Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here Is The Deal...


I been asked several times why I don't blog much any more. Well, I never made it a daily thing to begin with, but as I look around ABR I find myself having a hard time of knowing where to start!

You have AC4H charging 2, 3x the amount for kill pen horses as the ones that come from Camelot.

You have "Gabe The Wonder Horse" who's owners have to run illegal internet raffles to have enough money to feed the horse....and I won't even get into the rescue that dropped a pony off in that trash dumpster of a place to keep Gabe company.

You have Tierra Madre still hoarding and killing horses....oh, and he also has an illegal internet raffle going!

You have Alex the Stupid having the FOB's do his research for his book for him instead of him putting the effort in himself. But good news! He just exclaimed he has over 110 photos for his book! Thank God because that cuts down on your own poorly written drivel!

You have horse after horse that was "saved" by FOB's and other good hearted people that get sucked into the "ugly truck" game that keep turning up starved, neglected and dead. Oh SO much better than slaughter!

You have rescue after rescue that keeps getting caught embellishing stories to keep their asses out of the sling.

You have rescue after rescue starving, neglecting and killing horses.

The idiots are running so wild over there these days that there is enough material to blog about for 10 becomes overwhelming of where to begin!

You have free horses that are being completely ignored while you have people scraping the couches to buy them from the auctions.

You have rescue after rescue stockpiling horses but you have a thread called "Rescues With Adoptable Horses" that is seeing very little action.

You have nutbag after nutbag losing their jobs, homes, husbands, family all because they have no self control and have spent every penny they have "saving" the horses and all their free time merrily bumping away threads.

And as usual, you still have Alex threatening to ban anyone that questions him.

And that is just today's drama, you tell me.....where in the fuck would you start?!?



kestrel said...

Thank you BUC! It's so nice to have someone else to stand in the corner with...the emperor has no clothes!

RH2 said...

Boy, do I hear you! If nothing else, ABR gives us a pretty clear picture of just how insane the world of Anti Slaughter Saving is. I always have good intentions of writing about something NOT ABR related, but the stuff that goes on there just floors me! As long as a horse doesn't end up Slaughtered, it can have any hellish existence leading up to a slow death, and no one seems to care. In fact, there will be those who will continue to defend the abusers even after we see tne pictures of the Equine victims. For people who proclaim to be the voice of those victims, they sure aren't saying much, are they? And Alex isn't even worth the type time, so there's that. I am a horse owner, have been for years. I'm also a realist. It's a tough combimation, but if it means understanding how the world works, and hoping for better options for the horses inhabiting that world, so be it. From what I've seen, the FOB's have done very little to make that world a better place for the many horses they "save". On a personal note, I'd like to read more from you, because I agree with what you say. But I understand how you feel. Some days it's nice to just own our horses, and enjoy our lives. That's what most of these people don't get. Horses can be a lot of fun. Work, and money, yes. But enjoyable, too. If they weren't, why would we go through this?

Anonymous said...

BUC you need to blog about Tierra Madre again. He's crying that he might have to get rid of some of his "kids". Jim isn't going to be happy until Beverly sells her house and gives him everything she owns!

Dena said...

Let's see...I have cream of celery and cream of chicken.
BUC it really does boil down to "Where the hell would I start!?!" doesn't it?
It takes a special kind of crazy to become a hoarder...I mean rescuer with other peoples money.

Anonymous said...

So Agree with you.. it is hard to be funny when the situations are so desperate you want to beat them all with a 2x4. It takes all the fun out of blogging when you read all the insanity.

Kilgore Trout said...

Too bad, So Sad to the FOB CULT. Yesterday LENTENOR lost (3rd) and today NICANOR lost (6th). Of course,over in nevernever land, blame was put on everyone else.

Ray Paulick has a blog speaking of "getting over" BARBARO, and the CULT is all over him like flies in the hay.

(Click my name for the link to the thread at ABR FOB CULT)

Not a FOB said...

A funny read, SidesaddleAlex gets in 1t with Bev of Brite futures. Why?

Bev posted that Short Squeeze was a half brother of Barbaro. Alex called her a fraud. True, by industry standards, SQ isn't a half brother of Precious Barbaro, and true Bev was "embellishing" the "value" of the horse by being half to Barbaro, but what follows is a typical FOB CULT reaction. People getting banned, people quitting,someone not writing a paragraph in alex's book. Greg Jackass reprimanded and quitting or being banned.
Funny stuff, but pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Alex's blog,

He's either crying or promoting himself. Last post is an email he received from Bev. I don't like Bev but I think she hit the nail on the head.

Not a FOB said...

and another one bites the dust:

and cheers and his fellow gavel swingers are on a banning binge again:

Cut-N-Jump said...

Like the words form the Brooks & Dunn song-

It just gets better all the time, just gets better all the time...

Add to the fray a couple in Cali, posting all over CL that they will pick up your horse and donate them to one of THREE rescues, for you. The horses Will Not go to slaughter!

One of the rescues- does not work with them and does not know them. Rescue ripped them a new one.

So they rewrite the ads to read- we work with ONE rescue...

The ONE rescue is posting there are XX number of horses in need. We desperately need donations to BUY the horses, and to FEED the horses or they will ALL GO TO SLAUGHTER!!!

Um, no they won't because the KB & feed lot owner has declined to accept any of the horses because their condition is so bad or the paperwork is so jacked up- nobody knows who actually owns which one?

But wait a minute- the CL ads states the horses won't go to auction or the KB...

So who is telling the truth here?

(begin sarcasm) YAY RESCUE! (end sarcasm)

Cut-N-Jump said...

I have asked all along:

What will happen to the horses?

What happens to them, now that the plants in the US have been closed?

What will happen to them when the borders are also closed? When legislation is passed making it illegal to ship horses over the boarder to slaughter...

What will happen to the horses?

Strange how nobody in rescue seems to be able to provide a legitimate or logical answer to that question.

I have an idea of what will happen. Most reasonable folks already do too.

Anonymous said...

Mary O'Brien had portrayed herself as a friend to horses in need. Raising considerable sums of money through online forums such as Alex Brown Racing, she brought retired thoroughbreds and horses bound for the slaughter pipeline to her Hidden Meadows Equine Rescue near Martinsburg, West Virginia, seemingly to provide a safe haven where horses could live and thrive without fear.