Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Adventures Of Phonytales! Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Geez, where oh where to start....Ponytales....Phonytales....

Laurie first walked on the scene of ABR not to long after it's birth, singing praises of herself from the beginning. Naturally it wasn't long before she too decided to become a "rescue" since she found a place where others fed into her....someplace she could feel so many of the other failed rescues that found ABR did.

She walked onto ABR claiming to be a certified vet tech and an equine nutritionist....neither of which turned out to be true.....and still follows suit to this day with half truths and make believe.....but fortunately for her, a vast majority of the FOB's don't have a clue.

I copied the most valuable lines in her posts because of past history, Phonytales has a habit of deleting and "fixing" her posts and web site when people point out the inaccuracies. My own personal comments are those in of right now, everything underlined is clickable and it will take you directly to Laurie's own words.

July 5th, 2007

I am a certified vet tech who has specialized in large animals for 12 years, I also have a degree in Equine Nutrition  (ironically enough, Phonytales also claims in this post "I would rather not be a 501(c)3 rescue"....but since becoming has harped on the fact you should be one to be "legitimate".... )

July 27th, 2007

Not only am I a vet tech but I also have a degree in Equine Nutrition There you go again!

January 2nd, 2008

I did not say that I was a CVT, LVT or RVT (Certified, Licensed or Registered Vet Tech) Sorry did say it, at least twice before you were busted....

I have an Equine Nutritional Consulting Business with MANY very happy clients. Was I enrolled at Cornell University? No. Did I study their curriculum, listen to their lectures, read their notes, and do everything that their students did? Yes. Does that make me an expert or earn me a degree? Most certainly not. Then why lie about it? And where are all these many happy clients? You certainly haven't made any mention of them in years.......and God knows you can't blow your nose without telling someone!

Just another funny....on January 24th 2010 she also claims to have been a "professional trainer" at one time....LMAO....I'd bet my last dollar that is another lie. She's posted videos of herself riding and lunging horses and there isn't anything professional about her! Scary....Yes! Professional, No! Of course you guys remember "Jed" that was so horrid he had to go, yet he did great with someone else......

January 3rd, 2008

This whole post is hilarious....but this is the best LOL of them all.....Which is why I choose to keep my rescue small, and not take in anything that is difficult to manage. That apparently didn't give you enough notoriety with your FOBots!

November 29th, 2009

We try to take in VERY needy rehabs only. Just another 180 folks....nothing new here...

And this thread from November 30th, 2009 is just a frickin HOOT! And this.....LOL.

Oh, and remember her now deceased stallion? Remember her having the web page offering his breeding services and when busted for it she claimed it was "just a joke"....sure it was dear! Unfortunately this is one of those things you can't link to, you had to be around with the posts being on the old ICERs and her immediately deleting the web page....but fugly did do a piece on her and her stallion.....

I could play this game all day of things she said then changed her story or altered it to make the FOB's happy over the years....I think a good majority of you have already caught on though.

So now she's closing....or is she? It's so confusing she doesn't even know what she's doing. God forbid she'd have to pay off the final bills herself for the mess she has created. With 6 less mouths to feed and running her "boarding business" you'd think paying off the mere $3000 she claims to owe a breeze. But why do right when you can stay a 501c3 and still ask for money and have those bills paid for you.

And what happened to this? Posted on ICERs March 26th, 2011....

Lastly I have things going on in my personal life right now that also require my time, and are also the reason for the much needed downsize, unlike others I keep my personal life personal and don't use it to garner support and sympathy.

It didn't take long at all for this 180 to happen! A disgruntled board member makes a post and the full blown pity party begins!

I'm not getting into anything else, but I think it's pretty unfair to tell someone that is fighting a life threatening health condition on top of a health condition that WILL leave them paraylized at some point in their life, that they are whining.


No I should not be horseback riding, at all, I shouldn't even be mucking stalls.

But please note that Laurie has no intention of closing her "boarding business"...because she is just fine for that! And the horses are treated like show horses and all :P


Again about my motorcycle, it's part of my "bucket list".....I'm going down the list. I won't be getting any better, I'm just hoping not to get worse.

And a clear list for her pity party, which again, she's pretty much done EVERYTHING she has harped on other rescues from doing over the years ;-)

For the record (public record) since I have been being asked questions, this is a list of the reasons why we are trying to close down:
A) Too many horses
B) Not enough money
C) Declining health
D) Volunteer/board member sold house and is moving
E) Board member/contributor resigned
F) Marital Issues
G) Family Issues

Let's discuss F) Marital issues.....hubby was pissed back in 2007 when Laurie only had 8 horses and they were in her own yard at the time.....but she didn't seem to concerned. Why try to make the husband happy when you have so many FOBots to impress!

My husband demanded a divorce a few weeks back. In his words he is tired of taking a back seat to the animals.

Another funny thing is a long time ago, back when the first ICERs was born, Laurie used to email me to share stories of what she had done to other rescues on ABR under false identities. I'm not sure if she thought I was cheeky enough to enjoy her drivel or she was trying to make nice hoping she never popped up on this blog.

I think we can all agree here that I can't stand Debbie from the old Mustang Hearts and wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire....but I also find some of the things Laurie did to her to be some of the most the most unethical crap I've ever seen in my life. I refereed to it as "wicked evil things" over on ICERs.

This thread "Reaching Desperation Status Here" on ICERs pretty much has it all in there. Unfortunately my old computer with all of the saved emails crashed a while back....and while I do believe it's fixable and retrievable, I couldn't wait any longer to do this blog.

If you'll notice within that thread when I accused her of posting AS Debbie's landowner and she told me how wrong I was because the landowner gave her the info to post...of course she calls the land owner a "she" and I only knew and had the email claiming the landowner was a "he" she has pretended to be 2 of Debbie's land owners...not just one! LMAO! Busted twice by her own admission!

Her post to Debbie......

Another post saying how it is all true and she IS who she says she is :-P

And her email to me bragging about it.....

"I would be MikeRID...Her landlord is Mike XXXXXXXX in ID...heeheehee"

I did remove his last name out of a tiny bit of respect since Laurie doesn't have any!

Known ID's of Phonytales (off the top of my head since everything was stored on my now crashed computer)....MikeRID, MireID, MaryKSmith....and myself and others that have emailed have a pretty good idea on a ton of other fake ID's....but since I don't have proof....well you know how that goes!

You can find all kinds of back peddling in that thread along with the resent thread she's started "Elephant in the room" absolute favorite is where she says:

Full of myself? Yup I am, call it a personality flaw, disorder, whatever, psychiatrist calls it Histrionic Personality...

And when I agree with her she says:

Actually no, I said I had a Histrionic Peronality according to my shrink, not Histrionic Personality Disorder. Ummmm....excuse me? Shrink says you haz it....which is it again? LMAO....and for anyone not familiar with Histrionic Personality Disorder, please fits Laurie to a T!

Remember Tee from Lifelines? That's one of the bad guys Laurie claims "I tried to tell you!!!!!!" when she went down......but wait! Laurie helped a friend of hers get placement for a horse there and even thanked Tee :-P

Seriously, like I said earlier...I could literally play this back peddle game all day with her posts, both resent and over the's never ending! She can't say the same thing twice!

All in all in conclusion, I think this post made on the last blog pretty much sums up my feelings....

I honestly believe her husband is sick of being a single father and working full time, while she's out fulfilling her "fantasy." Who wouldn't want to play with horses all day, in the name of rescue.

You know he's footing the bill on a lot of this. She never spared ANY expense on these horses. Why keep a 3 yr old horse alive that is barely pasture sound? At what cost financially? The expensive surgeries, two three opinions at different clinics. I don't think she budgeted money very well.

I bet hubby put the hammer down and said "enough." Her kids need a mom, Christ, they're young too. You hardly ever hear her mention them.

The health issues I don't buy. She may have some, but she's playing that up as the reason. She's stated she drinks, is overweight (not knocking that but in regard to health), I would think those things would be a lot more detrimental to someone's health than working around the barn. Physical exercise is good for most conditions.

I dunno, it just sounds fishy. She would have been better off not saying so much, but then again, she's always had a problem with that. Every time she stubs her toe she has to post it. She's just an attention whore. Most people I know that are truly good horse people are modest and don't need a pat on the back every time they pound a nail. She doesn't seem to have an ounce of common sense.

And actually there are a lot of good comments under the last blog if you have the time to read them!

And let's make NO mistake....even though these horses are not skin and bones, they are STILL having to be rescued from a rescue. Before it's to late, after it's to makes no difference....horses have been put into a "rescue" situation where they now cannot be properly taken care of.....all while Laurie has had all the time in the world to tell other people how rescuing should be done and putting herself on a pedestal....THAT's what really chaps my ass!

Phonytails also needs to learn that there is life and rescue outside of ABR! Maybe if she had actually tried to run her rescue right and use her board members (notice they all seem pretty disgruntled!) she probably wouldn't be a failure....a liar? Oh hell yes, she'll never give that up!

Ok, CRAP...I really need to stop now....there are just so many tales to tell.....LOL!



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Anonymous said...

Thank you, BUC! Think she'll wander on over here and post? If she doesn't, I'll make a donation to the best horse rescue I know. One that does it the right way. Oh, heck, I'll do it either way.

Anonymous said...

You called that right, she is a big phony! Most of the nutrition advice she gives is bad and someone has to come along and correct her. I also think it's against the law for her to consult people on nutrition without a license.

Bumperoo said...

Ponytale1976 11:18 am
Still bumping for help with the $500 + I had to pay from my personal bank account leaving my short on bills to get everyone freshly trimmed and fed/bedded until their journey to Project Sage.

'nuff said

Broke Ass Nelli said...

But didn't she say she used the $500 her grandmother gave her to have the horses trimmed up? So if she spent that $500 that was given to her, why is she $500 behind in bills?

And why am I even asking, lol, we know she can't tell the truth already.

Anonymous said...

Re: the rescue that took Laurie's horses. It's located in a very affluent area (median income well into the 6 figures with a dense population). A much better demographic for an equine rescue. Doesn't mean the rescue shouldn't work hard at fundraising, and I'd actually like to hear more about that from Brittany, not just begging on the Internet, but...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post BUC, I appreciate it when people say it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the FOB are going to pay her bills this time. I know I am through with her after going back through her old posts today.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! for finally posting about this loser.

Shit floats to the top, especially on ABR, and she's a prime example.

Anonymous said...

I love the title of this blog!

Anonymous said...

Hope she can take it as good as she dishes it out.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, this needs some serious Facebook exposure. Anyone know how to get the link up?

Anonymous said...

Buc is right. I followed a lot of those old links and Lori is always changing or adding to her stories.

I don't think she treats the horses bad at all, but she is so fake. She wants everyone to think she is special and someone to listen to.

I've always thought she was a jealous attention whore anyway but here is the proof!

Anonymous said...

She was on Fugly a few years ago for that stallion she had.

Anonymous said...

I find strange that these words "keeping them well fed until they go" were used, don't know why just find it odd.
If the horses ate grandma's gift money, oh wait it was the bill money. Sage should be watching for them to poop money, she did find a bill in a pile before.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see the picture of Charlie that Project Sage posted? He looks like shit. Of course Ponyfails points out right away she is unsettled with the way he looks after being in a boarding barn for 2 years. So much for site checks and keeping up with her horses under her contract. No surprise here!

But then again, aside from Cosmo, I think the horses that were in her care look like shit to from someone who is supposedly so knowledgeable.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw her comment. More deflecting of responsibility. It's never her fault...

Anonymous said...

I find it pretty funny that all those truth seekers at ICERs are SO quiet about this. A couple of mildly slap on the hand comments and then nothing. Geez

Anonymous said...

Buc gave her a hard time but that's about it. Maybe they haven't seen this? There is hardly any updated blogs here anymore.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a tangled web we weave or two good rescues are tainted through their association with you. I won't donate to them anyymore. They can thank you for that. The truth gets out there eventually.

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed in the icers for more people not speaking up.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty active on the old ICERs for a couple years. I wrote the post Buc posted. I laughed when I read what Buc said about the emails regarding MH's.

Laurie sent me a bunch too, about all the underhanded stuff she did to Debbie. Laurie didn't know me outside of ICERS and forwarded me a bunch of stuff she had wrote claiming to the the property owner. Wonder how many others know about it too?? I'm sure it wasn't only the two of us. Some of it was terrible! Granted Debbie was a pile, but why go to the lengths Laurie did to make the situation even worse? I even told her via email, that I didn't think it was right. I never heard from her again, surprise, surprise.

The reason I quit posting on ICERs was because they never say shit when it's one of their own. If this was someone else they would be all over it. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

"The reason I quit posting on ICERs was because they never say shit when it's one of their own. If this was someone else they would be all over it. Hypocrites."

But they will also turn on their own if they get bored with ABR and there is nothing much happening elsewhere.

Kathy said...

Why all the anonymous posts? I never quite understood the chickenshit part of that....if you have something to say why not use your name? I have never posted a comment here, so dont know if mine will come up anon as well...if so I'm really spiritslegacy and you are right I just found this new blog in the last couple of days, I just have not had time to post a response onto ICERS. I have always had sometype of issue with Laurie, I could never quite put my finger on it, but for me it's the attention she craves not necc the how she takes care of her horses....they have always looked well taken care of. I do think she was just a little too cocky as far as thinking she is a "know it all" Buc pretty well found all the old posts I am speaking of from a "cocky" standpoint. I was not aware of the lies however.....interesting to say the least. Laurie you should be ashamed of yourself claiming to hol titles you didnt earn. Oh well, back to work then if I find time I will put my 2 cents in on ICERS tonight if it makes you all feel better. Kathy

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those anonymous posters HERE that followed ICERS and ABR over the past years w/o posting. If you just read what has gone on and you have a good memory you can see for yourself that it very hard to trust most of the internet rescues AND you don't want to be a target of some pretty nasty sinister behavior. One example, Ponytales. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

I also posted anon. There are a lot of vindictive folks out there.

Anyway, what's a google acct?

kathy said...

I am not sure what a google acct is, I saw after I typed mypost and went to the bottom here that you could add your name or choose another choice, but I dont know what they are.
as far as being vindictive, if what one is posting is the truth, why do you care, most of them are full of fluff with there threats anyway....I have seen a certain rescue threaten to sue folks over and over but have yet to this day actually see them do it.

Anonymous said...

Of course the threats to sue are absurd, but I have gotten some nasty emails when I've spoken the truth online and I don't wish to receive any more. Besides, couldn't I just make up a fake name and post?

Anonymous said...

I sure in hell don't want the ABR nutters knowing who I am. And I have seen first hand how low this particular person will stoop to fuck up someone's life.

There's a difference between chickenshit and smart.

Kathy said...

awww come on, thats a cop out! ok, maybe not some of the ABR Nutters, LOL but you are giving her a little to much credit. Have to run I have critters to feed!

Anonymous said...

re; Ponytales motorcycle

Someone posted on icers asking her how she could afford to buy it since she said she was broke. Her answer was someone gave it to her because she couldn't afford to drive her vehicle to the barn and back every day. No mention of a bucket list or anything else and not long after both posts were deleted.

BillNDaisyB said...

I agree with you Kathy on all the "anonymous" posts on here. I am very active on ICERs, and take exception to insinuations that somehow ICERs is "protecting one of it's own". I am incredibly disappointed to see how things are playing out with the announcement Laurie made about closing Ponytales. I think Laurie has done some incredible rehab work with many horses, and saved/rehomed many horses who otherwise would have probably ended up with a worst fate. I do NOT like all the story changing, I never liked the breeding of her personal stallion (in my opinion ANYONE who is running a "rescue" shouldn't be breeding ANYthing!), and I really don't like the "I didn't say that", and then it gets reposted that she did, indeed, say many things (such as being a certified vet tech, having a degree in equine nutrition, etc.) I also don't like the way it was originally posted on ABR as, "If someone doesn't take them I will euth them". I have no problem whatsoever with humane euthanization, but playing that card, especially on ABR, is bullcrap. I haven't posted much on ICERs regarding this whole matter, because, frankly, I wanted to see what others would say. I was told that Laurie told someone she only posted on ICERs because she had a "major financial supporter on that board"...that would be my family I am guessing, since we did a donation to Ponytales each year for the last few years...but maybe it was someone else. In any case, I am hopeful that the right thing will be done for the remaining horses, whether that be adoption or humane euthanization, and that they won't be held onto as pawns in a fundraising game.

Lisa said...

What are your opinions on Project Sage? I don't know anything about them other than what I've read recently. Really didn't pay attention to them much before. They just took Laurie's horses, and are now going to Sugarcreek on the 12th to buy, er, "save" 4 more.

Are they that successful at placing horses? I see they seem pretty involved in fundraisers, etc.

So, is this a decent rescue or do you all see red flags for this one too?

Anonymous in VA said...

I'm reserving judgement on Project Sage until after she visits TM in the fall, and see what kind of "report" she gives on that scenario.... if it gets a glowing review, I'll start to wonder....

Lisa said...

Didn't realize she was visiting them...hmmm...what's the purpose of her visit? Does she support them or is she just going to check it out.

If she thinks it's OK to warehouse horses like that, then that right there is a red flag for me. I don't buy the "Arizona" excuse either. Both my mares came from a stables in Arizona, and neither warehoused them like that.

Anonymous in VA said...

Lisa... I'll be really embarrassed if I have my rescues confused, but I'm pretty sure it's her... one of TM's supporters bought her tickets in a raffle to win a trip to TM, and lo and behold her mother had the winning ticket, so they'll be going there in October...

Anonymous in TX said...

You have your rescues right. I don;t think she has the guts to say anything about her approval or disapproval of TM.

My personal opinion is that Brittany is about like a horse trader. She buys and takes things that are easy to move. Donated money buys them and she gets hefty adoption fees for them.

Time will tell, but I see trouble in her future.

Anonymous said...

Aww how sad, Epona is still alive and kicking on Facebook and still threatening to shut down. Still scamming for bucks. "Epona Horse Rescue
Not sure what the future holds, the rescue has become a greater burden than anything else. It saddens me deeply but we may have to consider discontinuing the work. The lack of donations, support and relief for 19 hour days at Larry's and my age is not a good thing. No regrets for all saved but not sure how much longer we can go on."

Anonymous said...
12/8/2010 5:07 am Cappy- 9 year old, OTTB, gelding, 15.2 hands. Has healed sesamoid fractures and blown suspensory. Is pasture sound, and sound for walk riding most of the time. Total MUSH with people, could care less about other equines. UTD on all, requires front shoes.

Anonymous said...

12/8/2010 5:07 am
Cappy- 9 year old, OTTB, gelding, 15.2 hands. Has healed sesamoid fractures and blown suspensory. Is pasture sound, and sound for walk riding most of the time. Total MUSH with people, could care less about other equines. UTD on all, requires front shoes.

Anonymous said...

What's with Old Friends? 4 months ago they couldn't pay their mortgage and the FOB handwringers were all in a dither (didn't look for the thread, but here's the BH article

Now he's buying a $1.4 million property.

....and the Cult is giddy with glee over the news.

How long can Michael Blowhard keep this up? His Titanic has been cruising in frigid waters for some time. I'm wondering when he'll hit the big 'berg.

Anonymous said...

Good analogy on Old Friends. I've had a few concerns about them in the past year or two.

Anonymous said...

When she first got Charlie and Cappy she had x-rays done. Here is an email she sent out to a bunch of people about Charlie's results.

From: laurie Brinkworth []
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 2:02 PM

To: Subject: Bad News

Well, Charlie's X-Rays of his knee are in.
It appears that he did have several chips in there, there is nothing floating and nothing in the joint space itself. He does however already have severe arthritis, and the lower part of the joint is trying to fuse. The vet feels that this problem will eventually lead him to discomfort to the point that he should be euthanized. The vet said that light riding with no tight turns would be best for him, and that we 'MAY' get another 7-10 good years with him before the arthritis cripples him. We are going to put him on a joint supplement, consider Adequan, and give this boy all the love in the world until he isn't comfortable anymore.

Cappy's X-Ray did not come out well, so we will re-take it when Apache gets gelded in 2 weeks.

1096 Bethany Turnpike

Honesdale, PA 18431

(570) 253-6727

She was playing the sympathy card from the beginning. And please note that Charlie is at Project Sage with this listing.

(Charlie is close to the bottom of the page)


7 Year Old, 16 hh, TB Gelding

Adoption Fee: $700.00

Charlie would do best with an advanced beginner rider. He currently w/t/c and will take a jump with ease. Charlie is as sweet as can be and is very easy to handle. He trailers well, loves other horses, cross ties, and is a joy to work with!

He went from light riding with light turns to jumper! It's a miracle!!!

Anonymous said...

That's the crap I hate.

One of them is lying thru their teeth.

Maverick in VA said...

Re: Old Friends... I used to have the utmost respect for that place, but for whatever reason it irks me to no end that people had to bail him out of that "oops, I didn't realize I was paying the wrong mortgage payment" snafu to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars, and now turn around months later and make that kind of investment....

Anonymous said...

I have first hand experience that would prevent me from sending $ to Old Friends. That's all I can say.

♪ ♫ "The money my friend is Blowen in the wind.........." ♪ ♫

Also having been charge of a medium sized corporation's finances, I know how easily funds can be diverted to fulfill personal needs.

Did you ever wonder about charities that ask you to send prepaid "gift cards"? Those can be exchanged for cash on line (maybe not 100%, but hell, it's "free" money, yet the uninformed run out to Home Depot, Lowes, etc, and buy these cards "knowing" the rescue can't piss them away on personal things.

And to keep on topic, Phonytales just got another $50 via Cultmember's PayPal.

Maverick in VA said...

♪ ♫ "The money my friend is Blowen in the wind.........." ♪ ♫

REALLY big snort.. with spittle...

Anonymous said...

OK, so Brittany's response on ICERS said she wasn't aware of any issues.


She's already adopted out one of the horses, but Ms. "Honorary Vet" didn't drop off any medical records when she drove all the horses over there? I call BULLSHIT on both of them now!

And Lori completely failed to mention this horse wasn't wouldn't that be the first thing covered in the exchange???? Bullshit.

Either A. Someone is going to get hosed when they buy that horse. B. the horse is going to be crippled or C. someone is going to get hurt trying to jump a lame horse.

Nice. Assholes. And they call "horse traders" bad??? Most I know are pretty damn honest about that shit, it's their reputation at stake.

Laurie and Project Sage, you are both a shining example of why when true horse people hear the word "rescue," they get the hell outta the room.

Anonymous said...

Funny how his heels weren't all run under when Laurie got him.

She said they looked like they were hacked off with a I the only one that thinks they looked better in the picture she posted of the hoof (on the thread from Buc on ICER) than they do now?

Anonymous said...

Did somebody open a tin of sardines?

Anonymous said...

(a) Why does Charlie look as ribby going to Project Sage as when he arrived at Ponytales... PT posted this about his condition on arrival "Charlie was in worse shape then Cappy on arrival, skin and bones," -- She should be ashamed sending him out in that same 'skin and bones' condition 3 years later.

(b) On the lameness several things could be true. My first guess is that Ponytales is a drama queen and 'gonna be a total cripple in a few short years' plays better to her donor crowd. The fact is that bone chips solidify in the joint space over time and it is possible that they are no danger to the horse, but Project Sage (in order to avoid having to rely on old info or 'drama queen' interpretations, should just get new radiographs. If he isn't lame now, then he's fine and it is possible that he went sound and Ponytales wasn't inclined to let donors know about it. I personally think the chips are more PT drama queen stuff than anything else right now. Project Sage can settle it easily by new radiographs.

(c) I don't know Project Sage, but I've been trying to put this all together through all these links. I don't understand people jumping on the Sugarcreek trip. People donated specifically for that and it had been planned. The horses are going to some other farm for qt + ??? time. So they won't be taking up stalls at the project sage farm. It is a bit of a waste of money, but it appears that Sugarcreek is a 'horse rescue tourist destination' and they get a feather in their cap for being able to say that they've gone there. So I truely don't get the deal on that with people being upset that funds are being used for what they were raised for.

(d) I agree Project Sage should have funded puting down the senior headed for auction. Honestly, it costs less than buying a horse at auction. But the ABR board could do that as well, so the mare is being failed by all involved if she ends up on a meat truck. Heck, PT could have included the mare in her planned mass execution.

(e) What is going to happen to all the buckets, etc that were bought or the 501c3, did PT send buckets, blankets, etc with each horse (as her articles should require that all that equipment be donated to another 501c3) Sure would suck if she dumps all these horses, then turns around and cashes in on a big yard sale to boot.

(f) I agree with the FOB that said they need to get the remaining horses out of there. The FOBs should just make a partnership to 'adopt' the horse they funded into PT and put the guy into retirement boarding. Honestly 5 FOBs could split a $250 board (that's private run-in stall, private feeding, and the owner would send pics whenever asked!) for $50/mo + trims. That way they don't have to worry about him getting upended anymore.

(g) Why are the 'founders' of that board so utterly silent through all of this? If charlie was 'skin and bones' comming in, why is he not 'skin and bones' now. He's just as ribby in those pictures.

So I've had my rant and I'll stop.

Anonymous said...

Last statement (maybe?)

To support why the remaining two should be out of there... in PT's own words, keeping horses you can't afford is:

"I get upset when someone is not doing what is in the best interest of the horse. I could care less HOW it gets done, but if the money isn't there to do it.....well that is neglect"

So, PT by her own standards is in a situation of NEGLECTING her horses.

(Of course, that was when she was attacking someone ELSE who didn't measure up to HER standards)

Again, why are the 'founders' of that board so silent? And have the paying retirement boarders been notified that their 'boarding facility' is potentially on the skids? This is how horse owners end up finding their horses have been starved.

Has anyone contacted the property owner to make sure the horses are okay?... Oh, wait, only ICERs are allowed to do that and they'd never do it to one of their own.

Anonymous said...

Well now she is saying she is keeping Cappy until a private home comes up for him. Is this so she can continue her tax exempt status and continue to beg for bucks? She is getting money thrown at her right now, is she going to do a turn around and not close the rescue til she bleeds the last dime from ABR? If she is soon going to be "paralyzed" why is she keeping her boarding barn open? how is she going to care for those horses if she is unable to physically muck out a stall? What is this mysterious disease? How can you ride a motorcycle if you are going to become paralyzed? So many unanswered questions. So she says she was only on ICERS because she had a major donor there she needed to pal around with or lose the money they donated to her? To me that is the biggest insult of all to that whole group, yet all you hear is the sound of crickets chirping over there. Where is the famous ICERS shreiking outrage?

Anonymous said...

Here is an option for horses that have no other options... This woman is crazy as a loon and I wouldn't put a live horse with her... DON'T believe what you read about the horses available for adoption, she is notorious for mis-reprenting their health and temperment. BUT, she claimes to offer cemetary services. Just make sure you get everything in writing ahead of time (and ideally, send a person to ensure that the deed is done quickly) she is a total money hound:

Anonymous said...

okay, seriously....

"Life Threatening Illness" -- just look at her. High blood pressure is a life threatening illness and it can send you to the ER. Loose 10% of body weight and you get marked improvements without medication. Diet can also control blood pressure w/out meds.

"Going to be paralized" -- she came on the scene with this one, read in the old posts that are linked in this blog... she has herniated disks in her back from lifting a shephard onto a table. Anyone could do that, especially if they are not physically fit... yes, it can and does get worse. Even with fused discs, it will get worse over time. That is life. But it is NOTHING NEW, she had those herniated discs when she was breeding and handling that stallion. She's been on disability since day one of her 'rescue' -- btw, why does PA pay disability to someone who can manage a horse farm?

I will be TRUELY suprised if her PHYSICAL illnesses are anything more than that.

As for her mental state... IMHO, crazy as a bat.

Anonymous said...

Seriously fishy smell...

How could PT not have at least verbally relayed the info on the horse? And now that PT has SO many fewer horses to care for, she can get off her butt and send all the vet records.

I cannot and will not support any rescue that buys horses as long as there are any free ones who need a home. JMO. But I completely lost any respect for Project Sage with the "get off my thread" comment. Do these idiots not realize that lots of potential donors read and are put off by that kind of childish remark? It's not just the person it's directed towards. To me, Brittany came across as a petulant brat.

She didn't want the old Appy because it wasn't a cash cow.

Anonymous said...

Well now she is saying she is keeping Cappy until a private home comes up for him. Is this so she can continue her tax exempt status and continue to beg for bucks?

That's exactly why she's keeping them. She even posted on icers that if she didn't keep them to keep her 501 status that she would ave to pay the bills herself. Boo hoo. What a pig.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like rescues have offered to take the last two and now the rules changed to private homes only? Does she have the right to say this.

Is or can anyone going to stop her from keeping them for only private home offers?

Anonymous said...

For someone who is so sick and in such dire straits she sure has time to hang out all day long on the ABR board begging for bucks and finding ways she can continue to beg for bucks. She sucks and always has. What a conniving piece of garbage she is. She is the epitomy of everything she claims she hated and slammed others for.

Lisa said...

C'mon Laurie,

you know your reading here. Don't care what you claim, you KNOW you are.

Why don't you put on your big girl panties and address some of this? You know, that would give you a lot more respect than this invisible act your playing.

Your doing the exact same thing you always condemned others for doing, getting out of the kitchen when it gets too hot.

I really thought you were better than this. You not saying anything about this speaks volumes about your character.

Anonymous said...

"That's exactly why she's keeping them. She even posted on icers that if she didn't keep them to keep her 501 status that she would have to pay the bills herself."

Actually she doesn't need a single horse to keep her tax exempt status. She does need a horse to justify the non-profit buying horse feed that is probably used to cover the expenses of her personal "adopted from Ponytales Rescue" horses. (She quoted a wildly high amount of grain for one of those horses just sent over... if that horse were getting that much grain, he'd have ulcers and any nutirtionist knows that)

AND, it is MUCH easier to get donors to support an actual, existing horse than her personal habit.

My bet is that now that she's managed to dump all the slow (low paying) stock, she will feel "compelled" to "take in just one at a time", some poor animal as soon as spring is about to break (so no hay expense).

The poor animal will likely be colored (cause they move better, why do you think she had that mule?) and pregnant because pregnant gives weeks of attention (er... fund raising, er... they need her expertise) and marestar is practically a pay-per-view if you work it right.

Lori can't live without the spotlight. She's underground now, but she won't be able to stay there. If she doesn't get another 'urgent rescue' look for her to pop up in dog rescue or some other scam next.

She's had a fan base and she's not likely to be able to live without it (at least not without heavy medications).

IF she were truely "only in it for the horses", she'd shut down Ponytales and just foster for a rescue that is well run. But narcisism doesn't go away and you can bet that there will be a steady stream of horses out there tripping her trigger.

Anonymous said...

All this stuff about that horse jumping. Do you seriously think that Project Sage would have jumped a lame horse? Now that he has jumped, do you think they're advertising him as sound even though he's three legged lame or something? The facts seem to be that the horse is sound right now.

It makes MUCH morse sense that the drama queen was happy for him to be 'lame' and on his last leggs. That brings in more money then a unremarkable chestnut who may have had a temperment that she couldn't deal with.

If anything, you should ask Project Sage to get new radiographs before you go accusing her of anything! (Oopps, ICER's are a shoot first gang, unless its one of their own, then we cover, cover, cover... crowd around and point fingers at the baaadddd ABR folks.... find another 'bad guy' to distract from the fact that one of our own is a money grubbing idiot.)

The way PT described him, he should have come up 3 legged lame by the next day (actually right away if the chips are in the joint space).

I find it totally unbelievable that a rescue would ruin their reputation by promoting a lame horse as sound. Why do you think PT couldn't move horses even at bargain basement pricing? Because she probably pissed off all her friends and no buyers (er, adopters) trusted her unles they were total noobs from ABR.

But, ICERs you keep doing your job... my bet is that you're trashing Project Sage to try to distract from the Ponytales implosion... what a bunch of wanks!

Any real "rescue" on ICERs should be ashamed at how they're attacking Project Sage! Its no wonder people stear totally clear of all you rescue nazi types.

Anonymous said...

Project Sage has a documented history of listing horses for adoption before evaluating them. She's only had Charlie for a couple of weeks and he looked like crap when he arrived at her place. No good rescue would be jumping him at this point anyway with his body condition. Project Sage is a bunch of ya-hoo teenagers flipping horses.

Anonymous said...

WAKE UP ICERS....Project Sage is not the bad guy here, and I'm no fan of Brittney. If Charlie had such bad arthritis to the point of his joint FUSING back in 2008 (might I add that this was THREE YEARS AGO!), he would not be jumping jumps sound at Project Sage. It's ridiculous that ICERs is trying to point the finger at Brittney and accusing her if misrepresenting a horse when it's OBVIOUS the horses soundness was misrepresented in the first place. There is not enough medication in the WORLD to mask that type of advanced arthritis to the point of jumping him sound.

Sorry ICERs but you DO defend your own. It's easier to point fingers at Brittney then to ask yourselves if maybe PT misrepresented his xrays since the beginning? Really??

Anonymous said...

Oh, like Ponytales didn't have horses listed on her page before they ever hit the door of the gerage at her place?

I'll give you that Project Sage's descriptions are canned. You only have to read three or four to realize that. But, the point is to adopt the horses out, not hoard them like your prestigious ICER member seems to have been doing.

If Charlie is SO bad off that he can't carry a relatively light weight rider and take s low oxer, then what does that say about Ponytale's that she sent him in that condition! Funny how ICERs find his condition acceptable in Ponytales care.

And again, you're really saying that you think they are absolutely lieing and that that horse is lame? Post a video of that and I'll believe you. If you really gave a rats behind about that horse, you'd send one of your ICERs goons over to get video proof. But no, the ICERs have an axe to grind and grind it they will.

Ironically, if Project Sage came over and back stabbed AC4H with you guys, she could stack horses in her garage and breed rescues to her stallion and you'd be all over her patting her on the back for being such a wonderful person who's only thought is for the horses... admit it.

ICERs is full of a bunch of nasty people trying to distract from the fact that one of their own 'enforcers' is imploding and falling off the gravy train. Project Sage is getting targeted because when she stood up and took SIX horses off of PT's hands, she got on your radar.

Again, if you're so concerned, pay the $100 bucks and get a CURRENT radiograph. That will answer everything... No... instead, ICERs needs someone to beat on while their own goon is laying low and in hiding.

Hey, did you read that the aged appy IS at Project Sage and has been there since Wed. That tells me that NONE of you have bothered to send an email or pick up a phone and talk to this person about the situation... you just like stiring crap on the internet.

ICERs = a bunch of bullies in need of serious mega doses of HRT.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Ponytales =

- No money (barely scraping by, has to borrow to go to fair, many bills unpaid and "about to loose everything")
- BOD has walked out except the one that sleeps in the same house as her.
- Sent horse out so underweight that people here think he shouldn't be ridden at all in his condition
- (Lauri) is at death's door
- (Lauri) will be a cripple (if she lives long enough)

And STILL refuses to sign the remaining two horses over to a rescue who is in a better situation.

I challenge you to find a more clasic example of hoarder mentality anywhere !!!

If ICERs were concerned for horses, they would be pushing for those horses to go to a rescue that is more stable and won't be begging for hay this winter (and they'd do it in a public bru-ha-ha like they do to other rescues)

If the Ponytales management were serious, they would not let those 'adopted' horses stay in such conditions (or would they? Has she ever taken back a horse because she actually did a follow up?)

Anonymous said...

"And STILL refuses to sign the remaining two horses over to a rescue who is in a better situation."

That is because she wants to have them to keep her non-profit status and can keep begging for money. She could probably do time in the pokey for what she did to Deb. Yet another dispicable person gets found out. Thanks for posting the truth about her Buc!

Anonymous in TX said...

Who is the rescue that offered to take Ponyfails last two horses? I don't see mention of it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The email Lori supposedly sent out was an attention seeking, donation seeking email. She posted on ICER's and ABF about the findings from his X-rays way back when she first got him. When he was adopted out, I guess no one remembered the chip or the arthritis??

PS said Lori didn't send his vet records. Ok, I buy that one, but it is their responsibility to make sure the horse is sound. I personally wouldn't have trusted the word of the previous adopter. Honestly, look at the condition he is in. Would any of you have purchased him without a pre-purchase exam done by a vet? One of the best points about adopting a horse from a rescue is supposed to be the fact that all medical issues are disclosed. That is the #1 best reason to adopt a horse versus buying a horse. PS jumped the gun and NEVER should have listed this horse as available until ALL the medical records were received. Can a lame horse jump like that and appear to be sound??? HELL YES HE CAN IF HIS JOINTS HAVE BEEN INJECTED!!! Shit they run them on the track every single day like that! Simply waiting for the past medical history would have been the right move on PS's part. Would it really have hurt them to wait another week?

And the major bitching I am seeing from the ICER's is about how Brittany responded to the person trying to find a spot for an old horse. It really sucked that she said to get off her thread. Could she not offer to network to find this horse a spot? Aren't rescues all about networking for the horses? Nope not on ABF.

PS is starting to look very familiar following the same destructive, egotistical path of every other rescue that has crashed and burned on ABF.

Anonymous said...

NOT sticking up for ICERS, I left that board a long time ago for the hypocrisy over there, BUT

if you go over there and read, they are asking the same questions of Laurie. Laurie has gone and stuck her head in the sand somewhere, and of course, hasn't answered.

My opinion of Project Sage is still outstanding, this winter will tell a lot. I believe Laurie misrepresented the horse and he was never as bad off as she said. I think she wanted to keep him herself, so she made him out to be too unsound to rehome.

As far as the old police horse, I am just glad for now he's out of danger of going to auction. After years of service he deserves a soft place to fall. He looks like an intelligent ole guy.

Anonymous said...

Wow are you guys working hard to paint PS as a villian!

Charlie is too thin and shouldn't be ridden in his condition... but not so thin that someone should question PT about his care or her oversight of adopters.

Charlie wasn't evaluated, but yet somehow they're injecting his joints to make him jump sound... Yup, these snot nosed teens are somehow able to either get a vet to inject the KNEE of a horse but NOT evaluate him... or they're doing it themselves. AND, apparently, they must intend on doing that until he's adopted out. Then 30 days later, the adopter won't notice that he's gone 3 legged lame. Folks, track trainers inject ANKLES... the knee is quite a bit more complex. They inject stuff like glucosamine to INCREASE the joint space. (unless you're implying that they're injecting cocain - some trainers do do that to ANKLES to keep a horse running... so PS must also have a drug dealer TOO!!!) -- IF the lower half of the knee was fusing as advertised, there is no joint space to inject. That is the definition of fusing.

AND PS is only looking for a quick flip on a horse they'd have never gone after had PT not proposed a mass execution for the fall... but now they're going to spend hundreds masking a cripling condition in order to get him adopted out at what? $600 bucks?

Here is Charlie being abused in a training session, PROBABLY after the horrible abusive jumping incident... you can see that he's standing with weight on both front feet so he's clearly drugged out of his skull...

SERIOUSLY, isn't it just a tad bit possible that the horse is just not the cripple that he was advertised to be? If you really wanted to know, all it would take is about $100 bucks to get new radiographs... I'm sure PS would let you have them taken if you asked. Then the FACTS would be known. But, instead, lets just make stuff up, like she's injecting the horse to make him sound.

I have a mare with grapefruit sized ankles, her xrays look like an asteroid field, but she's perfectly sound and happy to teach kids the basics, including poles, without any meds at all. Her only 'special needs' are sport boots on extremely cold days to keep her ankles warmer.

You guys are a piece of work.

You're a piece of work said...

No, you are a piece of work.

Did you even read all the posts here or did you just see your precious rescue person not getting her ass kissed and you had a meltdown? Some of the stuff you typed, nobody even said it and a lot of your information is wrong.

I think you are Brittany herself.

Anonymous said...

Who on icers is standing up for Ponytales at this point? I don't see anyone.

Anonymous said...

I anybody out there? Are you reading what the past BOD's are hoping for??
Now if we can get Kendall and Cappy a new home, the 3 of us will rest with ease

Anonymous said...

Comparing knees to ankles is like comparing apples to oranges. There are a lot of horses that come off the track with osselets and function just fine. Arthritis in the knee joint is a totally different ball game. Knees are commonly injected (vetalog) for any horse with arthritis. It is a very easy joint to inject because of the large joint space when the knee is flexed.

Sandy said...

You show your ignorance by using the word "ankle" when referring to a horse.

lmao, take an anatomy less before you spew your incorrect accounts of what people said.

Where the hell did you get your information from anyway.

Try "fetlock" it will give you more credibility.

Lisa said...

Well isn't that nice?

Apparently Brittany does her own trimming too. That should be great for the under run heels.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Brittany's reasons for visiting TM are that her mother won an all expense paid trip out there. As for the trimming, she does not do her own trims, however her one QT provider does and trims the PS rescue horses free of charge. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

Hummmm, then I wonder why Brittany said SHE trimmed her. Did she attend the Ponytales school of lying to impress others? I think Brittany did do the trim (like she said) and you are trying to deflect from that so she doesn't look so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Go down a couple and you will see PT pipe up about how close to home this hits. I think it is more "Lying Fatigue" where she is concerned. Can't believe she is still on there posting away like she has not been found out. What nerve.

Anonymous said...

copper234 is also ponytales?

Anonymous said...

wow, tough crowd! Brittany simply crossposted on AB MY FB photo and caption that I had posted on her FB wall so the supporters could see the horses they donated to save. If you go to PS FB wall, you will see what I mean. The horses are here with me in QT and *I* am the one that trimmed Spice. So, you are mistaken...we all know that old saying about 'assume' do we not?? :)

Anonymous said...

She needs to be more careful what she copies then. Brittanys FB page is private so I can't hop over there and see what you mean. The feet look like they will straighten out easily. You should have the horse ready for her to flip in no time!

Anonymous said...

At this point, I'm beginning to realize that responding is a bit like spitting into the wind but I'll give it one last shot...I'm nothing if not persistent :)...perhaps you should be more careful in what you read, she clearly posts that the pix are from me in QT. Earlier in the thread, it is also made quite clear that the horses are with me and not Brittany so perhaps reading more thoroughly before jumping to conclusions would behoove you :) As for her 'flipping' them, finding appropriate homes for these horses as quickly as possible hardly constitutes flipping as they go out on contract which she upholds. They are evaluated and their health issues addressed before being placed. It makes sense to show what horses have been saved by donor funds and let people know who will eventually be available. OK, your turn.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a group here........ a bunch of armchair quarterbacks that probably never get out from behind their computers, cry that they "could never go to one of those horrible auctions", have probably never taken in a rescue horse themselves, yet they sit here and post, judging everyone else, when they do not have any facts, and the facts they have they like to twist around to create drama. Where were you people when PT threatened to kill all of these horses, funny how I didn't see any of you coming to their rescue and stepping up for them. Where were you when that 30 year old horse needed rescue last week? You are quick to bash PS about not taking the horse, but I didn't see anyone else stepping up. This horse will be a tough adoption, if there is a private home that could have taken him for his last years, what is the harm in posting him out? When NOBODY stepped up for this horse, PS DID take him, before this bashing all started. I do not see anyone doing half of the job that PS is doing. Seems like just a bunch of jealous , bitter losers passing judgment on people that are doing more that sitting on their fat butts, shoving bob-bons in their mouths. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Try getting out on the frontlines and stop living your lives on a computer screen. If you think you can do so much better than sombody else, prove it with actions not words.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow genius, you really told us (eye roll). You don't have to post your every move on ABF to be doing something. Those who sit around patting themselves on the back are the ones you read about in the paper in a few years for killing the very animals they save. Now you go back to defending your precious little rescue who craves attention all over the web while the rest of us quietly do our work.

And a little something else for you, the ones sitting around shoving the bon bons in their mouth doing nothing are the ones paying PS's bills. People who cant, throw money.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I don't think I can do better, I KNOW I can do better because not once have I had to slum on Alex Brown site for money or approval.

And all of you who are crying about PS getting picked on need to remember that HMER, Lifelines, Mustang Hearts and all of the other rescues that ended up being a disaster all had there people making the same stupid "armchair quarterback, if you can do better, blah, blah" comments just like you are making.

Anonymous said...

Kinda hard to help out when you live on the complete other side of the USA.

Sandy said...

OK "anonymous PS defender"

I personally KNOW that I've done plenty for horses around my area over the last 40 yrs. WAAAAY before "rescue" became "cool."

I can't tell you the horses I've brought home to help, all before the internet was even a glimmer in your eye...oh wait, your probably only 20 or so, maybe you wouldn't know about that.

As for the picture of the trimming, great, but it wasn't made clear on the picture. Not everyone has time to read 160 posts, contrary to what you believe.

Armchair quarterback. Funny. Maybe it's just that the people that have been in the trenches a long time realize what it's all about. I can't tell you the "Brittany's" and "Laurie's," "Deb's" and "Tee's" I've seen over the years.

Yea, paint me skeptical.

As for the auctions, I've been going to them longer than she's been alive. Yeah it's hard, but whining all over the internet is just a money gaining tactic.

Anonymous said...

Face it ICERs, you guys started because about a few of you liked the thrill of participating in a abuse case in PA. So you thought you'd form a group to keep up the good work.

Saddly, you've become a group of about 10 people who troll your nemisis board "ABR" for fodder for your nastiness and 10 hanger-ons who seem to participate for the entertainment.

Your Princess Ponytales is a flop because of her own doing. Many knew she'd be a flop from the start. AND she flopped right under your watchful (and approving) eyes. When others pointed out her deciet, you guys defended her (just like MH's supporters defended her). You liked that PT was willing to cross all boundaries of decency to harass your targets... bet you guys passed gleeful emails about it between yourselves.

But, now you need a target to distract from the fact that one of your own is now listed among the Mustang Hearts and Lifeline ilk and deserves to be in your "on ice" listing.

So why not target the rescue that stepped in to take six horses out of that flop-hole? That makes sense, especially since she has the audacity to use social networking to move horses from bad situations into good homes.... oh, the HORROR of it... cross posting from FACEBOOK!

The founders of ICERs need to look at what you've created. You're now bully-ing a woman because her horse is caught in a legal battle...

ICERs, you do NOTHING to help horses. You've become a bunch of foul mouthed bullies, scouring ABR for rescues to complain about.

If you need to crawl up someone's behind, why aren't you getting those last two horses from Phoneytales to a place that won't need to beg for hay this winter?

Anonymous said...

Isn't PT the one who should be the subject of this conversation? How did it jump from that lying, conniving piece of shit into bashing Project Sage?

Lisa said...

Most people who post here aren't from ICER's.

Other's have the same opinions.

I've said the jury is out on Project Sage for me. I do hope she slows down a bit, a couple large vet bills can really screw up a plan quick.

I like to see rescues that deal with quality of care/placements over quantity. Sadly, it's usually impossible to achieve both.

Right now the only thing that concerns me about them is the amount of horses they're taking in at once.

Anonymous said...

I'm not from ICERS or an FOB but I've observed them from a distance. There are plenty of worthwhile charities to donate to and I do and I will. Why donate to internet horse rescue fraudsters ESPECIALLY in a bad economy? Do your homework. Thank you for the education.

Anonymous said...

June 4, 2008

Electric Charlie has a chip, but can be lightly ridden.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Lauri won't come here to read, we should put it in various places where she will be sure to see it and read it.

Anonymous said...

Lorie doesn't have any problems jumping on ABF several times a day to read! She's just not answering any more questions. It's a shame that one of the long time ponytales patters doesn't start a thread over there for the 2 horses left.

Anonymous said...

Like watching a predator troll for new meat. Hope this poor woman takes the advice and goes with USERL instead.

Anonymous said...

What PT has on her FB wall

Laurie Brinkworth Cozzolino
do not worry about people "talking behind your back" that just means you're one step ahead of them, and they are exactly where they need to be to KISS YOUR ASS! repost if you agree!

Anonymous said...

Not quite sure how posting on public forums is "behind your back". Wouldn't that be more like emailing people and spreading rumors?

Anonymous said...

Back to Cappy, from


Looks like it didn't matter he wasn't to be ridden and was only to be a companion horse either.

Now he isn't even pasture sound that much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Buc, it's Bonnie from ABR. I see that Renne is back on Icers, Still don't understand why she wanted Laurie to get her attorney after me, all I said was that PT had to many horses to care for and I that she I thought she took a salary from the rescue funds to do it and that's what got Laurie & Renee mad. I'm telling you that what I saw at Waymart were not happy horses that were over fed.

Read that you can't also post on ABR, that's such a loss. People like you are needed there. Hope that can chage.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?

Let Buc back on ABR, blech, no way!

They don't want any reality over in the land where horses can survive on love alone, trim their own hooves, and shit rainbow beams.

Hats off to you Bonnie for speaking up.

As for Laurie, you know your reading this, the longer you don't respond the worse it makes you look.

I see your little fingers can still type....well...??

At least address the people over at ICERS that you screwed over, you know the ones that kissed your ass and sang your praises for the last 5 years. You OWE them an explaination. Don't say you don't owe anyone anything...I can just hear TOOK therefore you OWE an explanation about that horse at the very least.

If you care about the horses as much as you profess, you would want to give him the best future possible, right? Well, it would be a good start to know whether or not he was sound!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Ponytales' 990's are not on Guidestar?

Anonymous said...

Good question about PT's 990's and Guidestar. You may want to check their FAQ Section. I don't think she's been a 501c3 for too many years. I know of one good rescue that has posted a copy of their form on line for the whole world to see. My guess is that PT probably didn't bother to file her forms. And if she did file them, she can easily scan a copy and post it on the internet since she spends so much time in cyberspace.

Anonymous said...

She got her 501(c)(3) in 2007 but it's odd the determination letter has been deleted off her photobucket account in which she provides the link to the scanned document on her website, but see below as stated on her website. 2007.

"Ponytales Rescue
Incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania Entity # 3777104.
We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 public charity as of 12/21/2007
Therefore donations made are tax deductible as allowed by law.
Our Federal EIN # is 26-1651613"

Rennie said...

Good grief. Hey, Bonnie, it's RENNIE, not whatever spellings you used and since I don't know you from Adam and NEVER asked Laurie to get "my lawyer after you ", what on God's green earth are you talking about?

Perhaps Laurie spun yet another lie and told you that,but,um,sorry,I had nothing to do with it. Get your facts straight before you post, K?

Anonymous said...

I guess I read what you posted on Icers wrong, sorry here's what you said: Laurie, all kidding aside, if you feel so inclined, as member of your BOD, please forward me any correspondence from whomever and I will respond. It reflects badly on anyone associated with the rescue if junk is floating around out there. And let's not forget, while the ABR nonsense about suing every time anyone voicing an opnion is ridiculous, there are laws and you DO have a lawyer in PA. Hehehehehe. One connected to the equine world, no less.

BUC said...

Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding between you two (Bonnie, Rennie), because I think you both are great people. I know we don't always see eye to eye on everything, but we're mature enough to realize that it's okay.

Bonnie, shoot me an email one of these days ( we've lost touch and need to rectify that.

I normally just say what I have to say on the blog and leave it at that and not get involved in the comments....but I have to say that I very much agree with the poster that said:

At least address the people over at ICERS that you screwed over, you know the ones that kissed your ass and sang your praises for the last 5 years. You OWE them an explaination. Don't say you don't owe anyone anything...I can just hear TOOK therefore you OWE an explanation about that horse at the very least.

The silence speaks loudly. Plus without some sort of explanation about Charlie she has pretty much left Brittany out to dry. I do not think Brittany has handled this well either....but a word from Laurie on the subject should have been prompt and forthcoming.

Rennie said...

Bonnie, sincere apologies if you thought I knew that you had sent/said anything to PT. What PT said to me was that someone was spreading lies via email that were libelous and/or slanderous. I never saw any correspondence. People are entitled to protection from both of those actions, of course and should get legal counsel if needed. She never took any action, for obvious reasons.

I'm sorry, but I still really don't know who you are. Your name was never mentioned to me.

Anonymous said...

BUC, you have my respect.

Anonymous said...

I am SICKENED! Poor Lorie is going to be paralyzed but she is JUST NOW getting a CT scan? BULLSHIT! And she is using the death of a young girl to bring attention back to herself! She is a sad, pathetic piece of garbage. I hope she rots in hell.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what anonymous above me said. She is over there sucking up to everyone. Trying to act like the brave unfortunate stoic victim. BULLSHIT!!!

Anonymous said...

If (God forbid) my daughter ever did that, I'd be terribly hurt if someone posted her name all over the internet.

I can't believe Laurie would take such a private matter to ABR, involving a child, no less. She has stooped to a new low.

As a mother, I am deeply offended she is using this opportunity to draw attention to herself, yet again. There is no reason that should have ever been posted unless on of the parents chose to post it themselves.

My heart goes out to them, but Laurie, mind your own fucking business. Not everyone wants they're life splattered all over the internet. You should be ashamed of yourself as a mother.


BillNDaisyB said...

She posted about that poor little girl on Facebook, too. I thought it was in bad taste...

TX FOB said...

That woman will stoop to any low to see her name out there. I feel sick.

disgustedinMN said...

Tasteless, classless and utterly insensitive to post that girls name and other private info on FB, ABR and God only knows where else.

Didn't she have a falling out with her business partner at Waymart? Is that the same people? If so, bet they wouldn't be real pleased.

How the hell she's trying to use another person's child's death to garner sympathy for herself is beyond me.

Sick, twisted human being.

Laurie, hopefully your life is never touched any closer than this by suicide. It is a very private matter and horrible for the family to try to understand.

The last place you want it is all over the internet.

Selfish piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, if I were that girl's family, I'd be mortified that PT is posting all over the internet to complete strangers! That poor family.

BUT - you have to see the irony that the ICERs' biggest bully is now posting advice for kids and adults who are bullied.

Someone on ABR should verify that there was permission from the families to post that information. It is so far beyond ignorant to post the complete names of the people involved. No wonder they dumped PT from their 'business partnership'!

Anonymous said...

"BUT - you have to see the irony that the ICERs' biggest bully is now posting advice for kids and adults who are bullied."

Please say it ain't so!!! If you looked under bully in the dictionary her face would be under it, also under conniving, hateful, and liar. There are more but my fingernails would get worn out from typing the negatives.

Anonymous said...

That poor girls senseless death is now all over facebook.

Lisa said...

She's still at it on ABR. Saying how hard this is for her family, blah blah blah.

Funny she hasn't mentioned the girls family and how THEY'RE doing, just that HER daughter is taking it hard.

Why doesn't she just stop already.

Anonymous said...

"Why doesn't she just stop already. "

What and miss a chance for some attention? Are you kidding? She is the bereaved by proxy.

Anonymous said...

This whole suicide thing is odd. PT doesn't SAY the girl was bullied, only gives advice about bullies after the announcement.

There are a number of medications known to invoke suicidal tendencies in otherwise normal kids (no bully required).

It is a saddly ironic thing that just as PT is sure to feel that she's being 'bullied' this poor girl takes her life.

The other odd thing is how she's gloming onto an event in her ex-partner's life. If I were the ex-partner, I'd be more than creeped out by the way PT is spewing all over the internet about this event. I'd be pissed and have an attorney send her a cease and decist order.

PT gloming onto this sad event and then posting about her own daughter is probably the creepiest thing I've ever seen from that group over there.

How long do you think it will be before she starts fundraising for some sort of a memorial?

I feel sorry for the little girl's family. First the suicide (if it happened at all), then PT going all creepy over it. Bet that poor woman is sorry that PT ever crossed her path.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole suicide thing is odd. PT doesn't SAY the girl was bullied, only gives advice about bullies after the announcement.

There are a number of medications known to invoke suicidal tendencies in otherwise normal kids (no bully required).

It is a saddly ironic thing that just as PT is sure to feel that she's being 'bullied' this poor girl takes her life.

The other odd thing is how she's gloming onto an event in her ex-partner's life. If I were the ex-partner, I'd be more than creeped out by the way PT is spewing all over the internet about this event. I'd be pissed and have an attorney send her a cease and decist order.

PT gloming onto this sad event and then posting about her own daughter is probably the creepiest thing I've ever seen from that group over there.

How long do you think it will be before she starts fundraising for some sort of a memorial?

I feel sorry for the little girl's family. First the suicide (if it happened at all), then PT going all creepy over it. Bet that poor woman is sorry that PT ever crossed her path.


Uh huh - you oughtta know, Crystal, because you and Laurie are identical sick evil pieces of shit, and you've known all along what Laurie's done which doesn't hold a candle to what you did, you are all just making her out to be the Fall Guy. You're the one with the wallet who sets up the disasters.

BUC protects you too, "JustStopScammers" ;)

You are ALL fake, even this comment section has been CENSORING TO HIDE THE TRUTH

The only place the truth is found is here:

Anonymous said...

Hear ye, hear ye, read all about Crystal, Laurie, Alex, MaryL, Stephanie and the band of cons, frauds and thieves! ICERs DOES ban people for telling the truth. FREE SPEECH MY ASS! ICER is rigged too!

BillNDaisyB said...

Oh, Jeeeezus...Debbie Richmond has entered the building...let the craziness commence...hey, Debbie? Not everyone who posts as "anonymous" is Crystal. You really need to move along in your life...

Anonymous said...

Hey BillandDaisyB aka Sandy O'Keefe Bellamy, not everybody who sees and knows about all the sickass shit going on is Debbie, so maybe YOU need to move on, eh?

Go play with Crystal "aka Melissa the vet JustStopScammers," she needs A LOT of help pulling that one off!

Swap some more IDs while you're at it.

I hear Crystal's forking over $$ and crawling up Project Sage's butt these days while slamming them behind their backs with the rest of you. Gotta groom the next victim, ya know.

Maybe you'll be the lucky one to get framed for that one, looks like Laurie's done been used up ;)

Go get in line for your welfare handout along with Alex and MaryL for your help with the canned hunts. We'll be laughing at all of YOU.

Go read your shared bios at


Lisa said...

Great, crazy is in the house.

Anonymous said...

Hey BUC, here's the old Delphi ICERS posts about that MikeRID post you brought up in your blog. There is lots more where that came from and the hole just gets deeper lol. Has to come in section it says there is too many characters to make for one post. Good work!

Act 1:

Ponytales (Ponytales197)
May-24 6:36 am

PauletteinKy (IvoryMom)
(38 of 54)

572.38 in reply to 572.37

What I find is really funny is when I followed the link over to see the post that everyone was talking about....the username sounds an awful lot like the guy that owns the property.

Options Reply

May-24 10:00 am

Ponytales (Ponytales197)
(39 of 54)

572.39 in reply to 572.38

I had the same thought. That poster knows way too much.
I would toss her a$$ out TODAY if I was him.

Options Reply

May-24 11:25 am

(40 of 54)

572.40 in reply to 572.7

Debbie is the biggest LIAR, as we all know. I know who her landlady is. A few years ago I almost bought a horse from her.....a little black Arab.
Her landlady had no idea what was going on out there until a couple of us contacted her and informed her of it. She knew things were not right out there and had been trying to get Debbie out, but she had no ides how bad it had actually gotten.
Just more proof of Debbies LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Options Reply

May-24 11:27 am

(41 of 54)

572.41 in reply to 572.9

Oh, and let me add that the landlady and her husband are well know in the community and pretty well respected.

Options Reply

May-24 11:57 am

Ponytales (Ponytales197)
(42 of 54)

572.42 in reply to 572.38

the username sounds an awful lot like the guy that owns the property
I was thinking the exact thing, too. I'm not even sure where I would have heard/read his name, but the first thing I thought was that was who it was. It's obvious this person is not a "troll" or another ABR member trying to stir up trouble, I believe it truly is someone with first-hand knowledge.
Also, I hope all the MLPCers will note that this person did not just appear on ABR to make trouble for Debbie, she was the one who opened that can of worms by bringing up that her landlady was trying to cause trouble for her/shut her down/stop donations. Debbie is the one who started this most recent stirring of the pot, why shouldn't someone come on and defend themselves?

Options Reply

Anonymous said...

Act 2

Ponytales (Ponytales197)
May-24 12:36 pm

(43 of 54)

572.43 in reply to 572.42

I know his name, and it is Mike R......I am assuming that ID would be Idaho. Must be a reason that Debbie did not come back at him for his posts...reason being because she knows who it is, and knows that he isn't lying. It's too bad that the MLPC STILL can't see through her lies.

Options Reply

May-24 12:50 pm

Ponytales (Ponytales197)
(44 of 54)

572.44 in reply to 572.43

Again, I hope that everyone makes note of the fact that Mike did not go to ABR to start trashing Debbie, she opened that flood gate herself.
She'd be smart to lie low, stay off the board for awhile, and concentrate on getting herself and her 45 horses outta there, especially since she was told to be moved by June 1st !
edit to add: of course, now I remember where I read his name, it was on the eviction notice.

Edited 5/24/2008 1:04 pm by mdruCA

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Anonymous said...

Act 3

May-24 2:03 pm

(47 of 54)

572.47 in reply to 572.30

While I have no idea if there is any truth to this story of Debbie and allowing horses to be eaten, let me remind you that reportedly CBER shot poor Lavender and Meadow and left them for the animals and I know for a fact from the Pawnee sheriff in NE that Wendy at Lone Oak had allowed the rescue horses they received from KS to starve while at the foster and they were left to be eaten by the "wolf/dogs" raised by the foster. Meanwhile they lay only a stones throw away from the front door and had to be observed just to get to the vehicles.
Some actions I never thought I'd see occur at the hands of "rescuers" have not only occurred, but have been much more horrific and wide spread than I ever imagined.
Careen Cain
Shooting Star Stables and Equine Rescue, Inc.

Options Reply

May-25 12:47 am

PaminOH unread
(51 of 54)

572.51 in reply to 572.49

I liked her comment about how "stocky" the yearling is...especially because when I saw the picture I thought she looked kind of scrappy and scrawny, compared to my 18 month old filly. Then again, my filly gets good feed, supplements, worming, grooming, vet care, regular barefoot trims...etc...
I can't believe how she hoards horses, has no job, finds rent free properties, begs on ABR for everyone else to support her habit, and then has the balls to rail on anyone who questions her motives. The more I read this board, then go back over there and read, the more I can't believe I used to enjoy reading that board.

Options Reply

BillNDaisyB said...

Hey, Debbie? Here's a little clue. I don't give a crap that you posted my name on here. I'm sure you think it makes you look really smart and clever. If I wanted to hide my identity, I wouldn't post using the same ID I use on all the boards I post on. But, if it makes you feel smart and important, well knock yourself out. Funny, no matter what ID you make up for yourself, including "Anonymous", your true personality just glares right through. You are a scumbag and a waste of space. Say what you want about me; I'm not the one who left a horse to die an agonizing death in a freezing cold barn because I was tired and wanted to go to bed. Later, bitch...

Anonymous said...

So let me see if I can get this all straight.

First she is a certified vet tech, then she wasn't.
Then she has a degree in equine nutrition, then she doesn't.
Then she has an equine nutritional consulting business with many happy clients, then she doesn't.
Then she's a horse trainer, would never want to be a 501c3. Oops, my bad, yes she does want to be a 501c3 because "that" makes you a professional rescuer.
And she posted ads to breed her stallion, but really that was only so she could breed him once for her friend?
And she then sends out an email to "a bunch of people" saying Charlie only 7 to 10 good years but now she is saying he never had knee issues it was only his back.

WTF? Foxwood Annie says he had chips and so did Homesafe. Why did these people think he had chips if there was only an issue with his back?

Hey maybe we can ask MaryKSmith1? I bet she knows the truth! LMAO

I wonder what IRS would think of all this internet fraud???

I never liked PT's know it all attitude but, I really did believe she took great care of the horses. Not any more. I think she lied to bring in more money and I think she took in some hard cases for the attention and to bring in donations. She's just one more rescue to go down the tubes making the good rescues look like shit.

BillNDaisyB said...

I, for one, am really disappointed to see how this whole thing with Laurie has played out. For a long time I thought she was one of the good ones, and was impressed with how she was able to turn horses around. Seeing everything that's happening now really sucks. You know, you can fall for the BS for only so long before the cracks start showing. I know she's now de-friending a bunch of people on Facebook...I haven't looked to see if she unfriended me yet...because it doesn't really matter to me one way or the other, but it's all in line with her whole attitude of "poor me, everyone is picking on me and I haven't done anything wrong!" I don't think Laurie is in the same category as people like Debbie Richmond, Bob and Becky of NBAR, Lin of EPONA, or Tee from Lifelines, but the way she is handling all of this is doing nothing to help her image...especially the bullcrap of keeping the 501(c)3 status by holding onto two horses as "sanctuary horses"...that, to me, is the worst thing in this whole fiasco. It seems to me that she is holding onto the non-profit status so she won't have to transfer any of the assets obtained by the 501(c)3 to another rescue. What crap.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling this is PT's latest ID?

Maybe because she's been so excited to help this new person out? That she posted the pictures for her? Or the fact that the picture of the mare contains the same nightmare tape set up that PT is so fond of using....

Anonymous said...

lil star putter (lorih7) = PT's new ID?

No. My bet is she's PT's new victim. You'll know it's PT when she starts begging for money. So far, Lil Star hasn't begged for any money. But when she does come begging for money, I'm sure PT will be willing to let it go into her 501c3 so it can be tax deductable.

Watch... next Lil Star will be on the BOD and fundraising for those two horses that should be moved out of there and to a stable (sane) rescue that doesn't have to beg hay all winter.

People, when you agree to be on a BOD, you are making yourself LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for the actions of the rescue. That is why most BOD members are provided with insurance by the 501c3.

IF Lauri goes down in an audit, the entire BOD goes down with her.

Lauri runing that 501c3 with her husband as a BOD member is a BIG AUDIT FLAG, there needs to be at least 1 extra BOD member w/out a family tie for that BOD to be legal... in other words, if there are 2 family members, there must be 3 non-related BOD members.

Most professionally set up 501c3s don't allow any family members at all, just to avoid the audit issues.

Lauri is coming up on her 5 year review and I feel sorry for anyone who agrees to be on that BOD if their books aren't right. Hopefully she kept good records to prove that SHE has paid for the feed/hay for her PRIVATELY owned horses and has proof of where out-going funds landed since she does not claim to be taking a salary off the horses.

Anonymous said...

"They never say shit when it's one of their own" is right. BUC must have wrote this as it was getting too hot in the ICERS mental ward when her and Laurie and JSS got outed on this gang bang:

Anonymous said...

"Phonytails also needs to learn that there is life and rescue outside of ABR!"

Really, BUC??

Take a good look at your own blog obsessed over the same stupid forum for THE PAST 4 YEARS.

Take your own advice and get a life!

Anonymous said...

Phoneytales new ID? The poster on here that you think is Debbie is clearly Laurie trying to redirect anger at the others in the group.

BillNDaisyB said...

I really think it's hypocritical to post criticism of Laurie's new "secret" log on IDs when most of you are posting as "anonymous"...don't you?

Anonymous said...

FAIL. None of these links work. They take you to a page where you can start your own YUKU forum.

""They never say shit when it's one of their own" is right. BUC must have wrote this as it was getting too hot in the ICERS mental ward when her and Laurie and JSS got outed on this gang bang:"

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, found at the Scam Rescues hurt Real Rescues thread back in Febuary. Hmm...

#75 [url] [-]


Posts: 51

02/22/11 22:23:48

ponytales1976 #55 [url] [-]

Posts: 1428
02/22/11 06:48:00
"I'm sorry, nobody will ever convince me that living in a 20x20 pen is "adequate". My RUN IN SHED is 20x20!!!!! Are they ridden daily? Turned out in a large pen daily? Lunged?..."


#76 [url] [-]


Posts: 51

02/22/11 22:25:24

bustedupcowgirl #57 [url] [-]

Posts: 374
02/22/11 09:30:35
"That place makes Tierra Madre look like a 5 star hotel.

"I always find it amusing when pictures surface and are greeted with "these were taken the day after (insert excuse for shithole conditions...."


#81 [url] [-]


Posts: 51

02/22/11 22:49:41

dpndetfarm. Prediction for June 2011 #33 [url] [-]

Posts: 43
02/18/11 14:13:25
"Well 2luv, I see another rescue from the rescue scenario in your future. You and the rest of the Az forumites might want to start planning now. The rescue owner is going to have a hard time keeping up with care and expenses if he keeps getting arrested and hauled into court for not paying his child support.

"Perfect qualifications for running a rescue:
1. No money to speak of.
2. No land to speak of.
3. No knowledge to speak of.
4. No patience to speak of...."


#82 [url] [-]


Posts: 51

02/22/11 22:51:35

JustStopScammers. #46 [url] [-]

Posts: 193
02/21/11 12:24:52
"I don't think these pens are even 12X12', are they? Maybe 12'X8'? Those sections for the moveable pens are usually 4'long', I think. The pen with the dear little longears appears to be quite small, maybe 10'X10' by my estimation. Not to mention the dreadful chainlink and what looks to be tin siding on that outbuilding that is in very poor condition.

"This place absolutely stinks. If someone, (or three people from one group and a couple) couldn't manage to clean up some of that poop during a seven hour period, there must be quite the stash. I can't see feet well on anyone but that chestnut, and they're just awful.

Lisa said...

OK, call me stupid, but this is a sincere question.

What do all these posts have to do with this? I seriously can't put it together.

I know someone said to be Debbie showed up and I know Debbie can't stand Buc, but after that I can't find a connection.

Throw in BillNDaisy and I'm really lost, lol

Anonymous said...

Ok, this isn't even entertaining any more, it's starting to make me sick.
Check out this post from ABF dated 7/23/2011.


PT states in Charlies description:

Electric Charlie "Charlie"- ~ 2004 (I need to check) TB gelding, 16 hands. He is being returned on Tuesday and will be re-evaluated. He was an easy W,T,C but could get strong at times, he does have mutliple farctures of his LF carpus (knee) and will be likely to become arthritic in it at some point. Gets along good with other horses.

So why was the knee a possible problem in July, but come Aug its no longer an issue? NO, it was never an issue but his back was? What happened to the re-evaluation?

I think I need to make a spreadsheet to keep all this stuff straight!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Debbie is of the Mustang Hearts debacle. Buc outed her way back when and Debbie's had a hard on for everyone involved (except herself) in saving her horses when her "rescue" went south.

This nonsense she posts is from ICERs...I usually find it has nothing to do with anything that anyone is talking about. And it appears that she's back again, posting link after link and post after post that has no bearing on the current subject. She did this on ICERs too.

Regarding Charlie, all I can say is I hope that someone is following up on him behind the scenes and it hasn't been made public.

Anonymous said...

The young grasshopper (lil star putter (lorih7)) learns quick from the master (Phoneytales)

Sounds just like PT in Jun 2007!

Will PT set up for her protoge?

Will the PT paypal spigot be re-opened to save the 30 babies?

Will the ICERs find fault with a woman who seem unable to afford vet expenses, taking on so many young ones?

How long before young grasshopper is a BOD member of the venerable PT "professional rescue" and the appls of the ICERs eye?

Check tomorrow on As the Axe Grinds.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it very late in the season for mares to be foaling nursemare foals?

Anonymous said...

I think the foals are due "this winter" (didn't specify when), and not foaling now...

Anonymous said...

So she (lil star putter (lorih7)) is basically gearing up for a beg-a-thon, we have all seen this play out before. She sounds so much like when Bejeebus first hit the scene it is scary.

BillNDaisyB said...

Hey Lisa...are you taking a little break from being Chrusty's #1 fan??? You're easily confused, aren't you? Maybe you should stick to the inane cackling on the Scams board... ;)

Lisa said...

Hi BillNDaisy, there must be someone else named Lisa your thinking of.

I don't know any of the rescues here personally, I just read Buc's blog and also the other board she's on.

I started reading on ICERS back when MH's went under. I never post there, and really don't know much about Christy (Krusty, lol) other than a little that I've read.

But I have seen you over at ICERS from time to time, you seem pretty decent, so I know it was an honest mistake.

I don't have a rescue and am not affiliated with any, I just have a couple horses and like to chase cows now and then :)

BillNDaisyB said...

Darn, Lisa!!!! I thought I was going to get to hassle Lisa D from AC4$ about that...

Lisa from WI said...

lol, sorry to disappoint you!

Lisa in WI said...

Just out of curiosity...

what's the deal with the woman who has the horse Doctor Deherd on ABR? I can't read so many posts, but it seems to FOB's pretty much support this horse and all of it's extensive medical needs??

Is this a rescue or is this a personal horse? It sounds like a personal horse...I just don't get it why all this money is going to expensive procedures on someone's pasture pet?

Can anyone enlighten me?

Color me Sceptical said...

Lisa in WI,
I've followed that thread since it began on the old forum, but not in the last year or so. I believe the horse was rescued, but I would consider him a personal pet. I'm continually amazed by the way certain people can milk the collective FOB teats for more money over and over. More power to them, but sometimes it makes you wonder where the money really goes.

Another "milker" is Our Mims. Ever since they showed up, they post needing this, needing that for the ladies. They're now a 501(c)(3), but that doesn't stop funds from being diverted. Guess who owns the land, barns (that have been renovated by the FOB, fences (renovated by the CULT complete with donor bragging names), etc.
Now, what happens if Jeanie M dies? Does "the haven" go on or do the relatives dump the horses and cash in on the property?
I don't know, but I can imagine.

Michael (fistfull of dollars) Blowhard is another living royally, traveling to Saratoga, Santa Anita, Eclipse Awards, etc. (and now Pet Semetary) all under the auspices of promoting Old Fiends. Yeah right! I always wondered who empties the 5 gallon water bottle full of cash at the Old Fiends Gift Shop.

The Cult is a bunch of well meaning fools, but still fools.

Color me Sceptical said...

............and cheersalex must not be selling enough books. Here's another sucker, that crazy dancing freak from the "Church of Barbaro" :

From: turelsm Sep-1 1:54 pm
To: alexbrown4 (2 of 4)
56804.2 in reply to 56804.1
hi alex
i will send you email with exact number
but i want to purchase a group of books
to send to my school libraries
a few local cancer and leukemia wards
in three nyc hospitals doing visionary work with in patients
horses are HOPE AND FAITH
these hospitals have traveling library carts
also some folks i have met in the back stretch-
when food and shelter is an issue
a book can take on another life
a valuable gift .

and maybe others here
would think about giving their congressional members
who have stepped up
on the anti slaughter bill
a gift
for their office
that is what i am doing
to me the book is above politics
it is art
it is an essential tool and strategy
in passing forward Barbaro's legacy with dignity, precision, and clarity.

i am ever grateful for this beautiful treasure
i can never hold on to my extra copies
bec i always find folks who are fascinated by Barbaro
and are thrilled to have the book
it is a keeper for all time

Anonymous said...

Call for corrections
The cheerful one is calling for corrections.
Here's one alex: Add a chapter about all of the FRAUDULENT activity by some of the FOBs

Anonymous said...

OMG - Phoneytale was a premo-milker from the first day she logged onto that site. You all were just fine with that and DEFENDED her high-a%% at every turn.

There probably wasn't even a tube of wormer that wasn't begged for by Phoneytales in one way or another! Ya'al has no problem with that. Look at all those fly masks donated to her, probably still sitting in a box. Oh, well, they ought to sell great at her yard sell next year and she can just pocket the funds.

Then there is the "rescue" val who became a "permanent resident" who got knocked up by Phoneytales stud... ya'al had no problem with that one either... wonder how many bucks her plight over that foal brought it.

I can't believe you people have so many problems with the FOB that fund your favorite scam artists as well as anyone else. Phoneytales isn't the only scam rescue on Icers.

You're just mad becuase one of your favorite scammer folded on you!

Lisa in WI said...

Whooo, back up!

"Y'all" did no such thing.

Most people here are the one's that saw this coming a long time ago.

A few people kissed her ass but they're nowhere to be found now.

If you read any of the previous comments, the majority saw red flags for years.

Poor Alex said...

Anonymous said...

The ONLY reason that board stirs the pot is to up the rankings, did you not notice that before the fake arguments got going that ABR was 10 or 11 rank, now it's up to 5? Duh that is why the only ones there are scammers unless they are dumb as rocks.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Phoneytales impending death/paralizing illness? She is over there as if nothing ever happened trying to sell her "rescue" calendars.

Anonymous said...

Just checked -- yes she's hawking 2012 surprise calendars on ABR. I guess the surprise is that she'll take your money and never send that calendar. ABR, Phonytails -- who is worse as a liar/fraudster? I don't buy horse rescue calendars anymore. I got tired of fighting with a few of the so called better ones after they got "ahem" lost in the mail year after year.

Anonymous said...

Her pictures always suck anyway. Who would want one?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the FOB demanding that some other rescue that isn't on the verge of hystrionic disorder, bankruptcy, divorce, paralysis and death stepping up to get those two horses our of there?

Bet she's drueling over that maybe pregnanct perch in the camelot thread... she could spin up the ol' marestare atm machine with that one. By my count, she's gone nearly 45 days without a "oh woe is me, send money" fest... bet she's getting real twitchy by now... Christmas is just around the corner and she don't have anything to beg money over (sure hope those two horses stay healthy!)

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Why aren't the FOB demanding that some other rescue that isn't on the verge of hystrionic disorder, bankruptcy, divorce, paralysis and death stepping up to get those two horses our of there?"

Because there is no such rescue on ABR that does not fall into the above description?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Why aren't the FOB demanding that some other rescue that isn't on the verge of hystrionic disorder, bankruptcy, divorce, paralysis and death stepping up to get those two horses our of there?"

another anonymous said:

"Because there is no such rescue on ABR that does not fall into the above description?"

Pardon me, but there is no FOB that does not fall into the above description either. The whole kit and kaboodle is an online mental ward.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Pardon me, but there is no FOB that does not fall into the above description either. The whole kit and kaboodle is an online mental ward.

You are so right about this. I would laugh it is were not so tragic

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ethel and Elaine must be so proud of their little scammer prodogy hanging on to two horses that should go somewhere stable so that she can continue to scam more dollars from the FOB that you ICERs look down on.

No, wait, didn't phoneytales say it was ICERs that she didn't like, but hung out on because of a big donor on there?

Oh, heck, so hard to keep things straight. The only thing consistent is that phoneytales is determined to not get a job to support her horse habit when she can just beg money instead. Sure is nice of those FOBs to feed phoneytales personal horses for her isn't it... oh, wait the FOBs are stupid idiots... oh, pleeezzzeeee buy a set of 10 phonetale calendars (you stupid idiots)!

Sure hope that phoneytales BOD has insurance... but then again, fraud and tax evasion aren't covered by most insurance policies. Bet your looking forward to that 5 year review, hope all your paperwork is in order.

FOB R NUTZ said...

I feel sorry for all of the nasty things I've said about Kent. This is truly sad: Barbaro - Nicanor - Lentenor - Barbrro KY trip Pix/Vid
He is truly a lonely, sad individual.
Ponytalestwat on the other is a lying, coniving scammer.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was going to be paralyzed and/or divorced. What happened with that?

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy is she ever scrambling, now she said someone is wasting her time by asking questions? When has PT ever not had time to sit and yap on the computer?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think she was even allowed to post on ABR anymore? Maybe I get it now -- then maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Laurie always gets a free pass on ABF and she can have all the bogus monikers that she wants too. The ABF 'famblee" is just crooks nutters scammers and horders. Same ole shit different day!

Anonymous said...

She is getting a free pass elsewhere too. When she talks about Ponytales she refers to it as "we" who is "we"? Also like it is something that got forced on her, not something she created.

Anonymous said...

OK Phoneey has two horses supported by her non-taxable 501c3 and at least one horse of her own. No doubt she does a careful accounting for her rescue/personal income and expenses. And didn't she mention she was "disabled" -- bet she's collecting disability insurance payments as well -- probably tax free. Talk about gaming the system -- have fun while the rest of us schmucks work and pay our taxes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...October 5, 2011 12:45 PM

You make a good point. Ponytales is just one of the few, including the "well respected".
Have you read the Our Mims threads? Jeannie M and her cronies,post and post their happy tales about the "Ladies" and what they need.
FACT: Our Mims the 501(3)(c) does not own the facility that these donations are rehabbing. Jeannie M does.

Michael Blowhard's carnival is another. The Old Friends org owns their facilities (with a big mortgage) But Blowen lives there. When he travels to California to promote (and hang at the track) and Saratoga, I doubt it comes out of his pocket..............and as they say "he's no stranger at the windows" Makes you wonder where the $ the followers dropinto the 5 gal water jug goes.

Food for thought!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see what passes through Blowen's online wagering account.

Anonymous said...

Phoneytales sure wasn't worrying about those 30 horses out on contract when she was threatening to euthanize the horses and shut down.

Anonymous said...

Hm, Becky now says on ICERS today...'My opinion is, and always has been, that Laurie is a piece of shit. She lies, manipulates and does whatever she deems necessary to get people to hand over their hard earned cash to her...' blah blah blah

Oh B-E-C-K-Y, we all know Laurie has been YOUR BUDDY for years and NOTHING you say is ever going to cover up the truth. We have all the old ICERS postings to prove how far back you two go in your little hidden games and lies.

Sooo funny when BUC seemingly busted Laurie out that all the other cockroaches start to run from the light.

Check out another of Becky's long time buddies on Facebook... Sarah Schak of the infamous Sleepy Hollow in Washington. CONVICTED ANIMAL ABUSER.

Nice crowd you run with, BUC.

Anonymous said...

Ponyfails is a real piece of work. She's over on ABF acting like her and CherylJ were best buds when I know for a fact that couldn't be further from the truth!

She's also been hanging around the Camelot threads a lot lately after talking shit about their efforts for years! She must be needing a dose of attention again!

Anonymous said...

What attention?? What audience??
People saw the truth long ago! As can be seen by rankings, the stepmom-biomom debate and BeBeautiful Cafe are higher up than ABR, which is the laughing joke of horse rescue. Scammers, dealers and wannabe's can't scam any place else EXCEPT ABR and get away with all they do. It is THE meal ticket. Heaven forbid they should get jobs or fundraise locally...oh but there is a reason why they do neither...which speaks volumes.

Alex The Scumbag left something out of the ABR welcome page that should read BEWARE - RESERVED FOR IDIOTS!

Enuf said.

Anonymous said...

ponyfails is trolling the camelot threads because that is the most likely place for someone to beg her to take on a new horse needing her expertise. she'll be sure to extort, er solicite, er ask for a guaranteed fully paid ride for the poor creature before she comits. Then of course, the poor creature will eat 50 pounds of hay / day, need both straw and shavings fully bedded to 24 inches thick and need 30 pounds of specialty (read 3x the price) feed each day... that is in her expert, nutritionist, opinion. Then there are the $80 trims (surely needed weekly) and the $500 vetting, oh yeah and with winter comming on, the poor creature will need a new $400 blankie 'cause all the other ones have already been on another horse.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't touch either becky or mountain view with a 10 foot pole now or ever again, specifically because of how they endorsed ponytales.

If becky knew ponytales was a trainwreck, she sure didn't push her ideas very strongly. Instead all she did was making passing, lame comments.

Mountain view flat out protected and aided phoneytales. So she's just as bad, protecting a fraud because she's BFF with her.

I'll probably send a total of $1500 to rescues in the next month and you can bet that those two (nor any other 'rescue' posting on icers) will ever see a dime of my money.

Anonymous said...

I do not think that BUC is telling all that she knows. The "truth" seems to trickle out suspiciously.

I was so shocked by hearing of poor Cheryl's recent death...but I was just Appalled when I had heard that BUC was claiming our deceased Cheryl had been posting under an alter ID. I was in disbelief! Cheryl Jones, may God rest her soul! ALWAYS had used her real name! How DARE any person sink so low to accuse a deceased person of something so nefarious, clearly Cheryl can not defend herself. I hope that you are ashamed of yourself, BUC. You lost ALL credibility with me.

The last comment is spot on...I, too, will never send one red penny to these "rescues".

Anonymous said...

BUC accused JSS of being Cheryl on icers a long time ago. I think she nailed it! JSS certainly hasn't appeared to say different! And I don't find it to be disrespectful at all. Had she not said it right to her in the past I would think differently.

Anonymous said...

Alex is stirring his own pot again. Seems he is a she when the rankings are sinking...

cheers :D

Maverick in VA said...

"I was so shocked by hearing of poor Cheryl's recent death...but I was just Appalled when I had heard that BUC was claiming our deceased Cheryl had been posting under an alter ID."

Why do you find that so appalling? Many people, myself included, don't post on Icers under an easily identified login...I have heard from several sources that people speculated that Cheryl and JSS are one in the same.

OMG OMG OMG! said...


Imagine that! A horse BRED BY Gretchie and Roy Jackson AND Michael Matz is available at Canter for $500.
THE DISGRACE! How can they have let him go down in the claiming ranks.
WHERE are the Jacksons? They Bred him. They have a responsibility to this horse. He could become dinner on a Frenchman's plate.

Canter Listing
Equibase - Three Piece

Perhaps Ponytales could take him in.

Anonymous said...

NOooo... the ICERS gossip clutch doesn't protect phoneytales...

A.Freda on Elephant in the Room Again (10/03/2011) "Someone is busting her hump cause she has family members on the BOD and not enough people. [...] I just think people are looking for a downed person to kick, and it was Lauries day.... "

10 dayes later SAME A.Freda on TM thread (10/13/2011 11:53:36) "Ethel G Luttinger, Secretary for TM, is that middle initial for 'Gath'? Somewhere on his Blog Jim thanks his family Ethel and William [?] so I was wondering are these 2 Ethels the same? I really hate when I see an org like this who's BOD/governing body is all made up of family members."

Guess she's looking for someone to kick while they're down.... I guess what's good for the 'goose' is only good for the goose. The ICER queens can do no wrong, even if that wrong is the same wrong they accuse others of doing.

Hey, Diane, Ethel, Elaine... you must be real proud of your little hate group!

Hey, 'I can do no wrong' Becky... real good company you're keeping there.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. What a MONSTER!

And did anyone see the topic of her ties with CBER?

This is a MUST READ for irony ~ speaking here about CBER: "Yet they IP ban from their message board anyone who asks questions about financials or criticizes them for their poor screening of adopters and foster homes, several of which have starved horses."

ABR has been doing the very same thing...perhaps even longer than CBER.

Pot meet kettle.

ABR is for those that like to be peed on and told it's raining. I say Ponytales is right where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

The first thing anybody that has a brain cell checks on is whether a charity is keeping up with their financials. Wowsa, this lady hasn't filed any 990s with the IRS for 3 YEARS according to both Guidestar and the NCCS database:

Even Ponytales isn't THAT far behind but 2 years? No excuse.

Seems to me that the longer their shelf life on ABF, the deeper one should dig, eh?

Anonymous said...

I want to know what rescue puts two foster horses with phoneytales after all this fiasco! Honest to God, you rescue idiots are too much to believe!

Someone with an ABR accounts needs to ask who the rescue is since THEY are the ones that should get the donation to pass on to their "foster" home.

Anonymous said...

I want to know what rescue puts two foster horses with phoneytales after all this fiasco! Honest to God, you rescue idiots are too much to believe!

Someone with an ABR accounts needs to ask who the rescue is since THEY are the ones that should get the donation to pass on to their "foster" home.


Anonymous said...

are angfreda or moony on icers associated to any rescues?

Anonymous said...

Awwwww Poor laurie, I hope she does not get paralyzed carrying the buckets of feed out to the two new horses she took on after all her "poor wittle suffering me" drama. I mean she says she WILL be paralyzed at some point in the future. Poor poor Laurie. WAHHH!!

Anonymous said...

I hear from a reliable source that Laurie has been collecting disability FOREVER for a "bad back" but there are numerous videos of her riding horses. Laurie and her fellow scammers never have peeped a single word...

The government REALLY needs to see those videos.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster above. Who is the rescue that put horses with a person who is so physically disabled?

Laurie's post on ABR: "I'm not getting into anything else, but I think it's pretty unfair to tell someone that is fighting a life threatening health condition on top of a health condition that WILL leave them paraylized at some point in their life, that they are whining."

If she ends up "paraylized" is that rescue going to take responsibility?

Anonymous said...

I chuckled to read Faye's rant about how careless and arrogant Everyone Else is "over there"

I, too, employ Guidestar as part of my homework and it has saved me time and money.

Speaking of taxes, I for one am not in agreement with some of our current administration's policies, but one should file on time as a patriot and American. I have two family members in the military overseas and that is how we support our troops and our Constitution, everyone! I see Tierra Madre enjoying his liberty and freedoms while not filing his taxes? Perhaps if he had a son or daughter overseas he would rethink his position on this matter.

If this is true that Laurie has been collecting disability pay she owes us all an explanation. Those are our tax dollars too.

Anonymous said...

are angfreda or moony on icers associated to any rescues?

moony is Majela of funny she was pretending to be such a horse expert and now that BUC wrote about Phonytales she says she doesn't hardly know anything about horses and is trying to play dumb lololol. How much of Phonytales donated hay and supplies get shipped over to moony's horses for free?


Anonymous said...

So, ICERs = MLPC for Phoneytales
Majela = "Bev of TM" for Phoneytales

Wow, does this look like a repeat or what?

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