog calling us all fat toothless bitches instead of here where he's being discussed. Any takers? HAHAHA!

CLK said...

Hey BreckNfucker...learn how to spell your God's name...B-A-R-B-A-R-O. It's not spelled like your crack smoking license plate. Go fondle some balls.

Anonymous said...

You wouldda thought Lentenor just won the Kentucky Derby, instead of a crappy little PARX race.

a href=http://forums.delphiforums.com/AlexBrown/messages?msg=56367.248

Sort of like a high school athlete running against the Special Olympics.
Lentenor's average earnings per race: 10,526

The others:

And GregJackass needs the self back patting apparatus linked by Bumper in Buc's donkey post.
" The sad part? There was four homeless men about every few hundred feet on the ramp asking for donations in the 90 degree heat, I emptied out my change in my car, maybe about twenty dollars? Anyways, they were so nice once I gave them what I could, very gracious for their situation. It made the long hot drive a little better knowing how grateful they were and they weren't rude or anything one would think. The saddest part? I saw people in Mercedes, Lexus, and Porsche's not even bring their window down and give a cent, disgusting people they are!"

He's so much better than all of the others. (post 56367.123)


Side note, whatever happened to Laser Rob who used to call GregJ out a lot?

McButterpants said...

"Why don't you honor Barbaro by helping out with the placement/rehab of some of the TB's from the track here. I'm involved occasionally with helping keep/transport a horse. The rescues are ALWAYS looking for help"

Please... no. On behalf of rescues/rehab places - we don't need crazy volunteers. It's hard enough to manage normal volunteers.

Anonymous said...

I posted about Lentenor's last race on GregJ's blog. Let's see if the CULT comes in to bash the statistics.

August 2, 2011 8:20 AM

Buc, are you a "member" og Greg's blog?

Anonymous said...

GregJ's blog is such a fraud. I posted on it,stating that Lentenor ran a good race, congratulating him for his win. Then I went on nicely stating that I hoped he could continue his form when tested against better horses, mentioning the average earnings of all involved.

I suppose I wasn't positive enough as cheers, Greg has deleted my post.

Alex has trained him well.

The barbaro family, are god, Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, all in one and can do no wrong in their eyes.

Anonymous in VA said...

Re: The Lentenor Win... I'm confused as to why the Nor Brother Fan Club keeps insisting on giving ALL the credit to MM and the "old" crew... seems to me the CURRENT trainer should get a few "atta boys", and the MM team should be a "non-issue" at this point...

Anonymous said...

Because they are all nuttier than squirrel shit :)

BreckNridger said...

You people don't give up. Small simple minded idiots.

CLK said...

You obviously thrive on negative attention, otherwise you wouldn't worry about posting when there have been no posts for 4 or 5 days. I guess no one is paying attention to your crappy ride and photoshops on ABR, so you need to garner some attention here. Better to have people fling shit at you as opposed to having no one pay any attention to you at all, right? There's gotta be a psychiatric disorder that fits that description. You and your FOB flock are all the same, starving for attention. Go flog the dolphin to Barbaro's picture like you do a hundred times a day.

Lisa said...

You really think he'll leave??? This is the most attention "his royal weirdness" has ever got. Checked back here for shits and giggles, and sure enough....he's back! rotflmao

Go spank it once for Barbaro Kent, your hand is lonely.

CLK said...

WAAAAAHHHHHH!!! He wants more attention. Must have read that he hasn't posted on his "Barbrro" thread for a while, so he tried to cover his tracks. Anyway, this douchebag felt it was important to tell the middle-aged mutant ninja hoarders on ABR that he bought shelves....for his shoes. Like anyone fucking cares. LMAO...I think I'm gonna start posting a picture every time I scratch my ass so people can pay attention to me. Wow.

Anonymous said...

CLK, you spoke too soon!

LOOK AT ME! (my shoes)

pic link in case you can't get on ABR

Anonymous said...

edit out first line above, I'm tired, and only read your first line before posting links.

Maverick in Va said...

Riding down the street in his hooptie with those God awful shoes and matching shirts on.. now there's a visual you don't get everyday.... I haven't dressed my son in "matching outfits" since he was oh, THREE.

Anonymous said...

It seems that our boy Kent is impressing the non racing folks with his photoshop skills I've picked a few for your enjoyment.

If you only read one of these links, THIS is the one to read from post #17 to the end (currently #27)

spamming the thread with 3 posts of drivel

good god, he's not wearing a barbaro cap.....BUT WAIT

he starts a thread about the Sec movie then adds his cheezy shoes

a picture is worth a thousand words

another winner (notice photo in background)

what a moron

he just doesn't quit.............

Have fun!

CLK said...

LMAO!!!! He actually takes this crap out in public. The first link is absolutely hilarious. Those dudes think he is a freakin' nutjob...ya know what? They're right!

McButterpants said...

I just find it so hilarious that he's all 'check out my photoshop skills!' and 'i like to make the impossible plausible!!!' when the photoshops are so. bad.

And yes. wow crazy. And yet another crazy barbaro-er who only heard of the horse in the Derby. :rolleyes:

BreckNridger said...

Anonymous said...August 14, 2011 9:25 AM

Well, I see you morons have been stalking me. Don't you petty minded pigs have anything better to do. Why don't you help out some horses instead of hiding in your filthy corner of the web and talking about nice people who do good things.

None of you are worth the sweat off my scortum.

Which one of you stalked me, signed up at the Camaro Forum and posted about horse meat? Kilgore Trout? Funny funny ha ha.

I wish you nothing but deformed children, grandchildren. The pox on you.

I'll leave here propelled by my swift classy car,wearing my sporty kicks. My next car licence will say "N-V-ME" read it out loud, you pigs.

CLK said...

Your scrotum is sweaty from all that jacking off. Stop wishing bad things on people's children. It's not the world's fault you'll never have kids because you're gay. When you move out of mommy's basement, then start talking shit you scrawny little bastard.

CLK said...

And BTW, it's SCROTUM, not SCORTUM. Why do you keep commenting if no one here is worth the sweat off of your "scortum"?

BreckNridger said...

You say Tomato, I say Tomahto.


CLK said...

Douchebag....That's all you got? You even get bonus points for spelling it right. I knew you couldn't resist commenting...you gotta have that attention. Does your mom know you're on the computer again? Hide your playgirl magazine, here she comes down the stairs....

BreckNridger said...