Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Adventures Of Phonytales! Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Geez, where oh where to start....Ponytales....Phonytales....

Laurie first walked on the scene of ABR not to long after it's birth, singing praises of herself from the beginning. Naturally it wasn't long before she too decided to become a "rescue" since she found a place where others fed into her....someplace she could feel so many of the other failed rescues that found ABR did.

She walked onto ABR claiming to be a certified vet tech and an equine nutritionist....neither of which turned out to be true.....and still follows suit to this day with half truths and make believe.....but fortunately for her, a vast majority of the FOB's don't have a clue.

I copied the most valuable lines in her posts because of past history, Phonytales has a habit of deleting and "fixing" her posts and web site when people point out the inaccuracies. My own personal comments are those in of right now, everything underlined is clickable and it will take you directly to Laurie's own words.

July 5th, 2007

I am a certified vet tech who has specialized in large animals for 12 years, I also have a degree in Equine Nutrition  (ironically enough, Phonytales also claims in this post "I would rather not be a 501(c)3 rescue"....but since becoming has harped on the fact you should be one to be "legitimate".... )

July 27th, 2007

Not only am I a vet tech but I also have a degree in Equine Nutrition There you go again!

January 2nd, 2008

I did not say that I was a CVT, LVT or RVT (Certified, Licensed or Registered Vet Tech) Sorry did say it, at least twice before you were busted....

I have an Equine Nutritional Consulting Business with MANY very happy clients. Was I enrolled at Cornell University? No. Did I study their curriculum, listen to their lectures, read their notes, and do everything that their students did? Yes. Does that make me an expert or earn me a degree? Most certainly not. Then why lie about it? And where are all these many happy clients? You certainly haven't made any mention of them in years.......and God knows you can't blow your nose without telling someone!

Just another funny....on January 24th 2010 she also claims to have been a "professional trainer" at one time....LMAO....I'd bet my last dollar that is another lie. She's posted videos of herself riding and lunging horses and there isn't anything professional about her! Scary....Yes! Professional, No! Of course you guys remember "Jed" that was so horrid he had to go, yet he did great with someone else......

January 3rd, 2008

This whole post is hilarious....but this is the best LOL of them all.....Which is why I choose to keep my rescue small, and not take in anything that is difficult to manage. That apparently didn't give you enough notoriety with your FOBots!

November 29th, 2009

We try to take in VERY needy rehabs only. Just another 180 folks....nothing new here...

And this thread from November 30th, 2009 is just a frickin HOOT! And this.....LOL.

Oh, and remember her now deceased stallion? Remember her having the web page offering his breeding services and when busted for it she claimed it was "just a joke"....sure it was dear! Unfortunately this is one of those things you can't link to, you had to be around with the posts being on the old ICERs and her immediately deleting the web page....but fugly did do a piece on her and her stallion.....

I could play this game all day of things she said then changed her story or altered it to make the FOB's happy over the years....I think a good majority of you have already caught on though.

So now she's closing....or is she? It's so confusing she doesn't even know what she's doing. God forbid she'd have to pay off the final bills herself for the mess she has created. With 6 less mouths to feed and running her "boarding business" you'd think paying off the mere $3000 she claims to owe a breeze. But why do right when you can stay a 501c3 and still ask for money and have those bills paid for you.

And what happened to this? Posted on ICERs March 26th, 2011....

Lastly I have things going on in my personal life right now that also require my time, and are also the reason for the much needed downsize, unlike others I keep my personal life personal and don't use it to garner support and sympathy.

It didn't take long at all for this 180 to happen! A disgruntled board member makes a post and the full blown pity party begins!

I'm not getting into anything else, but I think it's pretty unfair to tell someone that is fighting a life threatening health condition on top of a health condition that WILL leave them paraylized at some point in their life, that they are whining.


No I should not be horseback riding, at all, I shouldn't even be mucking stalls.

But please note that Laurie has no intention of closing her "boarding business"...because she is just fine for that! And the horses are treated like show horses and all :P


Again about my motorcycle, it's part of my "bucket list".....I'm going down the list. I won't be getting any better, I'm just hoping not to get worse.

And a clear list for her pity party, which again, she's pretty much done EVERYTHING she has harped on other rescues from doing over the years ;-)

For the record (public record) since I have been being asked questions, this is a list of the reasons why we are trying to close down:
A) Too many horses
B) Not enough money
C) Declining health
D) Volunteer/board member sold house and is moving
E) Board member/contributor resigned
F) Marital Issues
G) Family Issues

Let's discuss F) Marital issues.....hubby was pissed back in 2007 when Laurie only had 8 horses and they were in her own yard at the time.....but she didn't seem to concerned. Why try to make the husband happy when you have so many FOBots to impress!

My husband demanded a divorce a few weeks back. In his words he is tired of taking a back seat to the animals.

Another funny thing is a long time ago, back when the first ICERs was born, Laurie used to email me to share stories of what she had done to other rescues on ABR under false identities. I'm not sure if she thought I was cheeky enough to enjoy her drivel or she was trying to make nice hoping she never popped up on this blog.

I think we can all agree here that I can't stand Debbie from the old Mustang Hearts and wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire....but I also find some of the things Laurie did to her to be some of the most the most unethical crap I've ever seen in my life. I refereed to it as "wicked evil things" over on ICERs.

This thread "Reaching Desperation Status Here" on ICERs pretty much has it all in there. Unfortunately my old computer with all of the saved emails crashed a while back....and while I do believe it's fixable and retrievable, I couldn't wait any longer to do this blog.

If you'll notice within that thread when I accused her of posting AS Debbie's landowner and she told me how wrong I was because the landowner gave her the info to post...of course she calls the land owner a "she" and I only knew and had the email claiming the landowner was a "he" she has pretended to be 2 of Debbie's land owners...not just one! LMAO! Busted twice by her own admission!

Her post to Debbie......

Another post saying how it is all true and she IS who she says she is :-P

And her email to me bragging about it.....

"I would be MikeRID...Her landlord is Mike XXXXXXXX in ID...heeheehee"

I did remove his last name out of a tiny bit of respect since Laurie doesn't have any!

Known ID's of Phonytales (off the top of my head since everything was stored on my now crashed computer)....MikeRID, MireID, MaryKSmith....and myself and others that have emailed have a pretty good idea on a ton of other fake ID's....but since I don't have proof....well you know how that goes!

You can find all kinds of back peddling in that thread along with the resent thread she's started "Elephant in the room" absolute favorite is where she says:

Full of myself? Yup I am, call it a personality flaw, disorder, whatever, psychiatrist calls it Histrionic Personality...

And when I agree with her she says:

Actually no, I said I had a Histrionic Peronality according to my shrink, not Histrionic Personality Disorder. Ummmm....excuse me? Shrink says you haz it....which is it again? LMAO....and for anyone not familiar with Histrionic Personality Disorder, please fits Laurie to a T!

Remember Tee from Lifelines? That's one of the bad guys Laurie claims "I tried to tell you!!!!!!" when she went down......but wait! Laurie helped a friend of hers get placement for a horse there and even thanked Tee :-P

Seriously, like I said earlier...I could literally play this back peddle game all day with her posts, both resent and over the's never ending! She can't say the same thing twice!

All in all in conclusion, I think this post made on the last blog pretty much sums up my feelings....

I honestly believe her husband is sick of being a single father and working full time, while she's out fulfilling her "fantasy." Who wouldn't want to play with horses all day, in the name of rescue.

You know he's footing the bill on a lot of this. She never spared ANY expense on these horses. Why keep a 3 yr old horse alive that is barely pasture sound? At what cost financially? The expensive surgeries, two three opinions at different clinics. I don't think she budgeted money very well.

I bet hubby put the hammer down and said "enough." Her kids need a mom, Christ, they're young too. You hardly ever hear her mention them.

The health issues I don't buy. She may have some, but she's playing that up as the reason. She's stated she drinks, is overweight (not knocking that but in regard to health), I would think those things would be a lot more detrimental to someone's health than working around the barn. Physical exercise is good for most conditions.

I dunno, it just sounds fishy. She would have been better off not saying so much, but then again, she's always had a problem with that. Every time she stubs her toe she has to post it. She's just an attention whore. Most people I know that are truly good horse people are modest and don't need a pat on the back every time they pound a nail. She doesn't seem to have an ounce of common sense.

And actually there are a lot of good comments under the last blog if you have the time to read them!

And let's make NO mistake....even though these horses are not skin and bones, they are STILL having to be rescued from a rescue. Before it's to late, after it's to makes no difference....horses have been put into a "rescue" situation where they now cannot be properly taken care of.....all while Laurie has had all the time in the world to tell other people how rescuing should be done and putting herself on a pedestal....THAT's what really chaps my ass!

Phonytails also needs to learn that there is life and rescue outside of ABR! Maybe if she had actually tried to run her rescue right and use her board members (notice they all seem pretty disgruntled!) she probably wouldn't be a failure....a liar? Oh hell yes, she'll never give that up!

Ok, CRAP...I really need to stop now....there are just so many tales to tell.....LOL!



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Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
So, ICERs = MLPC for Phoneytales
Majela = "Bev of TM" for Phoneytales

Wow, does this look like a repeat or what?"

You hit the nail on the head but not all ICERS, most agree with Buc's assessment. Don't blame them all by what two have said.

Anonymous said...

BUC hit the nail on the head. At the begining of the month, PT was too ill to care for the horses who are not paying full board at her stable and had not raised enough money in the prior 2 months to feed the 2 criples that she's hanging onto.

Now, 15 days later, she doubles down and has taken in 2 new foster horses. Some "rescue" apparently saw her as a safe place to put "emaciated" horses who will need additional/more expensive feed to bring them back to health (so, does she now split the $75/mo/horse down to $37/mo/horse?)

That "other Rescue" is a flaming jack*** to put horses into that situation. Unless they are paying the full board as boarders... and if that is the case, then PT is double dipping to get donations on horses that are already paid for.

The thing that gets me is why didn't she just claim the alfalfa pellets were for her existing cripples and keep her mouth shut about the fosters?

Dear Lord, help the poor people who are boarding at her (rented) farm. She sounds like a complete nut job and now that her volunteer labor is gone, I bet those stalls are getting quite ripe.

One of those ICER goons ought to go pay a suprise visit to see what the horses are living in now that her help is gone.

Anonymous said...

Rennie was on the Phonytales BOD, which we know now stands for the "Board Of Deflectors".

Angela has always fiercely defended Phonytales. If Laurie was sentenced to prison for defrauding the United States Government and taxpayers (which could happen), Angela and all of Phonytale's minions would blame US, the stupid taxpayers for victimizing POOR LAURIE who is so sick and frail she has to ride horses and motorcycles as part of her physical therapy so she can collect her disability from us stupid and ungrateful taxpayers.

It is all OUR FAULT Phonytales is so weak and so terribly ill that she can't lift her fingers to spend a few hours filing her returns because WE FORCE HER to spend hours every day on the she clings to her very life and may be on her last breath.

Oh Puhleeeeeeeze!!

Anonymous said...

If the "other rescue" is Camelot, is Lorie also collecting money for board and then calling them fostered horses? That is triple dipping.
I want to know where those 2 horses came from and see how skinny they are. Those 2 horses could even be horses Lorie sold and then they dumped them back on her and were starved. Every time she opens her mouth lies fall out.

How many times has any one here seen pictures of Lorie's horses in stalls? She never puts horses IN them so she doesnt have to clean them. I am so sure she begs for money for bedding though and then she uses the money for herself. Just remember, send CASH.

Anonymous said...

Why is she listing herself as "Owner/Operator" on that boarding stable? If she and her husband have enough money/credit to finance that place, how in the world is she having money troubles? reads:

"About Us

Though Copperfield is a new "home" for us, we have been providing expert horse care for over 15 years. Owner/Operator has worked as a vet tech both in private practice and in race horse rehabilitation. We are experienced in all aspects of horse care and will not turn away special needs horses, lay-ups, or rehabilitation cases."

AND if these two "foster" horses came through Camelot, that means that it is likely that ABR has paid the QT costs on them and now she's double-dipping for pellets?

Why isn't she, the nutrition expert, posting progress photos on these two horses? Why isn't the rescue who saved them stepping forward to claim ownership?

Also, is she QTing horses at the stable? It wouldn't take much for some kid to come see "the new horses" and drag strangles back to her own horse.

I guess she could be QTing them in the garage. I wonder what that looks like now that it's been used as 5 stalls for nearly 5 years (Thanks to ABR 'donating' to pay for the wood to build stalls in a garage).

I bet the rent (lease-to-own payments?) on that stable is not cheap. If she jumped into that last December, when that high-paying BOD member was still on-board, I bet this winter is going to be VERY TIGHT money wise.

With her winning personality and need to stick her nose into everything, I can't see boarders staying long at the rates she charges. Especially if the stalls are not emaculate. It isn't like she can let boarders 'self-board', how would she pay the rent?

I know PT started out in 2007 wanting the ABR to buy her that 400 acre farm... they (ABR) were right to dodge that bullet (IIRC, ICERs thought it was a great idea). Anyone have a link to that thread? It wasn't even 2 months after she joined ABR.

I sure hope she didn't get some other person to foot the bill for this place who has now walked away. She can't exactly cram all those horses into a five stall garage anymore.

Here's hoping that the animals that are there make it to spring okay and that the paying boarders are checking up on their horses through this winter.

Anonymous said...

"Every time she opens her mouth lies fall out."

Well said. I am sure the FOB paid for her motorcycle too with donations that were supposed to go to feed and take care of the horses. What idiots!

Anonymous said...

OH *SNAP* - PT pulls a MH/TM/(name your grifter here) and dumps ICERs after admitting to double-dipping on already paid for horses!

Guess, she's running back to the Fambileee Fortune.

You gotta know when to hold'em (marestare ka-ching!)
Know when to fold'em (thanks PS!)
Know when to walk away
Know how to whine!

Anonymous said...

Remember, it is not IF she gets paralyzed, it is WHEN! Sniff Sniff

Anonymous said...

So the number of horses she has is ten. 2 rescues plus 3 personal = 5
Then 3 Boarders plus 2 fosters = 5
I always been confused with how she counts horses.

BillNDaisyB said...

Hey, Buc? Why do you allow all these pussies to post as "anonymous"??? I'm freaking sick of reading critical comments by people who don't have the gonads to post with an identifiable ID. So, the people who are criticizing Cheryl for most likely being JSS on ICERS are posting over here as "anonymous"??? Talk about "pot meet kettle"...assholes.

Anonymous said...

My oh my...somebody needs anger management classes.

B and D, miss pussy herself that said she doesnt have the nerve to go to a horse auction, is now being a big brave FOB and telling BUC how to micro-manage her blog... ROFL

Anonymous said...

BillandDaisy surely donated for helping buy Phonybale's new motorcycle. DUCK! The diaper has been removed and it is L-O-A-D-E-D and R-I-P-E

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I nominated B and D as MLPC-PT Division Treasurer (" I was told that Laurie told someone she only posted on ICERs because she had a "major financial supporter on that board"...that would be my family I am guessing")

AngFreda is already President and Moony is already VP.

The rest of the ICERs are all falling back into the MLPC-PT Division nicely.

Remember folks, send $$$$ so PT can afford to hire help to take care of the board-paying "foster" horsies. I bet $100 they're Camelot QT horses. Guess we'll never know because the "other rescue" is too ashamed to claim them now.


BillNDaisyB said...

LMAO..."Anonymous" I'm a "pussy" because I don't want to go to auctions and see horses sold to kill, or worse yet, "rescues" like yours??? OK, then I'm a pussy. At least I don't hide behind an "anonymous" ID on public blogs. You know, "pussy" is too nice a word for people like you. We should just stick to "CFB". Put up, or shut up, bitch/es.

Anonymous said...

Bill and need help. Help is available! Start by putting down the glass of koolaid. Just walk away.


BillNDaisyB said...

Hey need some balls...start by pulling your head out of your ass...and sign your name. Gutless POS...

CLK said...

Holy hell....who gives a shit if someone posts as Anonymous, BillNDaisyB, Ghandi, Satan, or The Fairy Fucking Godmother? Does it really matter? Leave it to a damn FOB to worry about someone's posting ID. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

MLPC-PT Division have their hackles up because their Queen is not posting and has left them to defend her on ICERs because the Queen has decided to chase the Fambily Fortune instead.

B-n-D is trying to prove her worth, going for a spot on the BOD, don'tcha know.

Quick ICERs, send $$$ (make it big $$$ like B-n-D does!) so PT can afford to hire help to take care of the 2 already-paid-for fosters and her 2 death-row inmates, er, sanctuary, er, adoptable horses.

Long live the ICERs queens and their head scammer Phoneytales!

BillNDaisyB said...

And I will once again say...those of you who don't have the balls to post your identity, while you are attacking others...STFU. I mean, seriously..."ICERS = MLPC for Phoneytales"???? And YOU'RE telling people to grow up? That's pretty funny...criticize me all you least I post with an identifiable ID, unlike you gutless bitches. Then again, I don't have anything to hide. So, just what are YOU hiding???

Anonymous said...

Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited 'cuz PT spins her lies so good
There's one perfect fit and ICERs+PT is it
We all are so excited 'cuz we're reunited, hey-hey

More lyrics:

Anonymous said...

B&D, Why do you say "Grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really want to get tough grow a vagina! Those things can take a pounding!!

Anonymous said...

Call me any name you want. I'm happy as a clam with all the money I'm saving not donating to name-calling liars and scammers.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does anyone else think that BillNDaisyB is actually writing (sounding) a whole lot like the way that Laurie from Ponytales Rescue writes?

Cody said...

Will someone please show me where BillandDaisy is supporting Ponyfails? Links please? Because I can't find anything. I think you have her confused with someone else.

Anonymous said...

B&D speaks favorably about PT in post #5 & 7 on page 1 and post #47 on page 3 of this thread on the ICER board.

Everyone has a right to stand behind and support any rescue they choose. It's their money, not anyone else's. They also have a right to speak out against things they find questionable about any given rescue, which is what B&D seems to have done in those posts.

If anyone has a problem with that, it's their problem, not B&D's problem.

Anonymous said...

...Everyone has a right to stand behind and support any rescue they choose. It's their money, not anyone else's. They also have a right to speak out against things they find questionable about any given rescue, which is what B&D seems to have done in those posts.

If anyone has a problem with that, it's their problem, not B&D's problem....

There is a grain of truth to what you say for Icer but lest we forget those on ABF have dominated and ruined Icer long ago and the truth of the matter is that if we are not the "in" crowd we do not have rights. We must agree with the very piss-poor and ever dwindling selections of "rescues" and never complain or ask questions. Simply be a good little girl, shut up and send our money?

And Icer has been very disappointing with the very same attitude of mind.

If I had to choose whether to donate to an AB "rescue" or be mugged in NYC, I would take the mugging. The insult is over far quicker and at far less overall cost to my purse, my dignity and my self respect.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in the breeding and sales of Corgis at MHR, and trading rescued horses for the dogs and covering up the dog shit, they may need to read this not-so-anonymous bashing on the Vegas craiglist last month:

Dream Chaser rescue - $1 (Pahrump)
Date: 2011-09-16, 6:53AM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
As long as you keep posting, so will I so people can see the real truth behind Diane and her "Rescue".


Seriously? I guess most must be new to what she has done before. Ask Jill from Shiloh who had to rescue horses from Diane She's got before and after pics of the horses who couldn't gain weight in Diane's care. Using another groups 501c3 and having to be court ordered not to keep using it. Breeding a humpbacked horse. Taking rescue horses and trading them for breeding dogs. It goes on and on.

Location: Pahrump
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 2601445629

Oh heck, who cares? Awwww...sooo cute!!!

She makes Phonytales almost look honest.

Anonymous said...

She sure is busy on the Internet, isn't she?

And so is her Cash Cow:

Whomever is bashing Dream Chaser (Pahrump)
Date: 2011-09-11, 4:59PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Just to set things straight -

The horses are being fed. They may not be getting all of the extras, but they are getting the basics.
The horses are getting watered every day, twice a day!

Diane and some very dedicated friends are working their butts off keeping things going while her sister is in the hospital.
Arrangements are being made to transport almost half of the horses to another facility.
A majority of those being left behind will be going up for auction next month.
Two horses were placed in adoptive homes in the last ten days.

Instead of running your mouth about something you obviously know nothing about -
Why don't you pitch in and offer to help?
Would it hurt you to spend an hour of your time at the rescue doing something to help?
It seems to me that if you can sit at your computer and publish lies about lack of care, then you should be able to get off your behind and volunteer to help.
It takes almost five bales of hay per day (100 lb. bales) to feed the horses at DCR.
So if you get 35 of your closest friends to donate one bale per week, then there would be no worry about if there is feed to give them.

Now you are probably wondering what my association is with Dream Chaser Ranch, maybe you don't care, but I am going to tell you anyway.

A few years ago, we had a mare who was purchased "in foal." There was no due date prediction because we purchased her from someone who had bought her at auction. We were told she was six years old and pasture-raised, so she was not a pocket pet. A few months later at 5:30am, the mare was beginning to deliver. Once the feet and head were out, it was evident the foal was dead. We called the local vets & left messages. We then started calling anyone we could think of to help get this foal out so we could save the mare. A friend of ours came over, assessed the situation, and at 6:15am, not only did he call his sister, he called Diane, who dropped everything to come help a horse in trouble. She didn't know us and did not even care who we were. There was an animal who needed help and she was there!! When the four hour ordeal was over, she asked nothing from us, nor would she accept anything from us, although she had used the last of her banamine to ease our mare's pain. We heard later that she collects aluminum cans (and now clear plastic bottles) to be recycled to help afford extra things for the horses. Since then, we have saved our aluminum cans and when we have two or three bags, we take them over to her. I was extremely angered to hear that somebody had the nerve to steal several bags of plastic bottles in the last couple weeks.

Instead of printing lies - ask your friends to save their aluminum cans and clear plastic bottles (water, juice, clear berry boxes [any plastic container with a number one in the triangle]) to donate to the rescue. Ask your friends to call Shadow Mountain Feed (775) 727-5527 and give them their credit card info and an amount of credit for DCR to get feed with. Call Diane at (775) 513-0945 and arrange feed drop off at the rescue or to give even the smallest cash donation to help. If you know someone who wants to adopt a horse, give her a call.

Location: Pahrump
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

image 0

PostingID: 2593802698

Mix some truth with some lies, attack "nicely," steal pictures and collect information to make for the ideal smear campaign and
probably frame someone else for the mess...looks soo familiar. I think we have seen this before. Don't they call them "train wrecks?"

Who will they frame? Phonytales? MH? BnD? Anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

So who could have tried to hack an 80 year old lady's paypal last month about the same time?

Anonymous said...

All CashCow does is lie and scheme up ways to set up people and destroy their animals and frame others for the mess. Want to see the fake websites harassing the people CashCow funds or targets for her train wrecks while she hides behind the curtains and shells $$$ out elsewhere to cover it all up?

ALL CashCow does is stalk!! Remember Farmdogs9?

Anonymous said...

Phonytails seems the be just a small fish that is being used as a deflector to hide the sharks that swim quietly in circles. What do ya think, BUC?

Anonymous said...

If BUC deletes anything we can be sure she is on the CashCow's welfare and bribe fund, eh?

Anonymous said...

"May Sin" stalking her own "rescue" and stalking Luv Shack in CAVE CREEK (same town as TM)


"Will you please help these..." on Miracle Horse Rescue's Wall.
May answered Do you consider your vegetable garden a success? with Yes.
· Follow · Ask Friends
"I was going to send you a..." on Luv Shack Ranch Horse Rescue's Wall.

Pretending to have bought horsies from AC4H and pretending to buy MORE horsies from AC4H:


· May Sin
How do you get your home approved for a horse who get bailed?
Like · · Yesterday at 11:28am ·

Barbara Vieira which horse were you interested in may ??
8 hours ago · Like

May Sin Any of them. I was just thinking IF I was approved them maybe one may need a home. I have 2 that I got from there last summer :) But Im way on the other side in NV, so I wasn't sure how it works. Im not look for anything free I was think just if one needed a home kinda thing.
3 hours ago · Like

Anonymous said...

If you think Stephie is raising $$ for hay by the bale, think again. I'm sure CashCow buys all the hay and they are ALL in on the scam, and Alex and MaryL get a fat cut from CashCow for keeping the board free and clear for them to work it. They have no need for donations, they have a benefactor with an unlimited supply of $$$ that likes to watch them scam and beg and play the game.

CashCow hides behind Beauty Haven for the air of credibility.

Alex gets payoffs to set rescues up. Phonytales knows the ropes.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I remember this,

Don't know if this belongs here or not and I'm sure if it doesnt' belong in this spot then someone will tell me where I need to put it :::NOT THAT or THERE EITHER:::.

Anywho, I've been told by a credible person who I will not identify at this point in time as I have been sworn to secrecy but apparently the "prince" himself contacted the person to whom I speak and told them that if they would continue to post on ABR to stir the pot that he would pay them $1000.00 I have every reason to believe this person so my question is this ... do you think that the "prince" pays these people to make up stories and to keep them going so he gets web hits and $$?

Yes. Every bit of it is true. And guess who is the "bank of Barbaro?"

Anonymous said...

You think Phonytails is a rotten scammer, take a look at Bank of Barbaro-CashCow's property scam site:

There's a whole string of them, here is another:

Anonymous said...

CashCow (cute term) used the timing of CherylJ's death to drop the fake ID of JSS when it got too hot in the kitchen and has morphed into something else. Dead people can't defend themselves. The perfect out.

CashCow was Laurie's big donor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:11 pm said:

There is a grain of truth to what you say for Icer but lest we forget those on ABF have dominated and ruined Icer long ago and the truth of the matter is that if we are not the "in" crowd we do not have rights. We must agree with the very piss-poor and ever dwindling selections of "rescues" and never complain or ask questions. Simply be a good little girl, shut up and send our money?
Who is the "in" crowd; the Icers people or the ABR people? It must be foolish of me to believe that everyone who donates to rescues has rights; not just the "in" crowd people, whoever they may be. Call me a country bumpkin but all the postings on here after mine feel like they came from bizzarre land.

We don't have to "agree" with any of the rescues that are asking for money. We don't have to send any money at all. We don't have to do anything we don't want to do. No we don't have to shut up and just send our money. We have the option of just keeping our money to ourselves or donating it to NON ANIMAL causes or burn it or shred it and sprinkle it on our salad or whatever. None of us are anyone's puppets. B&D, like everyone else, can pick and choose who she wants to support and who she wants to trash. I don't care. All I know is, my money is staying close to home and is being spent on family, friends and, oh my God, myself. Do I help animals? Yes, when I feel like it and when I believe there is a need. I've learned that the horse and dog rescue world is full of evil, evil people who would stab their own mothers for that dime and spend their lives trashing any and everyone else that even tries to scam that same dime from themselves. Cutthroat isn't even close to what this "rescue" business really is and I want no part of it. It has become merely an amusement to me, for my reading pleasure that I even try to follow the BS that takes place on all the boards. What a tired joke the rescue people are. This world seems to be imploding and it's about time.

Anonymous said...

"I've learned that the horse and dog rescue world is full of evil, evil people who would stab their own mothers for that dime and spend their lives trashing any and everyone else that even tries to scam that same dime from themselves. Cutthroat isn't even close to what this "rescue" business really is and I want no part of it. It has become merely an amusement to me, for my reading pleasure that I even try to follow the BS that takes place on all the boards. What a tired joke the rescue people are. This world seems to be imploding and it's about time"

I agree with this statement 100%! Animal rescue is as greedy and corrupt as our government.

Anonymous said...

I wondered why Miracle Horse Rescue suddenly had new shades erected all through the whole rescue and not a word was said by any. Including MaryL who has been quite the fan of theirs. They must be having quite the laughs at us.

Anonymous said...

Why is Laurie having checks for her "rescue" made out to her husband instead of Ponytales rescue? This is what it says down near the bottom here:

"This way we can match you up with an appropriate horse and you are already approved when one becomes ... (Please make check out to Adam Cozzolino. If you do not adopt a horse, ... [ Adoption Form - ]"

Why is she wanting people to make out checks to her hubby's PERSONAL account and not a business account like nonprofits are supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

So, looking at the contract that link led to:

She only 'protects' the horse for 1 year (after that, it can be sold)

AND, the horses can be bred as long as a vet says they're healthy for breeding.

Why does she think she's responsible for 30 horses? Most have probably been sold on to new homes by now.

Of course, she doesn't have her current contract posted, guess you have to pay the $10 "application fee" to figure out if you're even willing to sign the contract. I'd never pay an application fee if I couldn't see the contract first! I've seen some pretty invasive contracts from some of these rescue nazi types.

To the person who posted that some rescue are totally back-biting, kick their mother under the bus, to get a quarter in donations.... that describes Poneytales to a "T" - just look at how she kept complaining about other horses getting adopted while her horses just sat... wonder if that had anything to do with her contract (or the fact that you can't trust her as far as you could throw her -- and that ain't very far)

Anonymous said...

hehehe.... did some more searching on that pipl site.... this has to be an OLD posting: ( here's the link:!/cid-6329ef6352c05358/details )

This is the first time I've ever read someone refer to THEMSELF as a MILF. But, I see she's had that potty mouth since forever.

Contact info
Name: laurie Brinkworth

Personal info
Gender: Female
Location: New York
Interests: Horseback riding, running, my kids, and my man.
More about you: Ummm, what the hell am I supposed to say? Let's see, I am a MILF?

Work and education
Occupation: Vet Asst. for Emergency Hospital

Anonymous said...

Lorie's name is nowhere to be found there. Hmmmm, just a "proud member of Ponytales". Riiight...

Who ya hidin' the ka-ching from Lorie?

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how if she was sooooooo broke, how she could afford this facility? And is she was sooooooooo ill, she can now take care of all of this? What a fucking phoney she is.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Holy Cow. Is this Ponytale's place?????

This is what pisses me off about people like Laurie. She constantly thumps for money, money, money for the care of the horses yet lives in THIS place????? The rest of us live in meager surroundings (adequate, modest) yet we dig into our pockets time and time again to "help" these poor rescues who are doing such a magnanimous thing by taking in horses yet cry the blues about needing money to take care of them, all the while living in such magnificant surroundings. What the FUCK? Are we STUPID for giving and giving? In this case, I think the donors are. Damn, if she can afford to pay for this place, she can afford to feed and care for her own FUCKING HORSES. Damn, I'm sick of this crap.

Anonymous said...

Greed and corruption is what it is all about eventually. Just like in politics. And eventually most stop being rescues and turn into shady horse traders, because that is where the profit is.

Anonymous said...

'Greed and corruption is what it is all about eventually. Just like in politics. And eventually most stop being rescues and turn into shady horse traders, because that is where the profit is'

You must not be speaking about ABF "rescues" or been around their crime fambilee for very long Anonymos, they were all rotten from the starting gate.

Anonymous said...

"You must not be speaking about ABF "rescues" [...] they were all rotten from the starting gate."

Ponytales being among the best of them. She went from horse trader and breeder of low quality horses to "send me $3 for wormer" "vet tech" "professional trainer" "professional rescue".

Looking at that facility, I'd say her 'rescue efforts' paid off big time. God only knows how many forums she was working for each of those rescue horses.

Anonymous said...

"all rotten from the starting gate" -- more and more I have to agree with you. It did seem like ABR rescues went bad pretty darn quickly. Perhaps they were rotten from the very start.

Anonymous said...

I remember somewhere a while back on one of many of Laurie's legal "rescue contracts" where you had to pay her a rediculously high (around 5000.00) fee if you did not care for the horse as she expected you to. It is no wonder no one wanted to adopt her horses.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... MLPC-PT Division (aka ICERS) accidentally let in a troll...

Three Cheers to Laura in NC who posted on page 4 of

"I brought the films [of Charlie's knees] to 2 different vets. Neither one could see/find a chip any where on the films provided. [...] Charlie IS experiencing what his films revealed, which was no soundness issues."

AND Ponytales does not deny it! "Sure those words [about chips and only 7-10 good years left] were written, but they preceeded the more accurate diagnose of Charlie's injury. We learned differently when you and I had the films sent out to other more horse specific vets,"

Lauri Brinkworth and Ponytales Rescue played all you donating suckers big time! (Not to mention that she's now throwing that "best team of vets available" under the bus!)

This is too funny!

MLPC-PT Division send money fast. I hear that Laurie needs another hired hand to take care of those two horses (not like she'd use them to take care of the rest of her facility on the Non-Profit's dime or anything!)

No wonder she didn't send the films to Project Sage, their vet would have said the same thing.

No wonder she didn't step up when everyone was accusing Project Sage of injecting a lame horse just to get him adopted.

Ponytales is a real piece of work. She'd rather that horse sit in a pasture than admit that she MADE UP HIS INJURIES!

You ICERs are a bunch of IDIOTS, but go ahead and stick up for your scam queen.

Anonymous said...

Ponytales translation service:

Per Ponytales: Kendal "She had foundered before we got her and has a pretty good degree of rotation and has also sustained fractures on both her coffin bones."

(a) She had a horizontal wave in her hooves from diet change (seen most springs for horses going out to pasture!) So we'll say she was foundered.
(b) Toes were long when imaged and we don't know how to tell the difference between bad farrier and rotated cofin bone.
(c) Fractures? Probably, magic 'fractures' just like Charlie's "several chips in there" that couldn't been seen by anyone but Lauri and her 'best ever vet'. Of course, it could have also been just dirty hooves when the images were done.

In my opinion, that is the only explaination how a horse in the condition described by Ponytales is not on pain management throughout the winter months. (that or that Ponytales is just too cheap to medicate the horse)

Anonymous said...

Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) is a relatively uncommon condition that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caretaker.

Anonymous said...

"Munchausen by proxy syndrome"

Oh pleeeze! It's called FUND RAISING. Why do you think she jumps onto pregnant or busted up cases? Mare-stare is practically pay-per-view!

How many, just plain sorel geldings over 15yo who just needed a safe place to land has she ever taken in?

MBPS !?! Hardly, it's called plain ol' GREED.

Anonymous said...

"Oh pleeeze! It's called FUND RAISING. Why do you think she jumps onto pregnant or busted up cases? Mare-stare is practically pay-per-view!"

But they weren't busted up, she just claimed they were. If they really would have been it would have been less profit because she would have actually had to spend the money on the horse. PG mares were sure to get her tons of attention. Everyone loves a wittle baby, just ask Lin at Epona.

Anonymous said...

WHAT fundraising?? No one is stupid enough to go to AB and donate. Haven't you noticed?

Anonymous said...

Hey BUC, as we all know Alex and his FOB crime fambly have been feeding off Barbaro's dead corpse for what, 5 years now?

I found the video of Alex giving birth to ABR and the FOBs!

Anonymous said...

rofl!!!! that is Alex for sure, i recognize the high forehead! did you see martita doing her creative dance too? a born natural...

Anonymous said...

More horses need another home.

Anonymous said...


Isn't "Ponytale's What the Buck" from her breeder days? Why does she say "He was barely handled when he originally came to us"? Didn't he come from that grey TB that PT got as a "rescue" that was bred and "adopted" to her bestest bestie BFF? Now, at 2.5yrs he doesn't even handle feet well? Most QHs are in competition by 2.5yrs. This one is barely trained and she wants $500 + a contract for him? I thought she wanted a baby from that stud (her excuse for breeding him). Why didn't she keep him as her personal horse, since that is why she was breeding and this is the only one that actually survived her breeding attempts?

Are the other two newbies or give-backs? $600 for a flat work only cribber?

She does realize that, based on her fundraising claims, she'll be spending twice that on each of them just to get them through winter?

Well, she's back to 5 total. Seems like her "all the horses won't bounce at once" was a bit optimistic if she has three back already and we aren't even into winter yet. Look for more in Jan/Feb when hay prices actually go up.

Anonymous said...

I wish she would crawl back under the rock she crawled out from under never to be heard from again. But people like her never do as we well know.

Anonymous said...

Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Any reason why religion and prayers are being drug into this rediculousness?

Anonymous said...

hehehe... ICERs posted this link, I'm sure it will be deleted soon because the discussion included a woman who REPEATEDLY chastized rescue hate groups (like ICERs) for their failure to actually help animals.

I don't know the situation that the woman was talking about, but the woman who "spear headed" the attacks does call in in hour 2 to defend herself. She sounds like a natural ICERs member.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would like to know why these people that are supposed to be writing about those that have red flags have not ever mentioned Miracle Horse rescue. They ignore others that are not in their "secret cliche" and then not only were they rude in private, but they got themselves in a tizzy over being publicly confronted about it, and THEN they closed their topic down and started a new one as if to hide that too! This was only last July.

When people are treated so rudely in private but they act the opposite before the public, that is a BIG red flag. I have never seen a group so paranoid.


Anonymous said...

So.. the MHR cliche... well, let's see... I did follow the thread at some point during the PMU pregnant mare days... getting a reply on the thread is like pulling teeth if you're not part of "the" group.. and the cam and chat... I was told in the chat that I wasn't allowed to say anything unless it related directly to Stephanie or the horses.. God forbid mentioning my own pets trying to get to know those people... didn't take me long to move on....

Anonymous said...

I found Miracle Horse Rescue on the web. And then I followed their goings on in Facebook for a time. Well, they have had a dead horse on the web site for THREE MONTHS seeking a sponsor.


Anonymous said...

Well, someone had commented here about "lying fatigue". Maybe there is a communicable (sp?)disease among them...

Anonymous said...

'Well, someone had commented here about "lying fatigue". Maybe there is a communicable (sp?)disease among them...'

My ex has been in the private investigations sector for over 15 years working with corporate security to oust fraud. He looked over ABR at my request before I considered opening my purse, and he shook his head no, referring to them as "human malware."

Anonymous said...

Judging by photos, looks like the PT horses are all booted from the big fancy barn back to her backyard.

She must have that placed all leased out.. hmmmm... OR she's hit the 1 year mark and the lease isn't renewing for some reason.

Oh well, back to garage, sweet garage. Nothing like a cement floor to sleep on. Wonder who's getting that gigantic foaling stall?

Anonymous said...

Why does she not just pass them to another rescue like the others she had? All of them, she needs to quit being a so-called "horse expert" and embrace the Motorcycle Mama" within. Give them all up and find something else to do. Her 15 minutes of attention as a horse rescue are done.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the horses. 9 horses on maybe 4 acrs? I hope she has build more shelter on her "farm". Either way, that is going to be a mud pit and when it freezed it will be horrible for those poor horses with all the injuries. Poor Buck looks like he has a bite on his neck.

Anonymous said...

Wow BUC we see you have been editing ALOT of the comments here...there went YOUR credibility as well as Laurie's.

Sooo sad...

Anonymous said...

And Brittany realizes that she got played big time!

Anonymous said...

Ah... poor wittle worie is the victim again. She sure was the happy camper when she was on the attack against other rescues, but now she's a victim of meanies who think its crappy to feed your kids out of money from a fund raiser.

And despite her close follow ups on horses, one gets bounced with a "nasty" cut from a halter rub... do you know how much pressure for how long it takes to make a 'nasty gash'? That poor mare must have been in continual pain from that halter even before it rubbed through her skin!

AND, despite collecting all her round bail hay money last year, the rescue put out nearly $2400 to maintain six horses in her back yard? WTF? $400/horse/mo when she's feeding $30 round bales? Even with big time waste, a horse getting 40#/day hay and 6# grain/day would run about $120/mo. Where is the other $280/mo (or nearly $10/day) going? This is for EVERY HORSE, not just the two lame ones!

No matter how you cut it, there is going to be one huge dung pile on that place come spring!

NOW... OTOH, I could totally understand if it was costing her $2400 for all 11 horses there... THAT makes sense, but three of those others are her personal and 2 are paying retirement boarders... soooo... I'm sure she'd not counting their feed as rescue expenses... nah... she took accounting classes and wouldn't make such a silly mistake.

Anonymous said...

Now she is threatening to get a lawyer? Really? After some of the stunts she has pulled ?

Anonymous said...

PT knew of Sarah's death 2 WEEKS AGO and only now it is when the shit is hitting the fan between Brittney and PT?


Why no one asks for the OBVIOUS...a scan of the "vet records" from the "adopter" speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

15 horses on 4 acres w/round bales and "run-in sheds" (wonder if those are those Tractor supply tarp things again)? Not a place I'd keep 30yo+ horses or horses that are as damaged as those two rescues were. Guess some people don't care about boarding their horse in a literal sh*thole.

Anonymous said...

Ok she has had a couple of days to get her story/excuses together. I have a question. How do heart problems cause you to be in danger of becoming "paralyzed" at any moment? Remember it is not if but when. Still not buying ANY of her BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

Notice that there doesn't seem to be even a single vet bill that wasn't paid for, down to the penny, including gas costs, by fund raising on ABR. So, where does she get off saying that she spent "thousands in personal funds" rehabilitating these horses? She had her hay paid for every winter, she supposedly had those boarder horses to also defray costs (and still has 4 boarders to the 6 rescues). So, I am having a hard time seeing where her family went into the hole on these horses at all.

Also, why didn't she post Charlie's going away photo? Maybe because he was as thin when he left as when he arrived at her place originally.

Also, why is ms vet tech paying a vet to do basic shots and why are horses tranqed for xrays and lameness exams? It looks like everytime that vet touched a horse, she tranqed it with rompum (not a light weight tranq!)

Anonymous said...

Gag! she is at it again spewing drama like a broken sewer pipe.

Anonymous said...


When her Waymart partner lost her daughter to suicide, Lauri couldn't wait to post about it on ABR. At that time, the partner had a female life-partner? Didn't she? Now, the partner has a male ex-partner who has had his horses taken over by the humane agent. If Lauri wants to help those horses find homes, why isn't she posting them on ABR? That little gossip clutch doesn't actually do anytyhing to find homes for horses... all they do is complain about other who do

Anonymous said...

Laurie's impersonation comments "disappeared" from ABR...

They scrubbed a whole lot more too:



Anonymous said...

Like a cat burying their stinky shit.

Anonymous said...

ya'll need to check out the basher's handbook, Alex Brown and his lying flea infested mangy "rescues" "donors" and "mods" belong right here:

Anonymous said...

How much do you get paid BUC? You have sent so much web traffic to ABR over the years. You do not fool anybody.

Anonymous said...

Phoneytales has been begging money for this horse for over a month. Guess her BFFs at ICERS and FB don't pay enough, so she's gone back to the dreaded FOB. Oh, what ever will those crohnies at ICERs think?

Apparently his condition is life threatening (as in owner doesn't want to put up with it)

Anonymous said...

The only visitors to Alex Brown Racing are the criminals, the mentally disturbed, the unwary fools and the downright stupid. Knock yourself out and visit all you want, Laurie.

Anonymous said...

Does she get paid to bash herself too as long as she brings more web traffic crumbs to ABR or is that just more of her attention seeking?

I stopped going to ABR Scam.O.Rama looong ago.. if those bitches including faggot ALEX cant bash u for web hits or rip u off by getting u to donate to there scammers, they bash each other for ad revenue lol and also rip u by getting ur browser and personal info and sell u to brokers, oh and they stalk u too. Paranoid Much? Stinky mangy bunch of cats trying to bury there shit is SO spot on.

Anonymous said...

Her beg-a-thon on ABR does not seem to be going very well. tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

"The owner told a story of how Sultan was an expensive show jumper, but was being ridden by an inexperienced rider and crashed through a jump injuring his leg (we have no way of knowing whether this is true or not)."

I wonder if this is that friend of her's (Karen?) that keeps trying for warmbloods but seems to botch up every horse she touches.

I thought PT was closed to new horses, now this horses is a surrender to PT? Guess that empending paralysis and death isn't so bad in the summer months.

Anonymous said...

Relinquish a horse to a rescue that relinquished her horses to a rescue or was going to have them put down because of lack of funds? How much sense does that make? Another 180 for she who lies.

Anonymous said...

It's going on 2 months, why aren't the ICER queens jumping her shit for that horse being in pain? Seriously, if you have to coat the bandages with hot peppers to keep him from ripping them off, that doesn't sound like phoneytales is doing a good job of taking care of him.

Geese... you'd think a real rescue would take pity on this horse and take him to get him treated. Instead this just sounds like phoneytales is trying to get the crowd to pay for surgery for her friend's horse.

What was that phoneytales said.. if you can't afford their care that is in her opinion abuse!

Anonymous said...

'why aren't the ICER queens jumping her shit for that horse being in pain?'

This could be one reason? What has extended cheeks, 3 chins, requires a forklift (hidden, sorry) to get on a horse, loooves phonytales, and has a cat so freakin' fat any responsible cat owner would disown her, and sits on the board of Icer Queens?

Google PLUS. Good choice.

Imagine the GROCERY BILL. And think of all those starving horses - and kitties...


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Now that would make a Fugly piece, too bad she does not blog about cat abuse :(

Anonymous said...

1 Year Anniversary after the Closing and near mass execution of Ponytales Rescue

3 personal horses (+1 free lease to BFF)
2 senior boarders

--- Rescue Horses--
3 from before (Olivia, Cappy, Kendall)
1 (Sultan) needing surgery still?
3 from Kathy personal board paid for by donors?
1 Starvation case

No recent word on Cappy/Kendall?
What happened to Sultan?
Now has 8 against the 6 horses the rescue can afford
13 horses on 5 weed-infested acres
6 of the horses would be considered special needs
800sq 'barn/garage' + 400sq run-in = @ 9sqft shelter/horse

Wow, I sure hope her health holds out and she doesn't fall down paralyzed anytime soon.

Not a peep from the ICERS

Anonymous said...

Herstory repeating itself. Saw a way to make some $ so dug the old rescue out of it's resting place.

Anonymous said...

I thought she said she could no longer ride due to her impending paralyzation but over on her FB group there are photos of her riding and advising people against donating their horses to bad rescues. Maybe like hers where she threatens to put the horses down if they are not adopted? She is begging for bucks and if you give $3.00 toward paying to float her horses teeth she will put your name on a big paper tooth and hang it in her barn. OH JOY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My new bet. Olivia is going to be her personal horse (poor animal) and she falls in lufff with this new stallion and Olivia gets knocked up next spring. Of course, it will be an accidental stud was feeling so good that he jumped out of the pasture deal, but she'll suck it up and run bingo games for the delivery date and naming pool. (At least these two aren't weiner dog looking and the stud isn't a vicious killer horse that had to be rescued because he tried to kill another horse).

What really sucks is the amount she's spent training Olivia could have done the surgery for that gelding twice over. Instead, I guess he's still getting pepper spray on his bandages so he doesn't rip them off while he waits for her to scrounge up money for his surgery.

Her priorities suck.

Anonymous said...

All her stupid explanations on ICERS but no mention of her imminent paralyzation if she ever rode again or divorce if she brought more rescues in. Now she suddenly has money to pay 2 trainers to train her horse for dressage when she could not even afford to buy her kids a hamburger this time last year.

Anonymous said...

I have a heart condition that is made worse my stress, especially physical stress like running 2 different barns one of which had no run-in sheds and 15 horses that were stalled daily for 12 hours a day. Right now its stable because I am not stressed, and lightened my work-load significantly. I dont see anywhere where I said I was miraculously better, just stable.

So a heart condition is going to paralyze her? Remember it is not if but when!!!

Anonymous said...

ICER...Nobody ever said that Sultan didnt have funds, I said Sultan was awaiting his surgery. Sultans previous owner pays all of his bills, they werent able to provide the care he needed because they were working 3 jobs, they surrendered him so that he could go to someone who is capable for caring for him, but take care of his needs while he is here. Again, local case, something you know nothing about but try to pretend or assume that you do.

On her website.... To date Sultans caretakers have spent thousands of dollars on his care and are simply reaching the bottom of their wallets. They have asked us to help not only in the physical care of Sultan during this time, but with getting Sutan the surgery he so desperately needs. As I said, without the surgery the only option for Sultan is euthanasia.
We have applied for 2 different grants and his caretakers are saving up everything they possibly can, but we are asking, if you can, to please make a donation to help save Sultans life. Every dollar counts and is desperately needed. Anyone making a donation to Sultans care will become one of "Sultan's Saviors" which will entitle you to e-mail updates and photos of Sultan throughout his healing process! Larger donations will get you a full color photo of beautiful Sultan! Please considering becoming a Sultan Savior today! Many thanks!

Per her rescue FB Page
not identified> Wondering if Sultan got enough $ to have his operation?June 3 at 3:27am.
Laurie Brinkworth We are almost there, just need a little more help.June 3
So which is it?

Anonymous said...

I like that she came home the other day to find the mini out of the fenced pasture on her 'farm'. WTH is a stallion going to do in that fence system? Remember when the love-of-her-life stallion was running loose down the road (highway?).

So, she has a for-profit boarding business and Kathy's horse is boarding there under the 'rescue' on donor dollars, but isn't part of the for-profit business.

Did one of the elders die or something? How is she counting only 11 horses?

Anonymous said...

"I have ruptured discs in my lower back, pinched nerves, and bad sacro iliac joints. I absolutely will be in a wheelchair before my life is over. Infact today I cant stand up straight, because I rode yesterday. But that was my CHOICE, MY HEALTH, MY CHOICE. I didnt HAVE to ride Olivia, I chose to. Before I had no choice, I had to care for everyone whether I could stand or not, whether I could breathe or not, whether I was wobbling around having heart palpatations or not."

Ruptured discs and pinched nerves? Are you kidding me? A relatively common ailment that they actually have surgeries for. NOT an automatic sentence to the wheelchair. Anyone who works with horses for long with all the heavy lifting of hay etc is going to have back problems. Heart palpatations are also common. What a hypochondriac she is on top of everything else. My father-in-law BROKE his back twice and guess what? He is not in a wheelchair and he is in his 70's. He does have extreme back problems though. She just makes it up as she goes along. Excuses excuses. She brings all these problems on herself and expects people to bail her out. Or better yet, she hopes people will forget she ever said it.

Anonymous said...

You can't help but wonder how much it would help if she would loose 50 or 100 pounds. She looks like she's pushing 300 pounds in a lot of pictures. She really should stick to draft cross horses if she's going to ride a horse. That TB isn't built to carry her kind of weight.

Anonymous said...

I guess when she decided to rent the other facility that she had the expectations that she would be bringing in enough donations to pay for it and all her dreams of being a rescue. She seemed very upset that anything should come out of her pocket. Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else concerned that the stud is showing signs of being over fed. Geeze, I sure hope that he doesn't end up dead within the next two weeks. He's only 25, barely past middle aged for an Arab. This woman has been known to over grain in the past and a healthy horse can get by with ulcers, but this is scary.

Anonymous said...

Icers sure isn't the hive of activity it used to be.

Anonymous said...

That's because ICERs are the MLPC for Ponytales. If it had been someone who wasn't in their click, the witches would have racked up 10+ pages on just how she's letting that poor gelding stand around in pain and untreated for MONTHS while she pays to train a horse that is already trained.

They'd be cackling about how Phoneytales seems to suddenly be able to go riding almost every day when 6 months ago she was on the edge of being paralyzed.

They're a bunch of hypocritical, harpy old gossips with nothing better to do than be the MLPC for Phoneytales.

Anonymous said...

Her lates post on ABR
"Update 8/17/2012-
While Abbys Fancy Pants continue to improve weight wise, he continues to decline in his neurological status. We had a phone consult with Pine Bush Equine yesterday and will be testing him for EPM. This evening I was finally brave enough to pick out his front feet really well (he can not stand well on 4 feet, let alone 3). He did fall onto his knees, but I was able to get them totally cleaned out and he has pretty bad white line disease/bacterial infection in his feet. I was able to get some Iodine squirted into the divits before he just couldnt keep himself upright (he was sitting on his hind end and leaning on me heavily with his front end). The farrier is coming out soon, but I just dont know that he is going to be able to do Abby's feet. I am almost thinking that he might benefit from a sling so that we can treat his hooves. This poor guy just really needs to catch a break."

Do the right thing and put the poor horse down stupid! You threatened to euthanize horses with less problems than his. You must be getting lots of donations from the Arabian folks and don't want the $$$$ to come to an end. Next will be a fundraiser for a sling.

Anonymous said...

Or she could just get a rubber feed pan and let him stand in sugardine solution. "Severe" white line is easily detected without even picking up their feet. Hopefully they pull blood and test his organ functions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Love how she always says "WE decided" like she has a plethora of people working with her so called rescue. I bet those Arabian people would be dumbfounded to know she threatened to euth horses if no homes were found. Maybe they need the link to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... hahaha.... remember how Phoneytales got a PA Cease and Desist against Mustang Hearts... bet you were so proud about that one Lauri... Now, we see that you have your very own Cease and Desist since Mar 1, 2012. That means that you TRIED to claim you didn't have to register and they didn't buy it. (;//;80/portal/ )

SOoooo.... you continued to solicit funds from that feed store (in reduced prices) and people... even in the face of a cease and desist... wonder how long it will be before we see your consent agreement online (unless you're going for an adjudication). [ ]

Karma... whata bitch she can be.

Anonymous said...

I wondered what happened to her begathon on ABR, guess that explains it.

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic but it looks like Lin at Epona got her hands on an Andalusian Stallion and has been breeding her "rescue mares". Another so-called rescue that needs to go down.

Anonymous said...

I know a few horse rescues that aren't that are not going to like this.

Anonymous said...

Laurie Brinkworth The adoption fee has no bearing on whether the rescue is legit or not. The statement that if adoption fees are greater than $500 the rescue is suspect is VERY unfair. We have a cap on our adoption fees of $1,500. I've adopted out $15,000 and $20,000 show horses who went right back to showing with their adopter for $1,500. We base our adoption fee on the ability and training of the horse.
April 1 at 7:17am · Like · 3..Laurie Brinkworth Yup, this one always gets me. People are all like, "wow this rescue is awesome, look how many horses they adopt out"! In reality it is the exact opposite. Real rescues that CARE where there horses go are adopting out a few here and there.

Anonymous said...

So now she is an auction expert....GAG!

Anonymous said...

So Frog Pond Farm is being hauled in by the Ohio Atorney General's office for complaints about how she scammed people.

When is PA gonna haul Phoneytales back in for her scamming?

Anonymous said...

Threatening to euthanize again.

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough she seems to be alive and well for someone who was sooooooo sick.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Still at it calling herself an honest rescue.

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