Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why Yes....It IS Cool :)


Alex has a blog....well ok, he has many, but let's talk about this one!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

cool! Greatness and Goodness, Barbaro and his Legacy is currently ranked on page 3 on the search result for Barbaro.

posted by Alex @ 5:39 PM

Well Alex....if you search "Alex Brown Racing" this blog is on page 1 for the search results....LMAO

I'm sorry, but I think that is just hilarious!




Anonymous said...

Go to

Type in: alex brown butt fucking barbaro

Top search:

Jan 12, 2008 ... Good morning, dear fren Barbaro! I am loving you and missing you as ...... butt fucking blond. Posted by: obwnwpgjkt at May 4, 2008 5:04 PM ...

Anonymous said...

lol buc. that is funny!

Anonymous said...

Anon #1

That is GOLDEN!

Ghost of Barbaro said...

Want to read some funny stuff? Some moron went to and posted about an onion story about injured horses. Well, it was a satire and used a photo of Precious Barbaro and some other horses. Some poster put up a link to various Onion stories about Cheersalex's favorite horsie. I grabbed the link and made it tiny. Some of the stories have been recoved, but can be viewed in the cache link. Lots of funny satire, sure to offend the ABR lurkers.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen icers lately check it out? It looks like Phonytails has her ass in a sling!

Anonymous said...

How does one find the Icers?

Sounds like a generic Slurpee at Apu's QuickeeMart.

Anonymous said...

Look in the Turkey Tank "PTales - A new start"

NOT a FOB Cultist said...

these morons are wringing their hands over a horse..........WHY?, you ask.......because of his NAME!


JUST because of it's name.

Obviously they have missed this one:


They'll collect tons to get We Get It off the track!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Off topic here....

ICERS has become completely hypocritcal.

There have been several red flags raised over the years regarding PonyTales rescue, most recently this summer when a visitor noted there wasn't enough hay for all the horse, but no one on ICERS will say shit about her. The visitor was chastised by Queen PonyTale for making her concerns public.

There is some serious bullshit going on over on that board.

Anonymous said...

That Charlie Brown book is nothing more than a vanity plate for his hot air balloon trip back to England.


cheersalexbrownie said...

If you can cheat, and get away with it, then you should cheat. This is taught to us all, via professional sports. ~ CheersAlexBrown

Come visit my funny farm, join in on the fun. All are welcome, cheers alex

Anonymous said...

I thought it peculiar a few years back that Alex was working at Keeneland and didn't visit some of the great sights and great horses that were in the area at the time. Uh, don't we actually want to do a little research about "greatness" or at least look the word up in the dictionary or was this all just a work of fiction?