Sunday, November 28, 2010

OMG, Really? Pass The Frickin Kleenex....


Poor Alex needs a hug. Every time someone sends him a less than nice email he has to run crying to his little harem.....which noticeably gets smaller and smaller by the day, LOL.

Alex says:

I do know there are many ppl here who post here but do not like me. it's the reality of running a message board for rescue ppl. cheers, alex

No Alex, it's not the reality of running ABR....It's the reality of someone who has no social skills. It's the realty of someone who has a God complex. It's the reality of someone who takes no responsibility for their actions. It's the reality you have created for yourself.

If I were Alex I would consider myself lucky that I got so little hate mail. Hell if I posted every time someone sent me a nasty gram I'd be updating this blog every day....but then again, I don't need coddled like an infant all the time.....nor do most adults.

Love how Alex put his whiny message in the "Rescue" section of the forum and how he turned around and locked it before someone could tell him what a stupid little Nazi prick he actually is :)

And does anyone want to take bets on whether Alex actually pulls the plug on ABR in the next 6 months? I think he's grown a bit jealous of others trying to take over his gig...he certainly isn't offering any type of hand!

And that's a whole nother deal....a "new" forum...have you guys been following the "
Discussion Board Transition Ideas" thread? How many idiots does it take to slap together a forum? Do they not realize it took Alex and any other human who created a forum about 10 seconds to set one up? Talk about overthinking!!!

There are only about 10 people left who give a rat's ass about a new forum anyway. But if they want to waste their time...I'm cool with that!

Gives the whackaloons something to do I suppose.....

Anyway, I do sincerely wish them the best of luck....God knows it's kind of nice having all the fruit-nuts confined in one place instead of them out running  around!



Dena said...

I needed the laugh BUC and I appreciate your sharing it.

How's everything in your world?
If you find yourself full up on Sunshine and Roses I will gladly trade you some of the rainbows, butterflies, and glitter, that have been forcefully pumped up my ass over the last bit.

One Bad Pixie said...

New on the scene, but not new to the horse industry. I agree that it is nice giving the "Intellectually Challenged" a place to play so we all know where to find them.

Anonymous said...

The ABR board is never going away. Narcissists never let go of anything
UNLESS something bigger and better comes along.

This was one of the Nazi twits more pathetic moments.
Can anybody say pitiful.

Wookster8 said...

I am now the self appointed Grand Emperor of the FOB CULT. The ladies have sent me many crusty thongs to show their appreciation. Too bad, so sad for Jim in Tierra Madre. I will take it over and be the Exalted one of all things Barbaro, Lentenor, Nicanor, Moroninor, La Vile Rouge, Dynaformer, Matz, Jackson and Edgar Prado. (and I will do it on my employer's dime,screwing off when I should be working)
I will get this offensive blog shut down.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Crumb, face of the FOB's, with her hand in the cookie jar.

I wonder if her name appears in the book? AB's vehement denial's of this current situation leads me to believe she is.

Brut Al Fobio

Dena said...

Greg which "offensive blog" will you get shut down? Alex's?
And seriously, Dude you do not really want that collection of unmentionables. Do you?
Does this mean you are not a fan of the whole Tieraa Madre 1/2 a cup of soup a day, 30+horses on less than 3 acres, all the apple crisp you can eat, American Way?
Why Greg there just may be hope for you yet.
Merry Christmas and thanks for this gift. Seriously.:)

Julie said...

To the point and true as usual... I was having blog withdrawls... so glad to see an update!!!

Anonymous said...

man, he posted recently something about speaking at UDelaware... I wanted to ask so badly if he was going to talk about how many scammers and hoarders his grand networking experiment was propping up.

Sometimes it sucks to have to play nice and keep those thoughts to myself. heh.