Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Thank You Card To Alex


Thank you Alex....without your forum:

Lifelines would not have been able to scam near as many people for surgeries that were never preformed.

Mustang Heart would have never met the two people who let her live rent free, hoard and neglect horses and ultimately destroy their property.

Tierra Madre would still be living on a cup of soup in a house not filled with thongs and no ability to keep packing 34 and rising horses on less than 3 acres of land.

Fairdinkum would not have been able to kill as many horses.

EPONA wouldn't be able to keep dragging up her dead livestock in hopes to raise a dime.

The Buckaroo Boosters would not have found other nutters to help a poor colt suffer for months.

"Rescue" groups like CBER wouldn't have made near as much money selling their horses.

Jason Menduna would have had less horses to starve and kill and less women to swoon.

The people who run the candle site would have never been relentlessly harasses because the nutters couldn't keep enough candles lit for the Beloved Barbaro.

Several people would still have their homes, jobs and husbands instead of sending every last dime they had to keep horses away from the "ugly truck".

Private horse owners trying to sell animals they own would not have been stalked and harassed at all hours of the day and night.

Wikipedia might still be considered a half ass legitimate source of info.

People would not have been able to worship a dead horse and  pray to God at the same time they were threatening peoples lives.

So many nutters would still be wondering about the internet aimlessly.

Without you this blog along with many other forums that spawned from the screwing and craziness you harbor would not have been able to exist.

Cheers to you Alex!



Cut-N-Jump said...

Well said.

The dead horses, starving, crippled and suffering horses all thank him too, I'm sure.

At least all of the nutters seem to stay in one place. For that I am thankful.

kestrel said...

You rock BUC! It's a crying shame that the whackoids are collecting vast sums for salaries, all in the name of horses, when what they are doing is bad for horses. Sheesh. Check out HumaneWatch, they're airing the truth about HSUS.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I think this may be your best of all time. A thank you card to you for spreading the truth.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the nutters found a whole new group of people to suck dry now that they are on to Facebook.

Anonymous said...

On this subject:Mustang Heart would have never met the two people who let her live rent free, hoard and neglect horses and ultimately destroy their property.

You forgot the part where she harrasses and threatens the people who provided so well for her like a rabid dog acusing them of being horse killers when they have to force her to leave.

Anonymous said...

With lasterlike clarity you've hit the nail on the again one more time, BUC. We've missed you. Don't stay away so long this time.

Anonymous said...


May I suggest a card cover of:

Ace and Gary, the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Not that there's anything wrong with it........nor do those initials depict any specific individual(s).

RH2 said...

Wonderful! Alex certainly deserves credit for all this and more! Let's not forget Phoenix Rising, and the horses that may or may not still be alive. I'd like to send out a personal thank you for Kathy Elm. She never ceases to amaze me. Her comments are always something to ponder, and her Equine knowledge has often left me speechless. I do think there is something we should thank Alex for though. Without ABR, I don't think we would have been able to see the true personas of some of these people. They are a real study in contrast-loving horses, and hating their fellow human beings at the same time. My wish is that the FOB's continue to follow Alex wherever he goes. He deserves at least that.

Anonymous said...

I seemed to happen on this website but was looking for horse related things, and this seems like alot of hate and nothing that has any weight to it but a very mean, angry person here. Sad website. He or she must be a displaced homemaker or got fired from a post office?

Anonymous said...

5 months Buc and that is the best you can come up with? I am disappointed, Then again, The response you received by the comments left, What 8 total? Wow, No wonder the internet is slow, Must be all the traffic your blog is generating! It is a shame that everyone here and on ICER's will be disappointed that ABR will continue way past this year. Then again, What would you people do without it? It seems like all your time and energy is devoted to bad mouthing ABR, Sad, But funny at the same time, lol...

Anonymous said...

This blog would be funny if it wasn't so spot on. It's depressing what ABR and the FOBS have brought to the world of rescue.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you the good ABR has done certainly is alot more then this blog as well as Icers. What amazes me is the amount of time devoted by Buc and Icers to ABR, What good do either of them do? Besides bad mouth ABR? If that energy wasted on ABR was put to good use? Now that would be something! Too bad both seem interested in only negativity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - you sure are a nutty fob aren't ya? Sad that icers and this blog tell the truth about scam rescues who are of no benefit to the horse. Abr has done some good, I will admit to that, but not when they turn a blind eye to those who they are enabling. You've got several on there in past, Fair Dinkum, Jason, Lifelines and several now, Nbar to name one of them. Shooting horses yet still taking donations, selling horses at auctions. Yea, let's send them some money abr. You guys need a serious wake up call over there!

fernvalley01 said...

Well done! Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

Oh, little Wookie Wookster - or should I now call you PeterB, after your vicarious alter ego?? You are such an angry little Wookie. Why so mad, precious?? You posted as "Anonymous," so I will quote a bit to give some context.

"5 months Buc and that is the best you can come up with? I am disappointed, Then again, The response you received by the comments left, What 8 total? Wow, No wonder the internet is slow, Must be all the traffic your blog is generating! It is a shame that everyone here and on ICER's will be disappointed that ABR will continue way past this year." Blah, blah, blah,.... ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why "Peter" made fun of BUCS 8 comments at the time. That's about twice as many comments as Alex gets when he writes his crap. And 8 more comments than Tiera Madre ever gets!

Anonymous said...

BUC... It is good to see you back..
YOU are so right about ABR... I read some of what they say.. or dont say.. or try to say.. or think they said... or is it... WHEN THEY THINK THEY ARE THINKING...
give money for this or that.. save a poor little horse that can not see.. can not walk... can not eat... send money fast.. this poor little horse needs to see a vet...


but then if they could not come up with something then how would they get the money to support themselfs..

And I am not even going to get started on TM... that is A net case putting horses through hell just because he has to be a big man.... NOT...

dont stay away for so long next time....

Anonymous said...


Not a FOB Cult Member said...

Anonymous said...
June 28, 2010 4:06 AM
^ Funny stuff ^

For those who want to put a face with the moron here's a photo of Wookster/Greg Jackass

"In picture, from left to right, Terry, Martita, Edgar Prado, Geralyn, Eva, Jamie, and Myself. Taken on June 26, 2010 at Belmont Park."

on another subject, the "Wonderful Jacksons" have a mare Meet Hunca Munca 21 years old, Northern Prospect--Little
Prayer, by Jacinto
Foal born Mar. 31, a colt by Badge of Silver.
Will be bred back to Showing Up.
Owned by Mr & Mrs Roy Jackson.. If it were any other owners how kindly would the FOB CULT look at this??? Here's her record:
Full record:

1997/05/22 Silicon Val, b filly by Technology 1989

1998/05/15 Whatta Hunc, dk b/ gelding by River Special 1990

1999 Barren (bred to Chimes Band 1991)

2000/01/27 Souris, b filly by Defrere 1992

2001 Broodmare aborted foal (bred to Maria's Mon 1993)

2002 No report received

2003 No report received

2004/02/09 Lucinda and Jane, b filly by Exploit 1996
Died in 2010

2005 Barren (bred to Forest Wildcat 1991)

2006 Broodmare aborted foal (bred to Menifee 1996)

2007 Barren (bred to Dehere 1991 and Menifee 1996)

2008 Broodmare aborted foal (bred to Harlan's Holiday 1999)

2009/02/17 Unnamed, b filly by Harlan's Holiday 1999

2010/03/31 Unnamed, colt by Badge of Silver 2000 (Live Foal Reported)

Barbaro's Ghost said...

The Cult is out to get Imawildandcrazyguy off the track because they know more than his owners. Last time he ran for a tag, he ran for $62,000. I guess that won't stop them from another of their infamous email campaigns.

Anonymous said...

wow!! another internet stalker. Full of spite and resentment at seeing the success of another.

Hate much? chat so slow you have to make-up friends. looser,enviousness over a website with about a million more posts than you.

Anonymous said...

I hardly think a web site with the words "BUMP" posted a million times is anything to brag about myself. I enjoy reading Bucs web site and wish she would post more often.

Not a CULTIST said...

Anonymous said...
July 12, 2010 2:03 AM

There's a reason Alex is shutting the site down, MORONS like you, the bumpers, the self-back-patters, the topic changers, the stolen photo posters, the morons who fly into panic when the candle count goes low, the scammers. What a tribe of idiots.

Not a CULTIST said...

another thing...........
You FOB Cultists take over the BloodHorse blogs with your undying WORSHIP of Barbaro, Lentenor, Nicanor, Jacksons, Matz, Prado, etc.

Get over it. Most of you nutcases never knew anything about racing until your Golden Idol, Barbaro had his failure in the Preakness. Many of you idiots state that he was undefeated. Too bad, so sad, the records say otherwise.
You worship every dead horse and their relatives.

Read the link on my name and pick out the FOB CULT MEMBERS.

Anonymous said...

Now Kristin Chambers who saved the famous Clever Allemont that everyone worships has been arrested for animal and child abuse and neglect. All of her horses were seized anad some were euthanized.I wonder if Alex will add that to his book?

They begged her to take in more and more horses and then when the going got tough, they abandoned her and attacked her. Typical ABR situaition. That equals DEAD horses!!! I know they have a list of how many saved but I am curious if they have a list of how many dead?

Pssss.. Alex creeps me out. No hair, short and ugly and he sits and reads what these ugly hardup old women write daily since they have nothing better in life to do then sit on ABR. When they all kiss his ass does he whack off to it? Curious minds want to know Alex.. please do tell....

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't this Kristin Chambers situation hit the news other than this?:

It's weird, almost 600 posts in a week at "cheersalex's home for wimmen with no lives (and one girlyman, GregJ)

Nothing on google? What's the deal?

Not a FOB said...

Kansas Rescue Operator Faces Cruelty Charge

The operator of a Kansas horse rescue is facing an animal cruelty charge in connection with the removal of 80 horses from her Coffey County property last month.

Detective Tom Johnson of the Coffey County Sheriff's Department said sheriff's deputies and veterinarians removed the horses from the Winding Road Equine Rescue and Retirement facility on July 30 after a tipster complained about their condition. Johnson said the animals were receiving care at an undisclosed location. He declined to comment on their condition.

A spokesperson for Coffey County Attorney Douglas Witteman said that on Aug. 13 the facility's operator Kristin Chambers was charged with one count of Class A misdemeanor animal cruelty in connection with the removal. Witteman declined further comment on the case, the spokesperson said.

Chambers was unavailable for comment.